Calilio ensures that the company provides uninterrupted connectivity and services to the customers, backed by reasonable refund provisions. This refund policy explains the criteria for receiving a refund on purchased products/services.

You are requested to read and assess this policy carefully before subscribing to Calilio. This policy outlines the conditions for possible refund reception and unavailability of refunds. There is a clarification concerning your rights and benefits as the customer, along with certain exceptions and limitations for receiving the refund.

General Terms

After you purchase our services, You are required to communicate with our customer support professionals if you have any additional questions. Our standard procedure is to gather client feedback and submit it to our service center for settlement. You may request a refund by mailing to If the grievance is legitimately linked with the terms and conditions, refunds will be handed down after scrutinizing the client's feedback.

This way, the volume of refund requests is reduced since our service center successfully resolves most customer complaints. We commit to fulfilling the requests on time, with due diligence and consideration of multiple assets and aspects.

Terms of Refund

If you are eligible and meet the requirements, our refund policy will apply to all refund claims. However, a customer cannot receive a refund if the justification for it is wholly unrelated to Calilio's policy and terms. Refunds can only be claimed within 14 days of subscription.

This refund policy applies to all past payments, including subscription fees, calling credits, call costs, texting (SMS & MMS), fax, porting, and other custom engineering fees. Additional conditions for the refund request are outlined below:

  • Requests for reimbursement are solely taken into consideration only once. After a subsequent purchase, no additional compensation can be granted for the same purchase.

  • The initially used payment channel will be used to credit the customer's bank account with the amount returned, and only the original account or card used when making the initial transaction will get the amount reimbursed.

  • In case of duplicate payments are made.

  • Charges are incurred by mistake after account cancellation.


Refund shall not be provided or is deemed unavailable in the events or scenarios beyond the control of Calilio. Some of the conditions for inadmissible refund requests include the following:

  • A refund would not be granted if a phone number had been assigned to a team member after confirming the payment

  • No refund is viable, if communication services like chat, calls, SMS, or voicemail are utilized

  • There will be no refunds for the credit added to your account.

  • If a phone number(s) is/are withdrawn or terminated by the carrier service provider, Calilio won't be liable to provide a refund.

  • if anything suspicious or unlawful activity has been identified.

  • Additional staff members have been added to the job roster.

  • For terminating a subscription in the middle of the month.

  • For active accounts that have been lying dormant for an extended period.

  • Failure to use a device compatible with the Calilio software by the user.

  • If the user is not able to provide valid documents and cannot verify their workspace for usage.

  • Loss of internet connectivity or user's Internet provider's disruption preventing access to the software.

  • Failure to access applications as a consequence of an operating system update or device reset affecting the user.

  • Firewalls at the user's geolocation block the connection to the Calilio service.

  • A user's server can no longer access the Internet since they switched Internet service providers.

  • The user's device has been experiencing inconsistent network signals due to a merger or shift in the carrier operator.

  • The customer cannot use the included features because there are inadequate funds in a subscription account.

  • A user's phone's settings are reset to their original factory configuration.

  • Upgrades to the individual's computer

  • User’s inability to adhere to the instructions posted on the website or clarified by the personnel of the Support Center

  • Due to specific applications for computers or antivirus software, the user may be violating safety precautions.

  • Access to the user's wireless internet is prevented or malfunctions.

  • The user's iOS or Android device does not have sufficient storage space.

Upon account cancellation, you won't get a refund for past payments. Your card will not be charged from the next billing cycle. If you remove a user from your account, a new downgrade plan is applicable from the next billing cycle. In case of an account upgrade (new number or new team member is added), you are not charged the full amount but only the prorated amount for the remaining days of the billing cycle. For example, if your billing cycle is from the 1st of every month and you added a new member on the 15th, you will be charged only from the 15th of the month for the new member addition.

Refund Procedure

You have to start the refund procedure by conversing with a support team member through the website's chatbox or call us at USA: +12542563220 , UK: +447412229821 , AUS: +61483944453 . You can also reach us via email at regarding refund requests. The refund request will be considered within seven business days of receiving it.

Effects of Chargeback

We retain the right to cancel or suspend the user's account if using a credit card or other payment method for our products or services is subject to a chargeback. We will work for the client upon payment to the subscribed package. After payment confirmation, the service may be reactivated at our discretion.

You must cover any legal or accounting costs associated with disputes over refund payments.

Service Cancellation

Within 14 days of beginning your subscription with Calilio, you must provide us with written notification if you wish to cancel, unsubscribe or switch service providers at You will receive a full refund if you do not use the Calilio platform for active communication for two weeks. Note that you will not be refunded if you have used the platform for communication during the duration.

