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We at Calilio and its subsidiaries (We, Us, and Our) fully commit to ensuring the security and privacy of the user information. We offer reliable, multi-device accessible, and solid VoIP connectivity for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have explained our services in terms and conditions. With our VoIP connectivity services, rest assured of robust, secure, and dependable engagement and networking. As this policy outlines, we shall not sell, share, or disclose your private information to third parties without your consent.

Calilio's privacy policy explains how your personal data and information are collected, processed, used, and recorded. Private information about the user account, access, work history, conversation records, and other aspects are recorded for official purposes; per applicable laws, regulations, and standards.

This declaration of privacy policy applies to the following categories of individuals and organizations:

  • Business contacts

  • Those who visit our websites;

  • Suppliers, vendors, and business advisors; internal staff

  • Existing, potential, and former clients;

  • Our office guests

  • Virtual respondents

Personal Data Collected

Calilio collects, record, and use personal data as outlined below:

Personal Data and details

  • Full Name (First name and Surname, middle name if applicable)

  • Physical location

  • IP address

  • Email used in account creation

  • Mobile number

  • Billing details

  • Debit/ Credit Card details

  • Company details

  • National Identity

Third-party entities with whom we may share this specific information:

  • Providers of service

  • Partners in Insights and analytics

  • Information from third parties

Access history

  • Use pattern

  • Location sharing

  • Linked profiles

  • Activity

This information will be shared with service providers and affiliate partners with your permits.

Contact List data

  • Personal information of the Individuals under personal contact (Name, phone, email)

Payment detail

  • Card type: Debit/Credit/ MasterCard etc.

  • Last digit of card numbers

  • This information will be shared with the engaged providers and payment vendors/ partners.

Device/ IP data

  • IP details

  • Device ID and type

  • OS and browser used

This information is shared with the analytics department and partners.

  • Web and Social Media updates

  • Web interactions

  • Social media access

  • Page visits

  • Online presence

  • Ads clicked/ viewed/ search query

  • Request IDs (both identifiable and non-identifiable)

  • Interactions

  • Backlinks, Hyperlinks, clicked

  • Web referrals

  • Email and phone details

This information will be shared and accessed with Advertising and Analytics partners and vendors; when required.

  • Occupational information

  • Workplace address and identity

  • Number of employees

  • Job designation

This information will be supplied to the analytics and insights team.

Miscellaneous data

  • Information provided freely, such as geo location, survey form fill-up, via mail, letters or social media

This information will be accessed and shared with teams like analytics, administration, and third-party, providers of service, business and advertising partners.

Collection of Personal details and information

Information provided by you

When you register to use our services and subscribe to us, you must provide personal information such as your full name, mailing address, phone number, payment details, credit/debit card information, location, and company or workplace information. To prevent system overload, we may collect your information using pre-registration forms. We collect information from you via forms, website sign-up forms, product purchases, service subscriptions, and virtual engagement.

Information from the third party

At any time, we can get your specific data from third parties and other sources, including affiliate collaborators, Consolidated Services, and publicity. Pursuant to this privacy policy, information obtained through third parties is merged with data that is collected from the services and managed as personal information.

Information collected automatically

When you browse, utilize, or explore the website, we automatically gather certain information. This data does not reveal your identity, but it may include your IP address, browsers, and device features, your operating system, language preferences, referring website URLs, equipment used, country, location, information about how and when you use the site, and access to other technical details. This information is largely required for safeguarding and operating our internet site and for internal reporting and analysis.

Information collected by the clients

Calilio will not access and view customer data and respect their privacy and confidentiality; despite having access to the data. A client can seamlessly save or publish its consumer's information. Every client is responsible for informing customers about the accessibility, preservation, and utilization of their data and how it is employed for different purposes.

Data and Information Transfer

The information you provide, comprising personally identifiable information, may be moved to and retained on computers outside your state, region, nation, or other governing jurisdiction where data security laws are distinct from those in your jurisdiction.

If you live outside of the United States of America (USA) and choose to supply us with information, please be aware that we will transfer your information, including Personal Data, to the USA and utilize it accordingly.

