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Calilio Terms and Conditions

By accessing our website, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms of service, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws.



These terms and conditions, hereby called agreement, bind the Calilio company (We, Us, Our) and the customers (you, customer, user, client). Calilio Company owns, manages, develops, innovates, and supervises platform utilization. While the customers refer to those parties purchasing, subscribing, owning virtual numbers, expanding their business, and networking using the Calilio platform. This agreement binds the parties with ownership, usage, customization, licensing, purchase, and accessibility of Calilio service, social media, website, Applications, interfaces, and content.

By agreeing to these terms, you give your mutual consent to use the platform for as intended purpose by paying the prescribed payment and choosing a package to fit your needs, demands, and requirements. You must also fully understand product/ service limitations, use cases, refunds, privacy, reimbursement, conflict resolution, etc.

This agreement shall help resolve emergent issues, conflicts, disputes, and crises with optimum balance. If the legal or judicial context is deemed essential, this agreement document shall be furnished as evidence. Thus, you are urged to take your time and patiently review this document before saying ‘Yes.’ Note that by consenting to this agreement, you agree to us sharing your personal details with the third party to enable them to reach you via email, phone call, text message, newsletters, automated mailing, etc.

By clicking ‘Yes.’, you confirm that you have read this agreement thoroughly, fully comprehend the content within this agreement, and promise to oblige by these terms and conditions. This will serve as your official electronic signature and be deemed your official representation. You, hereby, consent to use, purchase, subscribe, and use our products/ services, excluding those terms and conditions not specified in the document.


Service Update

Calilio may update usability conditions, payment, data and cookies policies, and any part of this agreement at any time. The company may or may not inform you about such changes. The company shall not return from its original mission to render enterprise-grade secure and flexible customer services. You acknowledge us and new changes by continuing to use the Calilio service despite changes, modifications, and updates. New updates shall be effective as soon as the company rolls them out.

Customer acknowledges that Calilio reserves the right to terminate support for earlier versions or releases of the services at any time in its absolute discretion, provided that the company undertakes commercially feasible attempts to provide Customer with adequate notification of any substantial modifications.

Phone Number Purchase

If you purchase a number but cannot submit the necessary documentation on time for authentication, and another buyer validates all of their documentation before you, that number will be handed to the other buyer. In the above scenario, Calilio will supply another number with the same characteristics and features.

Release or Suspension of Phone Numbers

Calilio is not held responsible if the cellular provider cancels or halts a phone number(s). If a phone number has been released or terminated by the carrier provider, the phone number(s) owner undertakes all responsibilities.

Service Suspension and Account Termination

Calilio can terminate your services and erase your customer account immediately if any unauthorized or unlawful conduct is discovered. In such instances, there will be no refunds. In order to expand usability, render high-quality service engagement, and dignify mobilization of the platform, Calilio constantly monitors usage patterns and activities.

Calilio retains the rights to suspend or discontinue available service or terminate customer’s account based on following criteria:

  • Breach of privacy and confidentiality.
  • Failure to make timely payment of fees for the use of service.
  • Attempting to pass illegitimate use of platform for illegal, criminal and suspicious activities.
  • Abuse of platform via incessant spam, porngraphy links, phishing, malware links, etc.
  • Users are reported for harassment, hate speech, exploitation, and derogatory remarks
  • Copyrights and other intellectual property violations.
  • Unusual activities, call history and messaging pattern.
  • High-risk threats to account security, data and information archived.
  • Infractions of applicable laws, policies, regulations and other legislative frameworks.
  • Willingful violation of Calilio’s Terms and Conditions, GDPR - HIPAA compliance, FUP/ AUP. disclaimer, etc.
  • Fraudulent activities, payment and credit card transactions within the system , and for the service usage.
  • Directives issued by the security- legal- government authority, to suspend, or terminate particular account.
  • Repeated violation of the warnings, request and similar feedback issued earlierFor the sake of protection of company’s reputation, audiences, staff, and affiliated third-parties.
  • User’s lawsuits, and petitions threatening company’s stakeholders, against the company, or proceedings against the company.
  • Failure, or reluctance, to furnish the company updated personal, banking and other requisite documents even if already provided earlier, when requested by the company.

Service Interruption and Modifications

To the permissible legal extent, Calilio provides no express or implied representations or guarantees about the use or effects of the Services in terms of their legitimacy, quality, reliability, or otherwise. Calilio shall not be held liable for any disruptions in the services offered. Calilio rejects all guarantees concerning the information supplied, including implied warranties of merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose, and non-infringement.


