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Discover the perfect Austrian virtual phone number (local, mobile, & toll-free numbers) effortlessly on Calilio and establish your presence in the Austrian market.

What is a virtual Austria number?

An Austrian Virtual Number is a digital telephony solution that allows you to establish a local presence in Austria without needing a physical line in the country. It operates over the internet using VoIP technology, enabling you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world as if you were locally based in Austria.

This technology supports various VoIP features like call forwarding, voicemail, and call recording, making it a versatile tool for businesses aiming to expand their reach into the Austrian market or for individuals wishing to maintain connections with contacts in Austria.

Benefits of Using a Austria Phone Number

Choosing an Austrian Phone Number through Calilio offers essential advantages for businesses looking to enter or expand within the Austrian market, enhancing credibility and fostering growth.

Local Presence and Global Reach

Superior Customer Service

Cost Savings

Enhanced Flexibility

Professional Image

Types of Austria Phone Numbers

Calilio offers three types of virtual Austria phone numbers: local, mobile, and toll-free, each tailored to meet your business requirements for effective and efficient communication across Austria.

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Local Numbers

Austria local numbers help establish a strong presence within specific regions or cities, fostering local trust and accessibility for your business. This grows credibility and connection within the community.

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Mobile Numbers

Choose a mobile Austria phone number to connect with customers on the go, ensuring seamless communication and accessibility for mobile users nationwide.

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Toll-free Numbers

Opt for a toll-free Austria phone number to encourage customer inquiries and support calls without incurring charges, fostering better customer relationships and satisfaction.

How to Get an Austria Virtual Phone Number Online?

Acquiring an Austrian virtual phone number is a straightforward process, designed to integrate swiftly into your business operations. Tap into its steps.

step one

Sign Up

Start by creating an account on Calilio. Provide your information for a quick and secure registration, then verify it via email.

step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

Select a VoIP plan that aligns with your business needs. Calilio offers diverse options, ensuring you find the perfect match for your Austria virtual phone number requirements.

step three

Pick a Number

Go to the 'Number' section on the dashboard and browse through a wide range of available Austrian numbers. Select your desired Austrian area code from the options provided.

step four


After clicking the 'add to cart' button, review your selection. Enter your payment information to complete the purchase of your Austrian virtual number.

step five

Setup Your Number

After completing your purchase, import your existing contacts and customize your Austrian phone number according to your preferences.

Already Have an Austria Phone Number?

If you already have an Austrian phone number, you can smoothly transfer it to Calilio's number porting service to access VoIP features.

Features of Virtual Austria Phone Number

Calilio's Austria virtual phone number includes over 50 VoIP features, empowering businesses of all sizes to streamline their communication processes effectively.

unified communication icon

Unified Communication

Integrate all your communication tools into a single platform with Unified Communication, ensuring consistent and efficient interactions across the board.
call blocking icon

Call Blocking

Stay in control of your incoming calls using our Call Blocking feature. Easily manage who can reach your business, helping you stay focused and ensuring peace of mind.
new lead alerts icon

New Lead Alerts

Never miss an opportunity with New Lead Alerts. Receive instant notifications for every potential customer, keeping your business ahead of the competition.
call history icon

Call History

Keep track of your communication patterns with comprehensive Call History logs. This allows for informed decisions and strategic planning for future interactions.
voicemail icon


Make sure you're always reachable with customizable Voicemail. Missed calls become opportunities as callers can leave messages, ensuring you never miss important connections.
call transfer icon

Call Transfer

Call Transfer facilitates smooth redirection of calls to the right team member, ensuring queries are handled by the person best suited to resolve them efficiently.
queue call back

Queue Call Back

Boost customer satisfaction with Queue Call Back, offering callers the option to receive a call back instead of waiting in line. This will save their time and increase their experience with your service.
do not disturb mode icon

Do Not Disturb Mode

Activate the Do Not Disturb mode during meetings or when you need to focus. Ensure you can work without interruptions while managing important calls effectively.

How Do You Dial a Austria Phone Number?

Dialing an Austrian phone number requires understanding its unique format, which indicates the destination and type of number. Austrian phone prefixes vary, indicating the specific region or mobile network. This structured approach ensures accurate and efficient communication across Austria's diverse geography and telecommunications network.

step one

Exit Code

Start with your country's exit code, which is required for making any international call. This code varies by country, for example, '011' for the USA and Canada, and '00' for most European countries.

step two

Austria Country Code (+43)

After the exit code, enter Austria's country code, '+43'. This code directs the call to Austria from any part of the world.

step three

Area Code

To Landline: Next, you enter the one to four-digit Austria area code, which specifies the region or city you're calling. Each region in Austria has its unique area code.
To Mobile: When dialing an Austria mobile number, proceed with the mobile number after the country code. Austrian mobile numbers start with a '6' followed by another two digits that identify the mobile network operator.

step four

Local Phone Numbers

Austria's telephone numbers do not have standard lengths for either area codes or subscriber numbers. Enter the 5 to 13-digit number of the specific phone line you are trying to reach in Austria.

Austria Phone Number Example

Suppose you are dialing a business in Vienna, Austria from the USA with a local number ‘XXXXXXXX’. The area code for Vienna is ‘1’.

For Landline Number:

  • Exit Code: '011' (from the USA)
  • Country Code: '+43' (for Austria)
  • Area Code: '1' (for Vienna)
  • Local Number: '12345XXXXX'
  • So, you’ll dial: 011-43-1-XX-XXXX-XXXX or +43-1-XX-XXXX-XXXX.

Buy an Austria Virtual Phone Number on Calilio

As your premier VoIP service provider, Calilio is committed to ensuring effortless setup and smooth functionality, elevating your business communication within Austria. Secure an Austria virtual phone number from us today to expand your business's presence and improve your call capacity.

Easy Configuration

With Calilio, configuring your Austria virtual phone number is super easy. We guide you through the setup process seamlessly, ensuring a quick and hassle-free experience, allowing you to communicate with your Austrian contacts immediately.

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Broad Range

Calilio offers a variety of Austria phone numbers, enabling you to choose the ideal match for your business identity. Whether you require a local, mobile, or toll-free number, our extensive selection fulfills all your needs, allowing you to establish a strong presence in Austria.

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Affordable Plans

We recognize the significance of cost-effective solutions for your business. That's why our Austria virtual phone number plans are competitively priced, granting you access to premium VoIP services without exceeding your budget.

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High Quality Calls

Ensuring quality communication is our utmost priority. Calilio's Austria virtual numbers are backed by advanced technology, guaranteeing high-quality, crystal-clear calls consistently. Connect with your Austrian audience confidently, free from concerns about dropped calls or poor connectivity.

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24/7 Support

Our dedication to your success extends beyond offering top-notch Austria phone numbers. Calilio's expert support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or issues, ensuring uninterrupted service and optimal performance of your cloud phone system.

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