Your agreement to that exchange is symbolized by your consent to this Privacy Policy, followed by your submission of your data.

Calilio will take every reasonable measure toward guaranteeing that your data is handled privately, in compliance with this Privacy Policy, and no disclosure of your Personal Data to a company or nation will be carried out unless sufficient safeguards, including the security of your data along with additional personal information, have been put in place.

Acquisition of personal information

We need to collect your information for various purposes like improvement of products/ services offered, satisfying business and corporate interests, fulfillment of better service delivery, and contractual obligations. Further, we require your information to render efficiently managed service.


We gather your personal information to provide you with focused services. The sole objective for gathering this data include improvement, maintenance, and running various services for you. We communicate with you about what we offer, answer your feedback and queries, and provide technical assistance to users.

Request feedbacks

We might employ your information to contact you about the usage pattern and operation of our website and to acquire your feedback. We use these data to enhance service consistency, collaboration, and integrated access. We examine your personal preferences and usage information to calibrate our features accordingly.

Calilio can terminate or be terminated upon failure to uphold the agreement or violating these policy restrictions. Your access privilege will also be annulled upon termination, and you must eliminate any downloaded contents in your custody, whether in physical or digital form.


We harness the data we harvest concerning you to comprehend your engagement choices better and optimize our services by considering user preferences. We draw on the information automatically obtained via cookies to optimize our offerings based on customer preferences and provide personalized information.

Google Analytics is a tool used for user navigation reports. Google is a distinct company with its privacy policies. We do not identify users utilizing any user information. If needed, we shall also deploy other analytic and insight platforms.

Commercial or Business Motivation for Your Data Collection

  • Availability, Access improvement, Customization, and services offered.

  • Account creation, integration, and management.

  • Finalize processing of the orders, billing transactions, and confirmation per availability of requested product/ service information.

  • Information need assessment, conditional analysis, and fulfillment.

  • Grant multi-device accessibility and quality assistance.

  • Product/ service upgrade, innovation, incorporation of new features, and testing.

  • Boost customization and personalized utilization of the platform.

  • Access and benefits of other business functionality and engagement.

  • Marketing and promotion boost.

  • Routine correspondences concerning due fees, payment issues, requests, and modifications of banking, payment, and personal details, as and when required.

  • Fulfill the need for proactive response and networking on time..

  • Share fresh updates about product improvement, testing to new features, change in company policies, the addition of new rules or criteria, noticed problems and challenges.

  • Routine communication and engagement via mail, newsletters, and essential document.

  • Meeting and adhering to various legal compliances.

  • Respecting and obliging by legal, regulatory, judicial, and security provisions.

  • Prevention, control, and management of any security threats and workplace observations.

  • Respecting and protecting a variety of rights, moral policing, and agreements.

  • Enforcing the attention and application of the privacy policy; along with office engagement.

  • Immediate resolution of disputes, conflicts, and clashes of ideologies in the workplace.

  • Resolve issues stemming from the violation of any third-party rights.

Personal Data Use and Processing Grounds

We will only use your individual information if we have a compelling legal need to. The significant bases for data processing include consent, contractual necessity, and the company’s “legitimate interests" or the legitimate interests of others. You may get a clearer understanding with the explanation mentioned below:

Contractual necessity: We process the following categories of Personal Data as a matter of "contractual necessity," which indicates that we must manage the data to perform under the conditions of our Terms of Use with you as well, which enables us to offer the Services to you. Failure to submit such personal information will result in your inability to utilize any or all of the Services which require such data since we process data due to statutory necessity.

Legitimate interest: We process a variety of types of individual information whenever we believe it is in our or other parties' genuine interests:

  • Contact Information of Customer

  • Payment detail

  • Social media analytics

  • Access over Devices/IP insights

  • Occupational information

  • location-based data

Consent: We process personal data and information only upon receiving formal consent and customer approval.

Other processing grounds: We also decide and process the customer data upon careful consideration of additional processing grounds and parameters like service set-up, personalized communications.

