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Calilio’s Data Security Policy

Read and understand how Calilio efficiently maintains the security of Users' data and customer information.

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Data security is essential to maximize the organizational reputation, expand consumer trust, improve stronger connectivity and brand loyalty. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, it is vital to upgrade data security accordingly. At Calilio, we bolster the data security approach and counterbalance cyber crimes, fraud, and technological abuses.

We implement robust mechanisms to enhance data security, blended with strong evaluation, redundant data centers, and monitoring. Our product is designed, developed, and tested against rigorous, challenging environments. We have 24/7 live tracking and surveillance, capable of instantly identifying threats' nature and intensity. We follow and incorporate the highest security standards, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

We ensure to store your personal data and information only after receiving your consent. Any stored personal data and information can be removed as per your request. We do not share your private information with a third party unless legally required.

Adopted Security Measures of Calilio

Data Encryption

Calilio strictly encrypts data to prevent unauthorized access, manipulation, exploitation, and abuse. Encryption and decryption keys are mobilized for this purpose, and they will only be knowledgeable to the sender and receiver engaged in the process. We also encrypt phone calls to add an extra security layer to communications and networking.


Firewalls aid in monitoring data transmission over private networks and add an extra security layer to cookie data and control gateways. Calilio fortifies firewalls to control the web data traffic with more robust filtering for all incoming and outgoing calls.

Right to Rectify

You have the right to rectify or update the stored personal information via messaging, email requests, or telephone calls.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Calilio employs MFA to bolster data security by requiring the account holders to access their accounts through multi-step signing-in or log-in. MFA is regarded as a premier security configuration owing to multiple verifications of account and user. It prevents unauthorized access, cyber-attacks, and unsolicited access by third parties.

Anti-virus Protection

Calilio has robust protection that shields users against viruses, Trojan attacks, ransomware, malware, and other malicious softwares. Our anti-virus protection is highly capable of detecting and removing any such threats.


We offer A-grade backup and recovery options along with efficient and sturdy security infrastructure. Your data is protected and backed up with solid failover protection. Additionally, the data that Calilio acquires is spread throughout several functional zones. It ensures that Calilio will still function even if one of the functional zones fails.

Voice Security

Calilio requires your businesses to state the nations where you and your agents can register and place calls. To strengthen your company’s security, we advise you only to mention the countries you require.


Calilio offers each of your agents an independent role. With independent roles, your agents can sign in to Calilio service with their own credentials. It contributes to avoiding sharing the credentials and preventing unauthorized access.

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