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A US phone number symbolizes more than just a communication line; it portrays commitment, reliability, and availability to the world’s largest consumer market. You can instantly get US virtual phone numbers on Calilio.

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Search a Virtual Number with the US Country Code

A phone number with the US country code allows your business to interact with customers in the United States.

What is a US Phone Number?

A US phone number is a combination of digits assigned to a specific line, allowing direct communication within the United States. It consists of an area code (representing a geographic region) followed by a unique set of seven digits.

These numbers allow you to establish communication and enhance connectivity across the expansive country. USA numbers are essential for businesses aiming to establish a local presence and connect with American audiences.

Benefits of Using a US Phone Number

A US phone number bridges communication gaps and makes your omnipresence in the American market. Tap into its advantages with Calilio.

Enhanced Credibility


Improved Accessibility

Local Marketing

Types of US Virtual Phone Numbers

Each business has unique needs the same applies to choosing a United States number. Explore US virtual phone numbers that align with your objectives.

USA local number

Local Numbers

Target specific cities or regions with local numbers. They’re excellent for businesses to establish a strong presence in a particular locality.

USA toll-free numbers

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers allow clients to reach you without a call charge, enhancing customer service and accessibility.

USA vanity numbers

Vanity Numbers

Customizable phone numbers that spell out brand-specific words or slogans, making them memorable for marketing and easy client recall.

How To Get a US Phone Number Online?

Get a US phone number online in a few steps. With Calilio, setting up virtual phone numbers for the United States is straightforward.

step one

Sign Up

Sign up to Calilio and register for an account. Fill in the necessary information and verify your email address.

step two

Choose a VoIP plan

After logging in, you land on the pricing page. Select the VoIP plan that aligns with your requirements.

step three

Pick a Number

Navigate to the ‘Numbers’ from the Nav bar and select ‘Purchase Number.’ Choose your desired US VoIP number.

step four


Review the American phone numbers in your cart. When you’re ready, hit the ‘Buy Now’ button and follow the prompts to complete the payment.

step five

Set up your number

Your virtual USA phone number instantly activates. Customize your settings and start making calls in the United States.

Already Have a USA Phone Number?

Switch to Calilio without losing your number. Our seamless number porting service lets you enjoy our advanced VoIP features while retaining your established USA phone number.

Features of Our Virtual US Phone Number

Beyond just a number, Calilio offers a suite of VoIP features with its virtual US phone number. Seamlessly integrate our functionalities and witness the transformative effects.

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Call Forwarding

Stay in the loop always. Call forwarding ensures that you’ll receive calls on an alternative US virtual number even if you're away from your primary device.
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Empower your business decisions with data. With in-depth analytics, you can understand call patterns, busy hours, and more to make informed decisions.
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Voicemail and Transcription

Stay organized and efficient. If you miss a call, get the voicemail transcribed and mailed, ensuring you never miss out on crucial information.
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Integration with CRM Tools

Our USA phone numbers integrate effortlessly with popular CRM tools, streamlining your operations and boosting productivity.

Calling to the United States: US Phone Number Format

Dialing a United States phone number requires an understanding of its unique format. The US phone number format easily identifies the location and type of number. US phone prefixes vary depending on the specific region within the country.

step one

Exit Code

The exit code, essential for international calling, differs across countries. For instance, the exit code for the UK is ‘00’, while it’s ‘011’ for Canada. You can replace the exit code on mobile phones with ‘+.’

step two

USA Country Code (1)

You then input the US country code, which is '1'. This US phone prefix tells the phone system you’re directing your call to the United States.

step three

Area Code

You then dial a three-digit prefix that further narrows down your call to a specific region or city. Each state has its unique United States area codes.

step four

7-digit Number

Once inputting a US area code for a specific state, dial the unique 7-digit phone number assigned to an individual or business. Your call directs to the USA phone number.

US Phone Number Example

Let's say you're calling the USA from the UK to a business in New York City, and their local number is 555-12XX. The NYC area code is 212.

  • Exit Code: ‘00’ or ‘+’ (From the UK)
  • Country Code: ‘1’ (for the USA)
  • Area Code: ‘212’ (for New York City)
  • Local Number: ‘555-12XX’
  • So, you’ll dial: 00-1-212-555-12XX or +1-212-555-12XX

Note: To send text messages to a US phone number, you must register your number for A2P 10DLC. Contact us to register.

USA Phone Number With Calilio

Calilio offers an effortless cloud phone service that allows you to handle calls using your local business number from anywhere without expensive communication equipment.

Broad Range

Calilio offers a wide range of choices for United States phone numbers tailored to your area or state/city preferences. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

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Easy Configuration

Setting up the configuration on Calilio is super simple – just choose your US phone code with a suitable area code, and we’ll quickly activate it for you.

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Reasonable Plans

Explore our cost-effective voice-over-internet protocol services with US phone numbers. Feel free to browse our competitive VoIP pricing options.

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24/7 Support

Get all-time support from Calilio, keep your callers pleasant, boost your brand, and uplift your communication every step.

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Free Virtual Number

Calilio offers a free US virtual number with smooth call clarity and communication for your business or personal needs.

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Local US Phone Numbers For Every State

Whether you aim to connect with the tech hub of San Francisco or the bustling streets of New York, Calilio got you covered. Browse our extensive USA phone number list to find a US number with the perfect United States area code for your venture.

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Establish Your American Identity

Dive into the US market confidently with your own dedicated US phone number. Open doors to limitless business opportunities.

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