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Secure an Australian virtual phone number on Calilio and boost your local presence and global credibility. It’s more than just a number—it’s a mark of trust in the Australian market. Sign up to purchase a virtual AU phone number easily.

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Virtual phone number with Australia country code aids businesses to establish and thrive in Australia without a physical presence.

What is an Australian Virtual Phone Number?

An Australian virtual phone number is a primary contact channel for individuals and businesses to conduct smooth and direct communication within Australia. It typically includes 8 digits following the area code.

AU phone numbers are a testament to a company’s commitment to the Australian marketplace. These numbers build trust amongst the local Australian community and are crucial for market penetration and growth.


Benefits of Using an Australian Phone Number

Buying a virtual Australian phone number from calilio isn’t just a tech-forward decision—it’s a strategic investment with immediate commercial returns.

Local Presence

Cost Savings

Integration with Business Tools

Enhanced Privacy

Different Types of Australian Virtual Phone Numbers

The communication needs and requirements are not the same for all businesses. Australian virtual numbers are available in different types to cater to unique communication requirements.

Australian local number for local business

Local Numbers

Valuable for businesses to establish a local presence in a specific city or region. Australian local numbers make an impression that you’re right around the corner.

Australian toll-free number

Toll-Free Numbers

Australian toll-free numbers are excellent for businesses to prioritize customer service by offering a free line of communication. Customers can call you without incurring any charge.

Australian mobile number

Mobile Phone Numbers

Operate the business while you are on the move. Australian mobile numbers allow managing business calls without being tied to a specific location.

How to Buy a Virtual Australia Phone Number?

With Calilio, acquiring a virtual Australia phone number is just a few steps away. Get an AU virtual number swiftly with our streamlined process.


Sign Up

Sign up to Calilio to register your account. Provide the information and verify your email address.


Choose a VoIP plan

Once logged in, access the VoIP plan page. Review the plans and choose the one that meets your requirements.


Pick a Number

From the Nav bar, navigate to the ‘Numbers.’ Then, click on ‘Purchase Numbe.’ Select your desired Australia phone number as you prefer.



Review your Australia-based virtual phone numbers and tap the ‘Buy Now’ button. Complete the payment following the prompt instructions.


Set up your numbers

After checkout, your Australian phone number activates right away. Customize the setting as desired and start using your new number.

Already Have an Australian Phone Number?

No worries if you already have an Australian phone number. Calilio offers number porting to incorporate VoIP features in your existing Australian number.

Features of Australia Virtual Phone Numbers

Step up your communication system with Calilio. Our VoIP phone services include more than offering virtual numbers. Robust VoIP features of Australia virtual phone number elevate your every interaction.

Number Porting transfers
Don’t leave behind what’s familiar. If you’re attached to your existing Australian number but want added VoIP benefits, simply port it to Calilio.
Bulk SMS campaigns
Harness the power of mass messaging. Our bulk SMS feature allows for targeted, widespread communication, perfect for marketing endeavors.
Live Call Monitoring
Maintain a standard of excellence in customer service. Live call monitoring empowers you to keep track of agent interactions with the customers and build the required training program.
Power Dialer
Boost your outreach efficiency with our Power Dialer feature. Calilio’s virtual phone number for business automates the call-making process after detecting unattended and disconnected calls.

Calling to the Australia: Australia Phone Number Format

Making a call to a phone number in Australian requires stringing together a sequence of digits. The digit sequence determines the area and type of number you are dialing. Australia phone number formats vary for different regions or areas.


Exit Code

Firstly, dial the exit code. It differs from country to country. For instance, the UK’s exit code is ‘00,’ while ‘011’ represents Canada’s exit code. You can dial ‘+’ instead to replace exit code upon dialing from the mobile phones.


Australian Country Code

Once you’ve keyed in the exit code, dial Australia’s country code + 61. It confirms your intention to connect with an Australian line.


Area Code

An area code you enter when dialing landline numbers directs your call to the specific city or region within Australia. It typically begins with ‘0.’ However, when making calls internationally, you omit ‘0’. Note: When dialing a cell phone number, replace the area code with ‘4’.


Local Phone Number

After the area code, dial your contact’s specific 8-digit local number. This is the specific telephone number of the person or business you are trying to reach.

Australia Phone Number Example

Consider you are dialing a phone number in Australia with a local Brisbane number, ‘1234-5678’ from the UK. The area code for Brisbane is 07.

    Exit Code: ‘+’ or ‘00’ (From the UK)
    Country Code: ‘61’ (for the Australia)
    Area Code: ‘7’ (for Brisbane, omitting ‘0’ to make an international call)
    Local Number: ‘1234-5678’
    So, you’ll dial: 00-61-7-1234-5678 or +61-7-1234-5678 (To Landlines)
    and 00-61-4-1234-5678 or +61-4-1234-5678 (To Mobile Phones).

Why Choose Calilio?

Australia Phone Numbers With Calilio

Calilio provides VoIP services with Australian phone numbers, ensuring seamless communication for personal and business purposes. Connect effortlessly within Australia continent through our services.

Broad Range

Navigate through our extensive collection of Australia phone numbers. Serving a wide range of needs, we make certain there’s a perfect pick for you.

Wider range of Australian number

Easy Configuration

Effortlessly set up your numbers using our clear guidelines, and configuration is made simple. We ensure quick activation, getting you operational in no time.

Australian number with ease setup

Reasonable Plans

Dive into our affordable plans designed with your business needs. Balancing cost with excellence, we ensure value in every package.

Australian phone numbers at reasonable price

24/7 Support

We’re dedicated to top-notch service and quick solutions, ensuring you always receive expert help and continuous support whenever you need it.

Get 24/7 support with  Australian number

Unique Feature

Calilio’s unique features such as unified call box, chat reminders, and sentiment analysis enhance communication with exclusive, cost-effective tools.

Australian number with unique features at Calilio

Establishing a Presence in Major States & Territories with Local Australlia Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers with local Australia area codes ensures locale-specific connections. Browse our expansive Australian phone number list and select one resonates with your desired regional presence.

New South Wales
New South Wales
South Australia
South Australia
Western Australia
Western Australia
Australian Capital Territory
Australian Capital Territory
Northern Territory
Northern Territory

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