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A virtual Canada phone number is more than an ordinary phone number. It builds trust and credibility among potential customers. You can swiftly buy Canadian numbers on Calilio and boost your phone communication.

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Search a Number with Canada Country Code

A virtual phone number with the Canada country code facilitates a genuine connection to secure a bridge to the Canadian business landscape.

What is a Canadian Phone Number?

A Canadian phone number is a series of digits that adhere to the specific telecommunications standards and format Canada’s regulatory body has set. It allows individuals and businesses to send and receive calls within Canada and internationally.

A Canada number offers an immediate local presence in the Canadian market. A phone number with a Canada dialing code suggests your commitment to the Canadian client base, although you operate from outside the country.

Benefits of Using a Canada Phone Number

A Canada phone number is an indispensable asset to wield your business in the Canadian market. Explore its benefits with Calilio

Establish a Local Presence in Canada

Cost-Effective Communication

Enhanced Flexibility and Mobility

Scalability for Growing Businesses

Different Types of Canadian Phone Numbers

The world of Canadian virtual phone numbers is vast. Each type of number carries its unique features and benefits. Choose a number that best aligns with your strategy.

local Canada number

Local Number

Showcase your presence in specific communities with local numbers. They’re invaluable for businesses to resonate locally and foster a sense of community affinity.

Canada toll-free number

Toll-Free Numbers

Broaden your reach without burdening your caller with call costs. Toll-free numbers provide easy and free access for your customers in Canada.

Canadian area code for mobile number

Mobile Phone Numbers

Stay connected from anywhere without being tied to a fixed location. Virtual mobile phone numbers are essential for businesses to offer flexibility.

vanity Canadian area code

Vanity Number

Boost brand recall and stand out with vanity numbers. They reinforce your business brand through memorable sequences or words in the contact number.

How to Get a Canada Phone Number Online?

Securing a Canada phone number with Calilio is easy. The process is quick and straightforward.

step one

Sign Up

Sign up and register to start with Calilio. Provide the necessary details and confirm your registration through an email verification.

step two

Choose a VoIP plan

Sign in and access the pricing page. Review and then select a VoIP plan that aligns with your requirements.

step three

Pick a Number

Go to ‘Numbers’ in the navigation bar, and click ‘Purchase Number.’ Then, select your desired Canadian phone numbers.

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Review your picked numbers. Confirm, and then click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. Follow the prompts to finalize payment.

step five

Set up your numbers

Your number activates swiftly. Customize your settings, and you’re ready to start communication with the Canada virtual number.

Already have a Canada Phone Number?

Port your number to Calilio and maintain your identity. We offer a number porting service to retain your current Canadian numbers while adding VoIP perks.

Features of Virtual Canada Phone Numbers

A virtual Canada phone number isn't just a series of digits—it’s a gateway to enhanced business communication. Employ your virtual numbers business operations and experience a communication advancement.

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Call Filters

Keep your focus sharp. Call filters assist you in managing and prioritizing your incoming calls. This way, you can only receive what’s pertinent to your Canadian phone number.
call record and storage icon

Call Recordings and Storage

Never miss a detail. Call recordings and storage allow you to revisit every conversation. Use the records to share with your team to enhance customer service in the future.
call history icon

Call History

Stay on top of every conversation. With the call history feature, you can trace back any call made or received on your phone number with the Canada area code.
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Multiple Agents

Boost your team’s efficiency. With multiple agents feature, distribute incoming calls among team members to ensure swift response and optimal client engagement.

Calling to the Canada: Canadian Phone Number Format

Canadian phone numbers have a unique format. It is not just the random numbers put together. It provides insights into number types and pinpoints specific locations or regions you are trying to reach.

step one

Exit Code

Start with your country’s exit code. It signals you are crossing national borders with your call. Many modern devices allow the use of the ‘+’ symbol as the exit code.

step two

Canada Country Code

After the exit code, you'll key in Canada's country code. For Canada, this is "+1". It informs your phone system that you are heading towards Canada.

step three

Area Code

Follow the Canadian country code with the area code of specific provinces or regions within Canada.

step four

7-digit Number

After the area code, dial the seven-digit personal or business number you wish to reach. Hit the “call” button to ring the desired recipient.

Canada Phone Number Example

Let’s assume you are contacting the business in Toronto with the local number 123-4567. The Toronto area code is 416.

  • Exit Code: ‘00’ or ‘+’ ( From the UK)
  • Country Code: ‘+1’ (For Canada)
  • Area Code: ‘416’ (For Toronto)
  • Local Number: ‘123-4567’
  • So, you’ll dial: 00-1-416-123-4567 or +1-416-123-4567

Remember: Different regions have different area codes.

Canada Phone Number With Calilio

Expand your business reach in Canada with Calilio. Connect seamlessly with clients; we make it simple, reliable, and effective. Dive into global opportunities with a local touch.

Broad Range

Explore an extensive selection of Canadian numbers tailored to meet diverse needs. Our expansive inventory ensures you find what you’re searching for.

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Easy Configuration

Simplify your setup process with our user-friendly interface. Experience seamless integration and customization in just a few clicks after selecting a number.

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Reasonable Plans

We offer sensible VoIP plans before your needs so everyone can find something. Our options are affordable and have great features for individuals and businesses.

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24/7 Assistance

Experience uninterrupted assistance whenever required. Our dedicated team stands by, ready to address your concerns and provide solutions at any hour.

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Unique Feature

Our feature enhances the user experience and offers an edge in functionality, such as call sentiment analysis, internal messages, and member ratings.

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Establishing a Local Presence in major cities with a +1 Country Code

Calilio provides virtual phone numbers for Canada's major cities. Connect with urban hubs using our numbers, forging deeper ties with local communities. Explore our vast selection, and choose an area code fitting your business vision.

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New Brunswick
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Northwest Territories
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Nova Scotia
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Prince Edward Island

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Step boldly into the Canada business arena with a dedicated Canadain phone number. Unlock unparalleled opportunities in the Canada market.

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