In the absence of clear restrictions to the contrary, Customer may not (and shall not permit third parties to):

  1. It is specifically forbidden to reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise disclose the source code, object coding, algorithm, idea, or fundamental framework of the Service (unless, where applicable, laws expressly prohibit this restriction).
  2. Change, duplicate, or construct the copied derivatives of the Calilio product/ service;
  3. It is not permitted to replicate, lease, and rent, disseminate, pledge, delegate, transfer, or overload the service.
  4. Using the Service to help a third party;
  5. Remove or change any proprietary notices or labels from the service itself or any portion of it;
  6. Using the Service to create an application or solution that may effectively compete with any Calilio service or product;
  7. Engage in any activity that impairs the functionality of the system or any activity carried out;
  8. Bypass any access or safety constraints that Calilio might place on the Service (or other accounts, systems, or networks associated with the Service);
  9. Manual or automated crawling, scraping, or spidering of any page, data, or section of the Service (or any information, data, or material made available through the Service);
  10. Use or abuse the Service in a potentially dangerous, harmful, bogus, misleading, abusive, intimidating, slanderous, obscene, offensive, or other inappropriate conduct.
  11. Allowing another person to use your information as your Calilio account or endangering the confidentiality of any Customer account;
  12. Making an effort to get access to other accounts, passwords, or additional private data in any way

Customers take full responsibility for all activities related to their service usage and enter customer information into the System (as described below). The client (a) has to comply with all pertinent local, state, national, and global laws, conventions, and regulations (including those related to the transmission of electronic or private information, global communication, export legislation, and privacy laws) while using the Services, (b) must not infringe on other third-party intellectual property, contractual, or proprietary rights while using the Service, and (c) this agreement binds all users of Calilio.

Limitation of Liability

As long as neither party violates its indemnification obligations or the customer has not broken the conditions set forth under "Restrictions," neither party, nor any of its officers, employees, agents, partners, suppliers, or content producers, will be held responsible for any claim stemming from the breach of contract, tort, strict responsibility, carelessness, or any other ethical or legal dilemma arising out of the topic contained in this agreement. Consider the following scenario:

  1. We are not accountable for any lost revenue, data, information loss, the costs of acquiring replacement services or goods, or damage of any kind, whether direct or indirect, severe or incidental.
  2. Counseling under the aegis of secrecy (regardless of the exact cause of the incidence) or for flaws, malware, Trojan horses, etc.
  3. There shall be no liability for any direct damages above the subscription fees paid by the client to Calilio in the twelve-month period before the act giving rise to the claim (in cumulative).

Equipment and Software Licensing

Calilio offers you limited, renewable, not exchangeable, and non-resalable licensing to procure and use Calilio-endorsed equipment and software. You must use the supporting equipment, Applications, and software as intended.

Calilio is not offering any license to use the software in any other manner, and you explicitly understand that your equipment is only to be used in combination with the Services stated in this agreement.

Respect the Intellectual Property Rights

Calilio reserves complete and sole control of all its intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, brand names, and other intellectual property rights. Nothing in this agreement should be taken as extending you any of these privileges. You are urged to pay your respect and acknowledge these rights.


Calilio's website resources are offered "as is." Calilio makes no explicit or implicit commitments and consequently dismisses all additional warranties. Furthermore, the company makes no guarantees or representations about the accuracy or reliability of utilizing the materials of this website or any other websites that contributed to this Internet.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy governs all requests for reimbursement, and if you apply and are authorized, you are entitled to a refund. However, no refund may be given to the customers if the justification for reimbursement is completely outside of Calilio's reach and tenet. You can enquire about a refund appeal by reaching us via email, phone call, text message, social media communications, dialing extension numbers, or filling out the contact form on the website.

For detailed information concerning refunds, kindly see our refund policy here: LINK


The user pledges to defend and show unwavering support for Calilio, its partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, and employees. The customer promises to ensure no harm or negativity affects the company, irrespective of the attorneys' fees and costs. This includes claims or demands made by any other party irrespective of or resulting from the customer's use of the products and services. The violation of the arrangement or infringement of any intellectual property or other right of any party is included in indemnification.

Links to Other Sites

On our website, our users might stumble across promotions or other related content by our partner sites, products and services, suppliers, licensors, sponsors, and other third parties. We are not responsible for the material or links on such websites or pages nor liable for the processes followed by these linked websites. Browsing and interactions on all other platforms, which include those linked to our Website, are subject to the domain's terms and guidelines. Their privacy policy will regulate your profile when you submit confidential data to any of these pages or websites.

No Resale or Proprietary Rights

You shall not resale, transfer ownership, access, and control of the system without prior permission from Calilio; you shall not request, acquire or urge access to proprietary rights unless required.

Marketing, Pricing and Promotions

You consent and comprehend that Calilio can make certain modification, addition, removal of particular contents in the market. Any promotional offers, marketing tactics, competitions, giveaways, winning money and incentives are determined, and controlled by the company. Calilio reserves the right to update, monitor and dictate price of its products, and community at specified rate.