You should have a data and information backup accessed and archived for future reference. If you have any data, such as a contact list, in your phone, copy it to a secure device or load it into your preferred cloud drive, as the company will completely wipe out all the stored data. The company shall not refund the paid amount if the system has been exploited for unethical, fraudulent, cybercrime, and suspicious purposes.

Third-party websites

We are not liable for any kind of third-party landing pages that you notice following clicking a link through our website. You need to abide by the terms and conditions set by those external websites. You should be conscious of what the website will provide and what it expects from those who visit it.

Current Privacy Policy Updates

We undertake indispensable steps to keep you conscious of changes by sharing updates to our website and frequently updating our privacy policy. We always promise that your data will be safeguarded.

We acknowledge that our clients have the right to an assurance of their data safety. You constantly have the choice of requesting the deletion, modification, or amendment of your data and information.

Nevertheless, you can decide not to permit third-party marketers to automatically gather information about how you use the internet over some time across websites or online services to help hinder unsolicited data acquisition.

Safety concern of Cookies

Accepting a standard cookie from an accredited website like Calilio is entirely safe. Cookies typically ensure a better surfing experience by memorizing your preferences and affirming your identity and do not contain any personally identifiable data.

Malicious infections cannot be loaded via cookies. Yet, cookie poisoning (or posing as genuine cookies) can result in the bogus use of an authentic user's identity or malicious utilization of session IDs on a site.

Zombie cookies are risky and tricky to eliminate from the system. The zombie cookies that continuously reinstall deleted zombie cookies must be identified and wiped out. Deploying a system cleaner is the best way to sterilize your device for malware and undesirable documents.

Tracking Tools, Advertising, and Opt-Out

To enable our servers to detect you and your browser's ability, realize how and when you browse and utilize our services, assess trends, learn about user behaviour, and maintain and enhance services, we use cookies and related technologies like pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs, and JavaScript (collectively, "Cookies").

We could additionally mix the information we acquire from you with data we receive from third parties, including those that may have previously configured their Cookies on your device or devices. Please be advised that currently, our services cannot accept "Do Not Track" requests submitted by a browser due to our daily use of Cookies.

Using the configuration options of your web browser, you can decide whether or not to enable cookies. Most browsers can disable this feature, which will prevent your browser from collecting cookie information and can additionally (depending on the level of sophistication of your browser program) give you an assortment of options for determining whether to accept each fresh cookie. All of those cookies that are present on your device can be eliminated as well. Yet, if you do this, some features and functions on our website may cease to exist, and you will need to update your settings each time you get there manually.

Some of the cookie types used

a. Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies cannot be disabled in our system since they are essential for the smooth functioning of our site and application. When you conduct actions that comprise demands for services, like establishing your confidentiality preferences, signing in, or form fill-outs, these cookies are routinely deployed for the same. These are sometimes referred to as essential cookies, as they are essential for lagless, flawless system performance.

b. Functional cookies: Websites and Apps can now give users greater features and customization owing to these cookies. They might be established by us (first-party cookies) or by third parties whose services we have integrated into our website. These are used to record choices or preferences owing to language, accessibility and additional settings.

c. Performance cookies: These cookies let us track visitor numbers, audience engagement and the origins of web traffic to efficiently gauge and enhance the performance of our sites and mobile apps. They support us in figuring out the most and the least popular pages and how users traverse the website's content.

d. Targeting cookies: These cookies may be deposited by our sites and Apps to create an exciting profile concerning you and show appropriate advertisements on other sites. These cookies originate from an array of social media networks embedded into our applications and websites so that you can share them with other parties. They also offer the ability to monitor your browser through different websites and compile a profile of your hobbies and interests. You might come across different messages and material on websites you visit.

Feel free to contact us anytime using the mail address Our team members will be available 24 x 7 to help you out and resolve your issues at the earliest.

Cookie Management

As the users, you can dictate the accessibility and usability of your cookie information on your website visit. You cannot forego or disable deploying essential/strictly necessary cookies, as doing so may result in lagging, flawed functionality.

However, you can customize other cookies to fit your desire, mood, and preferences. As essential/strictly necessary cookies are mandatory for efficient, systematic functioning, you must not disable them. However, you may disable other cookies like functional, performance, and tracking per your need. Disabling/blocking of the cookies can be conveniently accessed via ‘cookie preference’ on the browser/App settings menu. Our websites also allow you to control and manage website cookies when you land on our landing pages. You must remember that cookie blocking/disabling can lead to issues like system malfunction, delayed processing, system hang-up, etc.