We, at Calilio (We, Our, Ours, Us) ensure that the customers (You, Your, Yours, User) agree beforehand to this Fair Use Policy (hereby called FUP), also referred to as Acceptable Use Policy. Fair use policy ensures that technology is utilized fairly, objectively, and appropriately; while preventing its manipulation, exploitation, and misuse. The subscription and usage of Calilio confirm that both parties agree to comply with this fair use policy (FUP).

Calilio customers must utilize the technology well, while the company must ensure that customer data and information are not exploited for commercial benefits. Upon inspection and discovery of the Calilio platform's fraudulent, disproportionate, and misutilization, the company reserves the right to discontinue, suspend the service access, and seek legal remediation. The company may further update this FUP anytime without pre-informing the customers. Kindly remember that there are consequences for the repeated violation of this FUP for both parties involved. Feel free to check for updates to this policy at your convenience by following the link:

Prohibited Conduct

Do not utilize Calilio for unlawful, fraudulent, nefarious, or inappropriate conduct. More specifically, refrain from engaging in or contributing to the following activities:

  1. Violation of pertinent regulations, laws, or policies.

  2. Infringement of privacy, confidentiality, and intellectual properties of third-party, with deployment for Calilio platform (such as logo, product design, brand name or identity, authorship, trademark, corporate identity, copyrights, patents, etc.).

  3. Unauthorized access, modification, and system override attempts in the Calilio system.

  4. Harassment, discriminatory remarks, verbal abuse, threats to life and property, and violence.

  5. Dissemination of harmful, abusive, slanderous, and offensive material using the platform like racism, pornographic, extremely abusive.

  6. Engagement in spam, phishing, and fraud

Prohibited Content

Do not exploit Calilio to exchange or store information that is unconstitutional, detrimental, undesirable, inappropriate, or unacceptable, including but not limited to anything that:

  1. Is incorrect or misleading.

  2. Promotes hostility or violence against specific individuals, groups, or organizations.

  3. Could throw public safety into jeopardy.

  4. Contains malicious programs like viruses.

  5. Breaches of any pertinent laws, guidelines, or regulations.

Product Marketing

We use cookies as a tool to market our products. Since marketing our product/services is optional, you can deny it. You may subscribe to and unsubscribe from our marketing schematics and materials anytime with a simple click on the unsubscribe button. Once you opt out of our mailing list, we ensure you are no longer sent advertising and marketing content.

Prohibited Usage

Use of Calilio should not be encouraged for any activity that could be detrimental to the business's operations or credibility, which includes but isn't limited to:

  1. Calilio's products/services should not be reverse-engineered, replicated, deconstructed, or decompiled.

  2. Establishing a false identity or taking an effort to mislead others concerning the sender or origin of any data or information.

  3. Trying to access the business's servers and resources without authorization.

  4. Using Calilio to send malicious code, files, templates, agents, or applications, like viruses or malware.


Calilio retains the authority to investigate any violations of this FUP and respond accordingly in such cases. The immediate revocation of your login credentials, the erasure of anything prohibited, and reports of any unlawful conduct to the rightful authorities are just a few instances of these procedures.

Customer’s Limitations

Calilio offers unlimited conversation via calls, texting and other features, provided availability of credit balance. For instance, if they have $0 credit on their account, they can neither call nor send a text. The addition of credit enables them to engage in conversation via sms and calls. Calilio system may or may not offer a notification if the account credit balance is below $10.

We pledge to offer unmatched engagement and services to our clients. Kindly remember that the clients shall be able to utilize the features and facilities per subscribed package payment.

Customer’s Obligation

As customers of Calilio, to ensure fair use of the platform, we expect the following obligations from you; in exchange for the provision of high-quality service and telecommunication empowerment to you:

  1. You should utilize Calilio products and services for private, personal, and lawful consumer requirements.

  2. Avoid using our products/services, branding, company logo, product name, or identity, without our approval, for non-intended, non-conformed purposes.

  3. You are not allowed to resell our services, nor can you permit anyone else to use them for call transmission, simultaneous calling, pagination, forward calling, or to numbers that receive a revenue share.

  4. Avoid making uncommonly high call volumes, making numerous calls all at once, or calls expecting to receive payment or reimbursement.

  5. You shouldn't be using our platform to send automated or unsolicited text messages continuously or manipulate or inflate the web traffic.

  6. Avoid using gateways disproportionately for illegitimate aims and purposes.

  7. You are prohibited from attempting to use our services dishonestly, in connection with an offense, or violation of any regulations or statutory requirements.

  8. Avoid deploying Calilio resources for high-risk uses without backup and safety mechanisms in place.

  9. Mislead or cause harm to children in ways like exposing them to offensive, abusive, harmful content in any way or requesting their personal information without their parent's permission.

  10. Creation of fake, fraudulent identities and misrepresentation of certain tribes, ethnicity, language, religions, ideology.

  11. Use the platform to spread misinformation, disinformation, fueling communal hatred, discrimination, and other rumors among the users.

  12. Aiding in harvesting private information for the third parties involved in the process.

  13. Take advantage of, remove, or get around prohibitions on the services, safety protocols, or adherence to this FUP or related legal protocols at any time.

  14. Moral, ethical, and dignified engagement

  15. Avoid breaching local, regional, territorial, national, and international legal constraints, regulations, directives, etc.

Changes to AUP/FUP

This FUP may be altered at any time by Calilio at the company's sole discretion. We will modify and put out FUP on our website to inform you of any modifications. After obtaining such notice, accessing the Calilio platform again demonstrates your trust, faith, and approval concerning FUP updates.

You may cancel the service access anytime if you disagree with updated FUP terms.

Reporting Violations

Each user may use the Service on one (1) desktop or laptop computer and two (2) mobile devices (the computer and mobile devices collectively, the “Devices”). If a user exceeds the number of Devices allowed, Calilio retains the express right, in its sole discretion, to automatically upgrade the applicable Customer’s plan to a plan appropriate for the number of Devices used by its users. Such automated updates help to optimize our services to the best capacity.

Should you be aware of or encounter any infringement of this FUP, feel free to report the same to us. You may also file complaints and requests and express disagreement with specific provisions or parts of our products/services. Should you have any doubts or confusion needing urgent clarity, contact our customer care department or reach us via mail at