Cloud Phone System

More Than Just a Regular Phone System

A powerful cloud phone system where advanced features meet simplicity and scalability for your business needs.


  • Easy setup and user-friendly interface.
  • Robust scalability for growing businesses.
  • High-quality audio for clear communication.
  • Cost-effective solution with no hidden fees.

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All-in-one Cloud Communication Platform

Connect across multiple channels on Calilio. Calls, SMS, and voicemails on one unified platform.


Connect with Customers Across Devices

Stay connected, anywhere and anytime. Calilio ensures consistent and synchronized communication across desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.Uniform functionality across all platforms. Start a call on your desktop, and switch to mobile with no disruptions.

Managing Calls & SMS with Robust Features

Optimize your communication strategy and manage your calls & SMS with operational efficiency and unmatched accuracy.

Improve Customer Satisfaction 


  • Reduce wait times, missed calls, and call abandonment.
  • Get your customers to the right person more quickly.
  • Personalize your greetings for a human touch.

  • Call Routing

  • Interactive Voice Response

  • Call Tags

  • Call Filter

  • SMS Filter

Monitoring Live Calls For Quality Assurance

Oversee live calls to maintain high communication standards.

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Call Whisper

Privately offer real-time advice or support to your team during a call without the caller knowing.


Call Barge

Join ongoing calls to assist with complex situations and ensure optimal customer service.


Call Takeover

Take over calls to directly handle critical situations or resolve issues efficiently.

Getting a Cloud-based Phone System is a Few Steps Away


Sign up for Calilio. Verify your email address to create your account


Choose the right service plan for your cloud phone system.


Port your phone numbers or purchase new ones.


Customize features for your phone numbers.


Assign numbers to your team members, and you are good to go.

Flexible Pricing for Every Business Size

Choose a plan that fits your budget and scales with your ambition. From solo ventures to enterprises, Calilio has cloud communication solutions for businesses of any size.

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Choosing Calilio For Your Cloud Phone System


Reliable Uptime Guarantee

Experience reliability with 99.999% uptime, ensuring your business stays connected always.


Top-rated Customer Support

24/7 customer support, consistently rated #1 for immediate, expert assistance whenever you need it.


Unmatched Security Standards

Security measures and compliance with HIPAA and GDPR to protect your data.

Download the Mobile App

Download the Calilio mobile app and take your office communications with you, wherever you go.

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