12 Best Small Business Ideas With Low Investment in 2024

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We are living in an entrepreneurial age. Today, more and more people are turning their passions into profitable businesses. But let's face it: launching a dream venture can be daunting, especially with financial constraints.


That's where this guide comes in. This blog unveils a list of the 12 Best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment in 2024. Whether you excel at creative crafts, possess a talent for organization, or have a knack for social media, there's an opportunity waiting for you.

Dive in, explore your options, and discover the path to becoming your own boss!

What is a Small Business?

A small business is characterized by its revenue and the number of employees. Typically owned by an individual, small companies do not publicly trade their stock. Owners must personally guarantee any current or future financing. These businesses are cost-effective, require minimal initial investment, and use existing skills and resources.

What Factor Makes a Good Small Business Idea?

An excellent small business idea is driven by market demand. It should solve a specific problem or meet a particular target audience's needs. Furthermore, it should leverage an owner's skills and resources, have potential growth, and be financially viable with minimal initial investment.


Choosing an excellent small business idea depends on a few things:

1. Less Investment

If you want to enter an enterprise business and sell your skills without taking risks, choose a budget-friendly approach for your start-up. Start-ups have to play their cards, staying in a safe zone. Taking risks in the initial start-up phase can pull down the business. So, while choosing the best business idea, you must select the ideas with minimal investment.

2. Effortless Inventory & Supply Management

A successful small business idea must support effortless inventory management and streamlined supply chains. When a business has limited financial resources, managing inventory can be challenging since overstocking eats up capital and space, while outstocking leads to a loss of sales.

3. Consider a Cross-Platform Idea

In today’s digital world, an online management system is essential for small businesses. Most companies use social media platforms to advertise their businesses or products. Almost 77% of small businesses use social media to connect with their customers, and 41% of small businesses depend on social media as a revenue driver. Therefore, choosing a small business idea compatible with both online and offline markets is crucial when starting a small business with low investment.

4. Minimal Human Resources

Low labor costs are critical for small business startups. Nowadays, businesses are more focused on adapting to new technologies than investing in human resources. Utilizing technical resources offers numerous benefits, including error-free results and time efficiency. This approach ensures a flawless workforce and significantly reduces labor costs. Selecting a business idea that demands minimal human resources boosts productivity and simplifies management.

12 Best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

1. Cloud Kitchen

Cloud Kitchen is one of the best low-investment small business ideas. With the rising demand for food delivery services, starting a cloud kitchen as a business can be beneficial. It doesn’t require big spaces like restaurants and hotels. Also, you can focus on your niche cuisine and build your customer base through social media. This approach is tentatively budget-friendly and risk-free.

2. Content Creation

There's always a place for trendsetters and creatives in today's world of never-ending trends and competition. Content creation is a promising idea in the creative field that requires only a small budget. You can start your business with a mobile phone and internet access.

3. Personal Photography

People nowadays value visuals more than anything else. With the immense popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, more people are eager to capture their precious moments and share their joy with their circles. Many are now hiring personal photographers for events like birthdays and are willing to pay a reasonable fee. Starting a business as an individual photographer is a fantastic way to earn a good income with minimal investment.

4. Event Planning Services

There is a constant high demand for skilled professionals who can manage budgets while creating impressive setups. This field encompasses a variety of opportunities, from corporate events and weddings to parties and more. Successful event planners must be organized, creative, and effective communicators to execute every detail perfectly. Event planning and coordination services promise substantial earnings and offer creativity and personal satisfaction in a dynamic industry.

5. Professional Reviewer

Many companies seek professional reviewers for honest feedback on their products and services, valuing critiques that highlight areas for improvement. Reviewers are often well-compensated and get to try new and innovative products, such as books, mobile devices, and cutting-edge technology. This role can also grant access to exclusive events and early releases and help build a reputable profile in the review community.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an ideal low-budget business idea due to its minimal initial costs. You don't need to invest in inventory or production since you promote other companies' products. Starting is affordable with free platforms like WordPress for blogging and social media for promotion. Most affiliate programs are free to join, and you can drive traffic using organic SEO and social media marketing. With dedication and strategic planning, affiliate marketing allows you to build a profitable business with limited financial investment.

7. Start a Landscaping Business

Landscape is one of the best small business ideas with minimal initial investment. Landscaping businesses involve outdoor services like maintaining gardens, designs, and the art and craft of growing plants to create beauty within the landscape. Essential tools and gardening supplies are affordable, and you can start with services like lawn care and maintenance. Free marketing on social media and boards or word-of-mouth referrals can help you grow your business.

