816 Area Code

816 Area Code - Get a Kansas City Local Phone Number

An 816 area code establishes your business in the bustling US metropolitan area - Kansas City, Missouri. The Kansas City area code roots your business in its local community and aids regional business growth.

816 area code

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Calilio boasts a range of virtual numbers with an 816 area code. Provide your business with a perfect local touch with your desired Kansas City phone number.

What Area Code is 816? Area Code 816 Location

The 816 area code represents the northwestern Missouri area, primarily Kansas City and its surrounding regions in the state. It links the bustling cityscape of Kansas City with the serene suburban and rural areas nearby. Flaunting area code 816 in your US phone number offers a strategic advantage in these urban and suburban markets. The 816 area code covers Kansas City, Gladstone, Belton, Grandview, St. Joseph, Raytown, and Blue Springs in Missouri.

History of 816 Area Code

The 816 area code is one of the original area codes introduced in the North American Numbering Plan. It initially covered the entire western half of Missouri, including Kansas City. However, area code 816 underwent several changes with the growing demand for new phone numbers in the state. Despite the changes, the 816 area code remained constant for the vibrant Kansas City, reflecting its steady growth in Missouri’s telecommunication framework.

image display history of 816 number

Which Time Zone Does 816 Area Code Fall Under?

The 816 area code falls under the Central Time Zone (CT). It is known for its alignment with the central part of the United States. This positioning plays a significant role in synchronizing activities across many states.


The CT observes daylight saving time, advancing the clock by one hour during the spring and reverting in the fall. The businesses under area code 816 must align with this shift to maintain coordination within and beyond Kansas City.   

the time zone history of 816 area code number

Benefits of an 816 Area Code for Businesses

The 816 area code number offers businesses a strategic edge in Kansas City, enhancing local credibility and customer connection.

Increased Accessibility

Effective Marketing Tool

Cost-Effective Solutions

Flexibility and Mobility

Improved Customer Connection

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 816?

Calilio offers an effortless process to get a virtual phone number with area code 816. Follow these intuitive steps:


Sign Up

Register your Calilio account. It’s simple - just provide your basic information and verify your email.


Choose a Plan

Calilio has service plans for unique business needs. Find and select the perfect match for your business.


Pick a Number

Navigate to “Numbers” from “Settings.” You then click “Purchase Number” and pick 816 phone numbers that best resonate with your brand.


Proceed Payment

Review your selection. Secure your phone numbers following our easy payment process.


Customize Settings

Tailor your new phone number to fit your business style. Personalize phone number features to align with your operational needs.

Features of Virtual 816 Area Code Numbers

Virtual 816 area code numbers on Calilio come with advanced business communication features.

Playback Recording icon

Playback Recording

Quickly go through call recordings with our fast-forward feature. It’s a time-saver, helping you grasp vital information while skipping not-so-important ones.
Bulk SMS Campaign icon

Bulk SMS Campaign

Reach a mass audience at once in Kansas City, Missouri. A Bulk SMS Campaign is perfect for advertisement, promotions, or announcements.
Multiple Agents icon

Multiple Agents

Assigning the same Kansas City phone number to several agents helps to handle more calls efficiently. It facilitates better service and improves customer experience.
Call Whispering icon

Call Whispering

Call whispering allows you to guide your team during live calls without the customer knowing. It’s great for real-time training and ensures top-notch customer service.
Custom Greetings icon

Custom Greetings

Create custom greetings for your business calls, adding a personal touch and enhancing your brand’s professional image.

Set up a Unified Communication Platform with an 816 Area Code Numbe

Bring all your communication channels under one seamless system with an 816 area code number. Calilio offers comprehensive business communication solutions and offers personalized customer experience.

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816 Phone Number With Calilio

Calilio’s 816 phone number promises top-class quality and reliability for your business communication. Experience seamless business connectivity and efficiency in Kansas City.

Quick Setup

Calilio offers a hassle-free setup process for the 816 phone number. Our swift activation process connects you to the Kansas City community instantly.

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Superior Call Quality

You never experience call disruptions and drops on Calilio. We always ensure flawless communication with crystal-clear audio quality.

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Tailored Business Solutions

Find a plan that fits your business perfectly. We offer customized solutions for businesses of all sizes. Match your specific communication needs in Kansas City.

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Robust Security

Calilio has robust security features to protect your business and customer data. Communicate without the fear of data breaches.

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24/7 Customer Support

Get support whenever you need it. Our 24/7 customer service ensures that your solution is always a call away.

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