Protection of Acquired Information

We take appropriate measures to safeguard against theft, infringement, and unapproved disclosure, alterations, or disposal of personally identifiable information. However, remember that no online transmission is ever completely secure or error-free. In particular, emails transmitted to or from the Sites may not be secure.

Stringent measures are ensured to handle safe financial transactions and engagement with diverse parties. We routinely scan for security glitches, bugs, and frailty of our systems; and make necessary adjustments. Usually, third-party payment channels or vendors access the banking details, governed by their own privacy guidelines.

Information about Interest-Based Advertisements

We can display advertisements via the Services, and we may also allow third-party advertising platforms, such as external advertising servers, advertising agencies, ad software vendors, and academic organizations, to offer advertisements. These adverts may be tailored to people who fit basic profile categories or exhibit specific likes or behaviors ("Interest-Based Ads"). Content for Interest-Based Ads (including Personal Data) may be submitted to us by you or derived from specific users' behavior on the Services and/or third-party services. Such data may be obtained by tracking users' actions throughout time and unconnected characteristics, such as when you exit the Services or log out.

To do this, we or our suppliers may deliver cookies to you over the Services, including an attachment (also called a "web beacon") through an ad network. Web beacons enable ads networks to serve advertisers and access anonymized, aggregated evaluations, research, and reporting. Web beacons also allow advertising networks to deliver targeted advertisements whenever you visit other websites. Ad networks can read, modify, or set their Cookies on your browser via web beacons, similar to requesting website access.

Third-Party Privacy Policies

Calilio’s privacy policy does not apply to information and use by other parties. Rather, they operate per their own specific policy approaches. We strictly urge you to review and assess the respective privacy policies of the third parties for details. Additionally, these parties may or may not have their own 'opt-out of' options.

Concerning cookies; you can disable them quite easily with our platform; through browser settings. Also, do check through settings and cookie management options to enable/ disable cookie access.

Opt-Out, Communication Preferences

By default, most internet browsers enable cookies. You can smoothly set up your browser to delete and reject cookies. If you opt to eliminate or avoid the cookies, this may have consequences on some features or services from our website. You can change your communication settings and/or opt out of specific communications at any moment. You can unsubscribe from our promotional newsletters or mailing list by tapping the unsubscribe button in our emails or contacting us. We may continue to connect with you to deliver Service-related emails required for administration. Please specify and modify the choices you have made.

Do-Not-Track (DNT)

Most internet browsers, as well as some mobile OS and apps, contain a Do-Not-Track choice or feature that you can utilize to indicate your privacy choice, not to have information about your web browsing habits tracked and collected. No compatible technical standard exists for determining and carrying out DNT signals. Consequently, we do not comply with DNT browser signals or any other approach that indicates your preference not to be tracked online. Whenever an online tracking norm is adopted that we must comply with changes, we will update you with an updated version of this privacy statement.

CCPA Privacy Rights

California consumers have a variety of rights under the CCPA, besides additional ones:

The customers can request business that collects personal information from them, show how and why their information is being collected, and benefits of sharing such details. The customers should be aware of the types and specific elements of personal data that the company has collected, or will collect.

The customer can request whether a company sells a specific part or entire personal data to others; and may opt to deny or permit data sales. If the customers file an inquiry, the company must respond within a month. Contact us at to avail these rights.

Children’s Information

An additional goal of Calilio is to protect children as they navigate the world of the web. We recommend caregivers and guardians to closely observe, partake in healthy discourses, and keep track of and supervise the way their kids engage in online behavior

Calilio does not deliberately collect Personal Identifiable Information from minors under 13 years of age. If you suspect your child provided this information on our website, please alert us swiftly, and we will strive to do our best to help you.

Legal Obligations

We reserve the authority to divulge any personally identifiable information extracted from other parties associated with one or more activities described above. We may have to tender access to the customer's information per legal requirements. This will ultimately keep vigil over and help resolve any conflicts and violations of legal considerations.

EU Data Subject Rights

Access: You have the right to seek further details about the private information we have on file for you and a duplicate of that Personal Data. By logging into your personal account, you can conveniently access some of your private data.

