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Get Virtual Phone Numbers for Business Presence in 100+ Countries

Calilio empowers global reach with virtual phone numbers for business. Streamline your operations and make an impact worldwide effortlessly. Get business phone numbers on Calilio and establish a comprehensive virtual presence.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is a digital phone line that allows businesses to establish a local or international presence without a physical phone line. It redirects calls to a chosen device, be it mobile or laptop. A virtual phone number for businesses can increase credibility with local clients and provide flexibility for remote teams.

How Does a Virtual Phone Number Work?

A virtual phone number operates on cloud technology, bypassing traditional phone line systems. When someone dials your virtual number, the call is transmitted over the internet and redirected to your preferred device, whether a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

It ensures seamless communication without geographical constraints. Essentially, virtual business phone numbers bridge traditional phone networks and digital platforms, offering you a dynamic communication solution.


Benefits of a Virtual Phone Number for Business

Cost-Effective Communication

Flexibility and Mobility

Phone Number Porting

Shared Virtual Numbers

CRM Integrations (Coming Soon)

Enhanced Customer Support


Types of Virtual Business Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers come in various formats to cater to diverse business needs, from branding to accessibility.

Mobile Number

Buy virtual numbers to manage business calls efficiently from any device. Ideal for companies aiming for a modern, mobile-first approach.

Toll-Free Number

Elevate your brand image with toll-free numbers. It allows your customers to reach you at no cost, making your business more accessible.

Local Number

Establish a local presence without a physical office. Customers prefer local phone numbers, enhancing connectivity and trust in your brand.

National Number

Strengthen your national presence with national numbers. Ideal to make businesses accessible from anywhere in a country.

How to Buy a Virtual Phone Number from Calilio?

Calilio offers straightforward and hassle-free steps to get a virtual phone number.


Create an Account

Click the 'Sign Up' and create your account with all necessary information.


Access Dashboard

Once you register, you will be redirected to the “Purchase Number” option.


Select Your Number

Select the country, Number Type and choose your desired virtual number.


Review and Purchase

Ensure all the details are correct, then proceed to 'Buy Now' and complete your payment.


Activate Your Number

Your virtual number instantly activates. Start making and receiving calls.

Note: Different countries have set specific laws for virtual numbers. Depending on a country’s requirement, you may need to submit a few documents to buy virtual phone numbers. If you encounter any issues during the process, our customer support team is always ready to assist you.

Port Your Existing Number For Free

Turn your physical number into a virtual number for free. Switch to Calilio without losing your existing phone number. Phone number porting allows you to maintain brand recognition and customer trust.


Features of Virtual Phone Number

Empower your business with our virtual phone number’s advanced VoIP features. They are designed for smoother operations and improved customer interactions.

Unified Callbox

A centralized system that brings all your communication channels together. A unified callbox ensures your team can access calls, messages, and voicemails from a single platform.

Call Routing

An intelligent system that redirects incoming calls to the appropriate department or individual Call routing ensures you always reach your desired destination without unnecessary waiting times.

Call Monitoring

Allows supervisors to listen in on calls, ensuring adherence to quality standards. Call monitoring offers timely feedback to team members and ensures consistent customer service quality.

Voicemail Transcription

With Calilio’s voicemail transcription feature, you can receive text versions of your voicemails directly to your inbox. It ensures you never miss critical information and allows you to respond quickly.

Queue Callback

Enhance customer experience during high call volume periods. Queue callback allows callers to receive a call back instead of waiting on hold, increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

Call Screening

Know who’s calling before you answer. This feature allows businesses to identify and prioritize calls, ensuring important calls are always attended to promptly.

How Much Does a Virtual Phone Number Cost?

The cost of a virtual phone number varies based on several factors, including the country and the number type (local, national, mobile, and toll-free). The following table provides a comprehensive overview of virtual phone number prices on Calilio.


Country Code



Toll Free


Algeria213$ 40
Argentina54$ 10$ 35
Australia61$ 4$ 8$ 22
Austria43$ 2$ 8$ 35
Barbados1$ 35
Belgium32$ 35
Benin229$ 35
Bosnia and Herzegovina387$ 55
Botswana267$ 60
Brazil55$ 6$ 50$ 12

Why Choose Calilio?

Getting a Virtual Phone Number With Calilio

Entrust your communication needs to Calilio and watch your business transform. Below are why partnering with us is your best bet for achieving seamless global communication.

Broad Range

Calilio has a vast collection of numbers spanning over 100 countries. Whether you need local, national, or toll-free numbers, we’ve covered you, ensuring you establish a robust global footprint.

broad range of USA phone number

Easy Configuration

Setting up your virtual phone number for business is a breeze with Calilio. Our user-friendly interface ensures you’re up and running in no time without any technical hitches or complications.

broad range of USA phone number

Reasonable VoIP Plans

At Calilio, quality meets affordability. Our competitive VoIP plans are crafted with businesses in mind, ensuring you get top-notch services without burning a hole in your pocket.

broad range of USA phone number

One Free Virtual Number

Test our services, understand our capabilities, and then decide. Calilio offers a free virtual phone number (for Canada, the US, and the UK only). We’re confident you’ll stick around for the unparalleled quality.

broad range of USA phone number

24/7 Assistance

Never feel lost with our round-the-clock support. Whether you have a query, need assistance, or face a technical glitch, our dedicated team is always on standby. Your success is our priority.

broad range of USA phone number

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Establish a Global Business Presence With Virtual Phone Numbers

Boost your business reach effortlessly with virtual phone numbers. Embrace global markets while ensuring reliable and clear communication.

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