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Get a toll-free number from Calilio for your business and instantly enable your potential clients to connect with you for free! Increase your company's call volume with our range of toll-free prefixes (800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833).

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What is a Toll-Free Number?

A toll-free number, also known as an 800 number, is a phone number that allows your customers to call your business without being charged for the call. These numbers typically start with a specific three-digit code, also known as toll-free number prefixes, such as 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833.

Toll free business numbers are a popular choice among businesses because they provide a professional appearance and are easy for customers to remember.

Why Businesses Choose Toll-Free Numbers?

Getting a toll-free number can significantly enhance your customer service and make your business more accessible to customers nationwide.

Free Calls for Customers

With Calilio's toll-free numbers, businesses can receive incoming calls from callers within the country at no cost. Remove call charge barriers and encourage open communication.

National Presence

Enhanced Customer Service

Easy to Remember


How to Get a Toll-free Number?

Get a toll-free number from Calilio in just a few clicks.

Register for Calilio

Sign up for an account on Calilio, provide the necessary information, and confirm your email to set up your profile successfully.

Select a Toll-free Number

From the Navigation bar, go to Setting> My Number>Purchase Number and select your desired toll-free area code.

Purchase & Activate

Proceed to checkout with your preferred number. Once the payment is completed, your new toll free number will be activated instantly.

The Ultimate Solution for Toll-Free Numbers

Calilio offers customizable toll-free numbers, providing your business with worldwide accessibility and a professional appearance.

Expand Your Business Reach icon

Expand Your Business Reach

Get multiple toll-free numbers to broaden your business’ accessibility to different regions across the globe.
Efficient Call Management icon

Efficient Call Management

Our toll-free business numbers come with an efficient call-monitoring feature that lets you track all customer interactions.

Boost Your Brand Image

Enhance your brand’s professional image and increase your business credibility with our toll-free phone numbers.
Flexible Accessibility Icon

Flexible Accessibility

Our toll-free business phone numbers aren’t restricted to a specific device. You can access them from anywhere around the globe.

Toll-free Phone Number Portability in 100+ Countries

Grow your business reach globally with our number porting service, accessible in over 100 countries.

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Value-added Features

Our advanced VoIP services complement your toll-free number, adding significant value to your business operations.

Advanced Call Routing

Enjoy the flexibility of advanced call routing. Distribute incoming calls across your team efficiently, ensuring no customer call goes unanswered.

Voicemail to Email

Stay on top of every customer message with ease. We ensure you never miss a message by delivering voicemails straight to your email for convenient access and quick follow-ups.

Call Recording

Monitor customer interactions with our call recording feature. Improve service quality and gather valuable feedback for business growth.

Auto Attendant

Automate your call answering with IVR. Route callers to the appropriate department and ensure a seamless customer experience.

Already Have a Toll-Free Number?

Port your existing toll-free number to Calilio and ensure continuity in your business communication. The transition process is seamless and cost-free.

Toll-Free Business Phone Numbers for Marketing & Adversitng Campaigns

Toll-free business numbers are vital in strategic marketing and creating memorable customer experiences.

Vanity numbers

Vanity Numbers

A vanity toll-free number, often spelling out a word related to your business, increases brand recognition and can significantly boost your marketing efforts.

Customer feedback

Customer Feedback

Gather customer feedback effortlessly with business toll-free numbers and with key insights, understand customer needs better and improve your product or service.

Track marketing ROI

Track Marketing ROI

Use different toll-free business numbers for various marketing campaigns. Track the effectiveness of each campaign and calculate the return on investment accurately.

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Unlock Small Business Success with Toll-Free Area Codes

Upgrade your business communications with toll free area codes from Calilio. Enjoy seamless customer connections without the hassle of call charges. Take your customer experience to the next level today!

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