Rectification: The users can rectify any error, spelling and naming mistake, by informing us. You can mail us at

Erasure: You can request that we wipe any or all of your individual information off our computer systems.

Withdrawal of Consent: If we are handling your Personal Data with your authorization (as declared at the time of data collection), you're entitled to the option to revoke your consent at any time. Please remember that once you exercise this right, you might have to offer specific authorization regarding certain elements of your private information on a situation-by-situation basis if such use or disclosure is needed to access any or all of our Services.

Portability: You may demand a copy of your particulars in a machine-readable version. You may ask us to forward the data to another administrator if feasible.

Objection: You may write to us if you would like to disagree with the further use or the release of your private information for specific purposes, like advertising.

Restriction of Processing: You can demand that we minimize the further use of your personal information.

Right to File Complaint: You can submit an appeal with your Nation’s or a European Union Member State's administrative body about Calilio's data procedures.

Tracking Tools, And Cookies

We utilize the cookies and similar technologies like pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs, and JavaScript (collectively, “Cookies”) to allow servers to easily recognize browser history, visit and engagement patterns, service access, usage behavior, audience base, among others.

Cookies are usually small, text-based files placed on devices that explore the web. These cookies are essential to record your web access, usage, and behaviors. We may also augment what we gather from you by using data gathered from outside sources, including third-party cookies put on your device(s). Please be aware that the Services do not currently support "Do Not Track" browser requests due to our usage of Cookies.

Some of the types of cookies used in our system are explained below:

Essential Cookies: Essential Cookies support you with demanded features or capabilities. Certain Cookies, for example, help you to sign into secure parts of our Services securely. Certain functions and amenities might become unavailable if these Cookies are disabled.

Functional Cookies: Functional Cookies are used to preserve your personal preferences and configurations for our Services, retain your preferences over time, and recognize you whenever you return to the sites. These cookies permit us to tailor our material for you, introduce you by name, and recall your preferences, like language or region.

Performance/Analytical Cookies: You can request that we wipe any or all of your individual information off our computer systems.

Retargeting/Advertising Cookies: Retargeting/Advertising Cookies capture details about your online behavior and identify your hobbies and interests, permitting us to deliver personalized ads.

Storage of Acquired Data and Information

When estimating the retention period for your Personal Information, we consider an assortment of elements, including but not particularly the type of technology and Services given to you, the extent and duration of our relationship with you, and applicable mandatory retention times prescribed by legislation.

Business Transfers

If we undergo a merger, purchase, insolvency, or another arrangement whereby another party grabs dominant control of the company (in whole or in part), we may transfer all of your personally identifiable information to that entity. If any of these events happen, we will use appropriate measures to alert you before your data is subject to new security and privacy procedures and regulations.

Online Privacy Policy Only

This Privacy Policy exclusively applies to our online operations and applies to customers on our website who share and/or collect data through it. This policy does not include any information acquired offline or through channels apart from this website. We keep in constant touch over privacy and data protection guidelines, strategies and the development of advancement of new ideas, concepts, and related frameworks.

We commit ourselves to updating, strengthening and empowering company policy addressing the observed transitions. We process opt-out decision-making indications in a flawless manner where authorized by law. To opt out of sharing your Personal Information, activate the Global Privacy Control (GPC) settings on your internet browser if it supports it.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We set a few small modifications here and there to this policy statement as we continually strive to enhance our service engagement. We may or may not provide certain notifications to clients, reminding them of updates, modifications, or fresh developments. We strongly encourage you to keep an eye on this policy link on the Calilio website. Please feel welcome to ask concerning the same update via email correspondence.

Please be mindful that even if you've selected not to receive legal notice emails from us (or if you haven't provided us with your email information), you are nevertheless in control of comprehension and reading those legal disclosures as they continue to apply to your use of the Services. Use of the Services after the announcement of any amendments to the privacy terms implies your acceptance of any such changes. The Privacy Policy, under effect when the information is acquired, regulates how we use the collated information.


By accessing this website, you explicitly agree to our Privacy Policy and the terms of services.

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