Further, Calilio has the right to dictate its own techniques, modalities, and launching ad, promotions and sponsored campaigns. Promotional offers and incentives are provided to new customers, based on predefined eligibility criteria. Ad, promotions and marketing can be done via any media or channel of communication, and can be short-term, mid-term, and long-term.

Customer Data Analysis

You consent to allow Calilio to collect, archive and use your data including conversation history, contacts, destinations, call duration, issue or topics discussed and more. Your data can help the company re-orient, enhance engagement and networking, improve products and services, as well as assess call intents and engagement patterns. You also consent that such details be shared with others as required.

E-mail and Postal Marketing

By signing ‘Yes’ to this agreement, you confirm and agree to receive marketing and promotional materials via email, and postage. You will be notified of new updates, promotions, festival updates and discounts, exclusive offers, and surprise announcements. You have the option to opt-out of such notifications anytime, by reaching us through email, customer service, phone and social media.

Support and Maintenance

Calilio offers routine support and maintenance provided the customer makes payment on time.

Services Offered

Calilio offers a plethora of targeted services with augmented sophistication, and authentic security for personal use, commercial or corporate endeavors, residential engagement, cellular engagement and mobile Wi-Fi. This ensures that the customers have uninterrupted, multi-device access and control over the communications and networking.

Subject to the subscription, preference, and payment of all applicable taxes and fees; Calilio ensures best services and connectivity. You are also pre-informed that in the event of drop in internet connection, disruption, abandonment, and weak failover and backup; our systems cannot offer best grade services, and engagement. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can expand their connectivity, and engagement with diverse stakeholders.

Ownership of the Products/Service

Calilio owns everything from ownership, power, and interest in the services, software consumption, merchandise, projects, and other proprietary and intellectual properties and entitlements. Furthermore, the company owns copyrights, exclusive patents on the developed copies, counterfeit works, and alterations of the original products in any way.

Any software that is disseminated or otherwise sent to Customers under this arrangement (including, without limitation, any software identified or defined) shall be considered a part of the "Services" and shall be subjected to all of the terms and conditions of this agreement. No rights or permissions are granted unless particularly and clearly defined in this Agreement.

Feedback Concerns

Customers may (but doesn't have to) furnish Calilio with recommendations, remarks, or additional input regarding the Service. Even if the Customer identifies feedback as private, Calilio is not obligated to keep the information discreet. Calilio recognizes and agrees that all Feedback is provided "AS IS" without any representations or guarantees. Customer authorizes Calilio a nonexclusive, global, irrevocable, convertible right to use and exploit the Feedback for any reason. Nothing in this Agreement prohibits Calilio's ability to create, acquire, permit, market, promote, or distribute items, software, or innovations.


The customers shall make routine payment to the Calilio, for use of specified service and product, per designated plans. The paid fees shall cover updates, access and improvement of chosen features such as calls, SMS, call forwarding, App development, debugging and so on. The non-payment of outstanding dues shall lead to termination of service access. The payment must be confirmed and finalized within 3 days from the date of invoice receipt. All taxes attributed to the Service (excluding taxes calculated according to Calilio's net income) are the customer's responsibility.

Restrictions of Product Use and Services

Customers of Calilio products and services are restricted from using the products/services for illicit, unsolicited or unethical purposes. Restriction is imposed for the beneficial deployment for third-party non-contracted or linked to the company, removal or alteration in labeling, and proprietary information, and foundation development of competitive product/service from source code and origin of Calilio. Uses that jeopardize the users and the company, attempt to gain access over other accounts and passwords, encryption codes, and in a way threaten the security and authentic access are forbidden.

Additional restrictions arise imposed on following:

  1. Sending pornography, malware, virus, obscene, harassing, exploitative and defamatory messages and spams.
  2. Impersonation, disinformation, scams, phishing, or any false message used to trick consumers into revealing their or another individual's private data, including but not limited to health, well-being, or financial details.
  3. Transmission of malicious and suspicious contents and materials including malware, virus and Trojan horses.
  4. Contents promoting sales, consumption, promotion and use of heavy drugs, sedatives and vapes, whether they contain image, textual representation and links , or not.
  5. Communication concerning rape, molestations, prescription medications, gambling, third-party loans and sanctions, adult service engagement, firearms and explosives.
  6. Messages concerning loan collection, availability of interest-based loans, credit repair and access, get rich schemes, crypto currency dealings ( based on national, regional and international laws).

Messaging Policy

Calilio considers all messaging sent via the Service to be Application-to-Person ("A2P") messaging. This Messaging Policy applies to all A2P messages sent from the Calilio system. Customer is held accountable for everyone to whom it gives the capacity for sending messages through and between the parties.

