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Streamline Business Communication with Advance VoIP Features

Experience seamless communication and enhanced productivity with our robust VoIP features tailored for modern enterprises.

Get Virtual Phone Numbers From 100+ Countries

Unlock global reach; select from over a hundred countries to establish your business presence with Calilio's virtual phone numbers.

Telecommunication Management:

Unified Callbox Icon

Unified Callbox

Unify your business communications for easy tracking and follow-ups in one centralized hub.

Web App/App Dialer Icon

Web App/App Dialer

Initiate calls with a click directly from your browser, saving time and enhancing productivity.

Click to Call Icon

Click to Call

Enable instant connections from a website with a single click, transforming visitors into callers.

Internal Message Icon

Internal Message

Facilitate internal communication among members with secure messaging, boosting collaboration.

Real-Time Dashboard icon

Real-Time Dashboard

Keep track of calls, analyze performance, and get fast insights, maximize decision-making.

Conference Call Icon

Conference Calls

Connect with teams and clients globally through high-quality audio conferencing features.

Data & Voice Optimization

Call Recordings and Storage Icon

Call Recordings and Storage

Record all your calls and store them for future access, legal compliance and training purposes.

Call History Icon

Call History

Keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls and always keep sight of your call history.

Automatic Call Distribution Icon

Automatic Call Distribution

Smartly route incoming to the best-suited agent, balancing workloads, efficiency and expertise.

Call Park Icon

Call Park

Easily hold calls on any device with the ability to pick up on another device offering flexibility.

Call Flip Icon

Call Flip

Switch live calls between devices effortlessly, maintaining conversations without interruption.

Voicemail Icon


Receive, manage, and respond to voice messages efficiently, ensuring no call goes unanswered.

Voicemail Filter Icon

Voicemail Filter

Effortlessly sort through voice messages with smart filtering, prioritizing what matters most.

Voicemail to Email Icon

Voicemail to Email

Get voice messages directly in your inbox, making it simple to listen, archive, or respond.

Voicemail Transcription Icon

Voicemail Transcription

Quickly read voicemails with accurate transcriptions, streamlining your response process.

Routing and Call Handling

Call Routing Icon

Call Routing

Dynamically direct calls to the right team, department or individual, optimizing response times.

Call Transfer Icon

Call Transfer

Smoothly pass ongoing calls to another agent, enhancing collaboration and service efficiency.

Phone Trees (IVR) Icon

Phone Trees (IVR)

Guide callers through a customized menu. Connect them with the right department or information.

Call Queue Icon

Call Queue

Organize incoming calls with ease, evenly distributing workload and reducing customer wait times.

Call Forwarding Icon

Call Forwarding

Redirect incoming calls to the right person, maintaining communication without interruptions.

Advanced and Integrative Solution

International Numbers Icon

International Numbers

Establish an internationally local presence, offering customers a familiar way to connect abroad.

CRM Integration Icon

CRM Integration

Sync calls seamlessly with your CRM system, keeping customer data and interactions aligned.

New Lead Alerts Icon

New Lead Alerts

Instantly receive alerts for new leads and never miss an opportunity to engage and convert.

Call Whispering Icon

Call Whispering

Privately offer agents on-call guidance during live calls, without disrupting the customer.

Call Center Sentiment Analysis Icon

Call Center Sentiment Analysis

Utilize AI to assess customer sentiment during calls, tailoring services to enhance satisfaction.

Auto Reply Strategy/Auto Message Icon

Auto Reply Strategy/Auto Message

Implement automated responses for off-hours, maintaining customer engagement around the clock.

Multiple Agents/Agent Groups

Facilitate teamwork and specialized support by organizing your agents into dedicated groups.

Ring Strategy

Distribute calls through repeated extensions, ensuring calls are answered by the available agent.

Live Call Monitoring Icon

Live Call Monitoring

Supervise customer interactions to analyze call quality and provide real-time agent coaching.

Number Sharing Icon

Number Sharing

Share a single phone number across multiple users or devices, simplifying contact processes.

Performance Analytics

Call Analytics Icon

Call Analytics

Gain actionable insights from detailed call analytics to drive your business strategies.

daily agent report icon

Daily Agent Report

Receive explorative insights on team performance to help identify trends and areas of improvement.

Traffic by Country

Acquire an extensive overview of the traffic based on country to facilitate targeted marketing.

Members ROI

Evaluate the degree of employee involvement and the effectiveness of performance monitoring.

most used words icon

Most Used Words

Identify the frequently used terms in your communication to pinpoint key topics and concerns.

member rating icon

Member Rating

Obtain insightful feedback by using member ratings. Get insight into your agent's performance.

Messaging Framework

Bulk SMS Campaigns

Enable marketing strategy in your business phone system, launching targeted message campaigns.

SMS Filter

Manage and organize your inbox with SMS filters and ignore unwanted or unnecessary messages.

Pin Message

Highlight messages to make conversation tracking simple and for quick reference in the future.

Experience and Engagement

Do Not Disturb Mode

Silence incoming calls and activate privacy when needed redirecting calls to other mediums.

HD Voice Quality

Deliver superior call clarity with HD voice, making calls as clear as in-person conversations

call masking icon

Call Masking

Safeguard your privacy and contact details by hiding the actual phone number involved in a call.

Call Reminder Icon

Call Reminder

Set reminders for calls to ensure timely follow-ups and meetings. Keep your schedule organized.

Notes in Callbox/ Notes in Dialer Icon

Notes in Callbox/ Notes in Dialer

Easily note down important details during calls, keeping all your call insights accessible.

tag in dialer

Tags in Dialer/ Tags in Callbox

Categorize calls with customizable tags for quick sorting and streamlined follow-up actions.

Greeting Voice Messages Icon

Greeting Voice Messages

Create custom voice messages that greet and guide your callers, personalizing their experience.

Call-on-Hold Music Icon

Call-on-Hold Music

Entertain and retain callers with engaging music while they wait, reducing actual waiting times.

Business Hours

Set up business hours for your call handling, routing them strategically outside these hours.

Compliance And Security

Call Filters Icon

Call Filters

Retrieve information from incoming calls, prioritize and manage customer interactions smartly.

Call Screening Iocn

Call Screening

Effectively screen incoming calls to protect privacy, and increase productivity all around.

Call Blocking Icon

Call Blocking

Avoid disruptions by blocking spam or unwanted calls, ensuring a focus on genuine interactions.

Port Phone Numbers to Calilio

Easily transfer your existing phone numbers to Calilio, maintaining your business continuity while benefiting from our advanced call monitoring capabilities and features.

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