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Where Is Area Code 254?

Area code 254 is primarily located in Central Texas. This expansive area code spans over 24 counties and includes both urban and rural communities. The major cities within the 254 area code include Killeen, Waco, Temple, Belton, Robinson, Clifton, and Woodway. Killeen is the largest city in this area code, with over 150,000 population.

The diverse region of 254 area code operates in the Central Time Zone, which aligns business operations with major U.S. markets.






Fort Hood29, 589Eastland
Copperas Cove32,032Erath
Glen Rose2.444Somervell

History of 254 Area Code

The 254 area code was established on May 25, 1997. It was introduced as the split from the 817 area code to meet the need for more telephone numbers in Central Texas. The 817 area code was divided into 3 parts, creating the 254 and 940 area codes. Area code 254 took over the southern portion previously served by 817, covering major cities such as Killeen, Waco, Temple, and Belton. This change was crucial for supporting the growing population and the expanding business environment in the region.

Exploring 254 Area Code: Business Scenario and Outlook

Killeen, the central region in the 254 area code, ranks as one of the fastest-growing cities in the US as per the GoBankingRates report. There are plenty of opportunities for your business to succeed in this area. The major industries here include education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

The 254 area code is ideal for both startups and established businesses. The area's startup survival rate of 79.60% reflects a supportive environment for new ventures. Moreover, Killeen’s average household earning is significantly $62,332 per year. This indicates that the consumer here also has significant purchasing power, which your business can take advantage of.

254 Area Code Number As A Communication Tool for Business Growth

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Why Does Your Business Need a 254 Area Code Number?

Use the 254 area code number in your phone dialing code to signal that your business is dedicated to serving Killeen. As such, the local customers in Killeen trust you more and are encouraged to engage with your business.

Build Trust

Increase Call Answer Rates

Strengthen Professional Image

Gain Competitive Edge

Boost Marketing Efforts

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Most businesses choose Calilio for the virtual 254 number simply because we offer unmatched reliability and quality. With us, you’ll rarely have any connectivity issues. And, in case you encounter any issues, we offer you to call us at any time for quick resolution.


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Get your Killeen phone number exactly how you want. Customize the feature to meet your specific needs.


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