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What is Phone Number Porting?

Phone number porting is the process of transferring a phone number from one telecommunications provider to another while keeping the same number. It allows you to switch service providers for better features and rates without changing your existing phone number, thus maintaining continuity in communications.

Benefits of Porting Phone Numbers

Porting phone numbers lets you switch providers while retaining established contacts for your business or personal use. It ensures uninterrupted communications and maintains valuable customer relationships.

Enhanced Flexibility and Service Quality

Uninterrupted Business Operations

Cost Savings with Better Plans

Brand Identity Preservation

Streamlined Customer Interaction

How Does Phone Number Porting Work?

Phone number porting is a structured process that transfers your existing phone number from one service provider to another. It involves several steps to ensure a smooth transition while keeping your number active and accessible.


Initiate the Porting Request

Contact the new provider with your porting request. Provide your current phone number and account details for verification.


Verification of Details

The new provider will verify your account details, including the phone number and personal information, to ensure a legitimate transfer request.


Submit Required Documentation

You may need to submit specific documents to authorize the porting. It typically includes a porting authorization form and a recent bill from your current provider.


Service Provider Coordination

The new provider coordinates with your current provider to initiate the porting process. It involves backend technical adjustments to transfer the number.


Activation on New Network

Once the transfer is approved and completed, your phone number becomes active on the new provider’s network. It usually takes two to 6 weeks.


Confirmation of Successful Porting

You’ll receive confirmation from the new provider once the porting process is successfully completed. you can start using their services with your existing number.

How to Port a Phone Number to Calilio?

You can port a phone number to Calilio in just a few steps. Our straightforward process ensures a smooth transition of your existing number to our platform with minimal effort.


Log in

Log in with your Admin account on Calilio.


Go to Settings

Navigate to “Settings” in your dashboard.


Click My Numbers

In the settings, click the “My Numbers” section.


Select Port Existing

Choose the “Port Existing” option, and you can chat with our support team.


Submit Necessary Documents

Our support team guides you through the process. Submit any required documents to verify and authorize the porting of your number.

Once we verify your documents, we begin the porting process. Our team will keep you informed about your number porting status until it is completed.

Retain Your Identity - Port Phone Numbers of Any Type

Port any type of phone number and keep your identity intact. Calilio ensures your number, whether local, toll-free, or mobile, retains its familiarity and significance.

Get New Phone Numbers From 100+ Countries

Expand your business reach globally with Calilio. Select from a diverse range of virtual phone numbers across 100+ countries.

Ensuring a Successful Phone Number Porting

Follow the steps below for a smooth and effective phone number porting to Calilio. It ensures a hassle-free transition to our communication services.

Accurate Information Provision

Accurate Information Provision

Ensure all provided information, including account details and phone numbers, is accurate. Correct data prevents delays or issues in the porting process.

Timely Document Submission

Timely Document Submission

Submit any required documents promptly to facilitate a quicker porting process. Delays in documentation can lead to extended porting times.

Clearing Outstanding Bills

Clearing Outstanding Bills

Resolve any outstanding bills or disputes with your current provider. Unsettled accounts can hinder the porting process.

Avoid Changing Plans Mid-Porting

Avoid Changing Plans Mid-Porting

Refrain from changing your current plan or provider services during the porting process. It can cause complications or delays.

Regular Communication with Calilio Support

Regular Communication with Calilio Support

Stay in touch with Calilio’s support team for updates and assistance. Effective communication ensures any concerns are promptly addressed.

Why Choose Calilio to Port Phone Number?

Choose Calilio for a hassle-free phone number porting experience, combining efficiency with exceptional customer support. We ensure your transition is smooth and your communication uninterrupted.

Seamless Transition

Calilio guarantees a seamless transition when porting your phone number, ensuring no disruption in your communication services and maintaining your business flow.

easy to set up connection using number porting

Advanced Communication Features

Calilio facilitates your phone numbers with advanced communication features that enhance connectivity and offer a superior customer experience.

A man in a headset with a laptop making call

Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated support team assists you throughout the porting process, addressing any queries and ensuring a smooth transition.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Calilio provides cost-effective solutions without compromising service quality, making it the ideal choice for businesses looking to maximize their communication budget.

Cost effective solutions generating and developing while using number porting

Reliable and Secure Service

With a focus on reliability and security, Calilio ensures that your ported phone number operates safely and efficiently in our trusted network.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to port a number?

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What happens when a phone number is ported?

What are the rules for number porting?

  • You must be the authorized account holder.
  • The account must be active.
  • You must provide accurate and up-to-date account information.
  • You must pay all outstanding bills before porting is approved.

How many phone numbers can be ported at a time?

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