Customer needs to ask the recipient's permission to communicate with them before sending the first communication to each recipient. Customer must make it apparent to the receiver that he or she agrees to receive the messages Customer intends to send. If Customer fails to deliver the initial message to the recipient within a reasonable period after receiving authorization, Customer must reconfirm consent in the first message sent to the particular recipient.

Customers are prohibited from sending more messages concerning other uses or campaigns until the recipient has given authority for further communications. The customer must keep a record of each consent, such as an electronic copy of the document or form that the person receiving the message executed, or a timestamp of when the customer finished a sign-up method.

Reliability of Services

You acknowledge and accept that Calilio does not and cannot guarantee its product / service is 100% reliable, and accessible. For Calilio to function reliably, you must have stable, high-speed internet connection, dependable cellular network, and power backup, wireless, and IP-enabled devices like laptop, phone, and tablets. You must also realize that technology can suffer from performance error, and faulty operation, from time to time, and hence, service can be halted, terminated, ceased, or dropped mid-way.

You are held responsible for non-payment, delayed payment, delayed or neglected communications, insufficient coverage, lack of device and system update, repairs, and so on. You are also advised that disaster, hazards and sudden service disruption may lead to drop in call service quality and audio clarity.

Calilio cannot offer particular information on what might happen at your house or elsewhere. You accept and understand it is your obligation to educate yourself on how to respond to an incident as well as respond accordingly to the circumstances.

Privacy and Security

Calilio offers string backup, safe and authentic access to communications, and live interactions. Calling functionality and services we provide transfer conversations via the public Internet, independent networks, and interior infrastructure in customers' locations. We constructed our Equipment and Services with commercially reasonable steps to mitigate the risk of losing your privacy when using such systems. You acknowledge, however, that we cannot guarantee that the messages you send are secure. We respect your right to confidentiality and treat the substance of all correspondence as private except as required by law.

Cyber Security

We implement managerial, technological, and tangible security measures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your private data. However, no Internet data transmission or storage mechanism is entirely safe. As a result, we cannot 100% ensure or warrant the security of any information you provide us. There is no guarantee that information or content will not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or deleted if any of our physical, technical, or managerial measures are breached.

You have to keep your log-in and access credential safe, and out of reach from other people. You should be cautious while accessing the web in the freely available Wi-Fi networks, for extended time duration. Please remember that emails and other communications shared with us via our website may not be private, and we recommend you not communicate any sensitive data via these means of communication.

Billing and Any Disputes

If you have any disagreement with our service charges, you must immediately notify us in writing within 14 days of receipt of the charges (or within any extended period allowed by legislation); otherwise, you will be considered deemed to have waived your right to demonstrate such charges. Both receipt and acceptance of a partial payment during the duration of a billing dispute will not count as repayment in full of the requested amount.

All notices are to be communicated by email at

Reactivation and Number Change

You accept that we don’t reactivate your account once it is terminated. Account will be suspended, if payment is not made within 3 days of the due date of bill payment for subscription or other. Account will be permanently deleted after 10 days of account suspension. If the account is deleted you will lose all your numbers, your data and account will not be accessible permanently.

Number Porting Charge

You will be charged a specified amount for number porting that enables you to freely inter-change network operation. The fee for porting numbers between one carrier to another can be determined by contacting our support team. Contact our support team to know more about porting charges.

The fee for porting differs based on number availability, geographical limitations and demand of a certain number. It may take 2 to 4 weeks for the completion of porting, upon process initiation.

Service Termination

Your service and connection can be terminated anytime, with or without prior information. You have the option to terminate service access by requesting through the customer care department or send request via mail at Remember that there is no refund available for termination of call service. We reserve the right to cancel or discontinue any or all of our services at any time if your credit or debit card is declined or you fail to update us about card expiration. You are required to provide us information about valid replacement cards, else lose access to Calilio service. If you fail to pay any charges, taxes, or overdue fees on the due date, your access may be suspended without any notice, after 3 working days of the due date.

Calilio may fully terminate your service access in case of unsolicited access, attempt to use stolen card, illegal uses.


All the materials on Calilio’s Website are provided “as is.” Calilio makes no warranties, may it be expressed or implied, therefore negates all other warranties.


This agreement contains the whole information between Customer and Calilio about the use, access, and management of communications and networking. This agreement is binding with regard for the subject matter, trust and faith hereof, and overrides previous or concurrent discussions and offers (whether oral, written, or electronic) between Customers and Calilio.

This Agreement does not establish any sort of collaboration, joint venture, or work arrangement, and neither side has any power to bind the other in any way. Customer consents to allowing Calilio to use their personal information to update, adapt, and improve the content as needed.

This agreement shall remain in full form and effect and enforceable. Failure by one of the parties to act as a consequence to an infringement of this agreement by any other party does not constitute a waiver of that provision nor does it limit such party's rights about such breach or other subsequent breaches.

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