8. Bakery

Starting a bakery business will be fruitful if you have a passion for baking and a talent for creating delicious treats. There is always a market for fresh, homemade baked items. You can start a bakery business with a small investment. All you need to buy is a baking tray, oven, spatula, and measuring cups; otherwise, everything you need while baking is readily available in an average kitchen. The bakery business relies on the skills of the baker and the quality of ingredients, so it doesn’t need extravagant efforts and investment to start a bakery business.

9. Start a Podcast

Listening to podcasts has become a popular trend for people's entertainment. It is also a popular medium for sharing information, storytelling, and motivational speeches with worldwide audiences. With the minimal equipment and technical knowledge, you can start your podcast channels. Targeting the audience and delivering high-quality content according to their interests helps grow your podcast business. Doing so can grow your podcast audience and potentially turn it into a profitable business.

10. Tour Guide

If you’re passionate about traveling, consider becoming a tour guide. It mainly involves excellent communication skills and a deep understanding of your destinations. As a tour guide, you'll lead groups of tourists to historical sites, cultural landmarks, and natural wonders, offering exciting facts and insights about the area's history. Training and time are the only investments required to start as a tour guide.

11. Social Media Influencer

Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter have enabled many to become social media influencers. This rapidly growing business requires minimal investment: a mobile phone, a social media account, an internet connection, and engaging high-quality content. Social media influencers can leverage their online presence to start businesses, promote products, and connect with brands. The key to success is consistently creating content that resonates with and engages your audience.

12. Resume Writer

Resume writing is a business that you can start with a low investment. Writing a resume requires skills. If you are good at writing, can do proper research, and include all the significant points to make an appropriate resume, you can start your resume writing business. Most qualified personnel get rejected by companies due to their poor CVs. In such a case, if you provide a standard resume, you can generate much income from your resume-writing business.

8 Factors to Consider Before Starting a Business

There are many more factors to be considered before starting a business. Here are some core factors that are highlighted below:

Proper Business plan

Before starting a business, you must have a visual representation of your plan. A business plan can only achieve its goals if it is clear. So first, you must set a goal for your business and make a plan for achieving that goal. Also, have a clear vision for your business financial projections and make a plan accordingly.

Market knowledge and update

Market knowledge and updates are crucial factors before starting a business. You must know what types of customers you target, what your customers need, and how to relate the market trend to your product. Acquiring market knowledge helps to know about the competitor's strategy and helps to troubleshoot business issues by learning from the competitor.

Business Structure

The structure of the business must be determined before starting the company. It can be a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. The owner must be well aware of the tax implications and know about the permits and licenses required to run the business.


Proper funding is the crucial factor that should be considered before starting a business. A proper financial management should be done for the development of your business.  You must have the proper plan for financing your business and also must be aware about the risk that may arise while starting the business.

Team building

Now the most responsible factor while starting a business is to build a team. It is also said that one bad hire can destroy your company. So, you must be extra attentive while building your team. Before building a team, you must have to do some research and at least know what your company needs. You have to carefully choose your team member and also should be familiar with their strength and weaknesses.


Location is also an essential factor that should be considered before starting a business. You must build your company where you can target your genuine clients and establish your market easily. For instance, establishing a Gucci bag shop in France will be more effective than in Somalia. Your business outcomes must justify the needs and requirements of the clients. So, you must carefully choose the location before starting a business.


Top-notch products with poor marketing skills can also hamper business. If you want to elevate the standard of your company, then having a proper marketing skill is mandatory. You must have to plan to reach your target market and be well-known about your marketing budget. In the digital era, most businesses are utilizing social media platforms along with TV ads & blogs to promote their businesses.

Business Phone system

Excellent products with outstanding customer experiences are the icing on the cake for businesses. A reliable business ensures that it delivers quality services and handles client inquiries efficiently. This is where a robust business phone system comes into play, addressing any potential communication challenges that might arise. Therefore, selecting the right business phone number is a critical step in establishing your business.

Optimize Your Business Communication with Calilio

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Starting a business doesn’t always require a considerable investment. You could start with low investments with several ideas, like Cloud Kitchen, content creation, etc. It's all about finding what you are good at and making it work. With dedication and discipline, you can turn small investments into successful businesses. To start a successful business, they must equally focus on customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which business is best for beginners?

Service businesses like social media management, graphic design, web development & design, are considered the best for beginners because most service-related small companies have high incomes and low investments. Also, they are less demanding and can be managed easily compared to other businesses.

Which business is considered to be the fastest-growing business?

Digital marketing is the most significant and fastest-growing business because it allows the businesses to connect with the larger audience and also can be run with limited budget.

What are the critical factors for success in a low-investment small business?

Success factors include a clear business plan, understanding your target market, effective marketing strategies, and consistently delivering high-quality products or services.

How can I market my small business on a tight budget?

Utilize social media, create engaging content, leverage word-of-mouth referrals, and use free or low-cost online marketing tools and platforms.

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