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A 214 area code number is your gateway to a key economic and cultural hub in Texas - Dallas. It’s an opportunity to connect to the vast customer base in the dynamic business environment of Texas.

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What Area Code is 214? Area Code 214 Location

The area code 214 is a significant part of Texas, primarily covering Dallas and its surrounding areas. Established as one of the original area codes in the United States, it symbolizes Dallas's bustling economy, rich culture, and vibrant community life. Businesses can use this area code to brand themselves as the local entity in this diverse business landscape. Fostering local connection, it facilitates seamless telephonic communication within and beyond Dallas. The major cities within the 214 area code include Dallas, McKinney, Richardson, Irving, Garland, Frisco, and Carrolton.

History of 214 Area Code

The 214 area code was introduced in 1947 as one of the original area codes in Texas. Initially, it served the entire northeastern quadrant of Texas, including Dallas. Over the decades, it underwent several splits to accommodate the growing demand for new phone numbers in the state. 


Despite these changes, 214 remained closely associated with Dallas. It reflects the city's historical significance and evolution into a bustling urban center.


Which Time Zone Does 214 Area Code Fall Under?

The 214 area code in Dallas falls within the Central Time Zone (CTZ). It observes Central Standard Time (CST) in the winter and switches to Central Daylight Time (CDT) in the summer. It is set at UTC- 6 during CST, meaning clocks are set 6 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), a global time standard. 


However, they move forward one hour to UTC-5 during the CDT. Businesses must adjust their schedules accordingly to sync their operations nationwide.

214 time zone

Benefits of a 214 Area Code for Businesses

Adopting a 214 area code number for Dallas businesses signifies your commitment to serving the local community. It enhances your professional image.

Reduced Communication Costs

Operational Flexibility in Dallas

National Reach, Local Feel

Optimized Marketing Strategies

Competitive Advantage

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 214?

Expand your business in Dallas with a virtual phone number with area code 214, following Calilio’s straightforward process designed for your convenience.

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Sign Up

Register your account on Calilio. Simply providing your basic details sets you up for an advanced communication tool for your Dallas business.

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Choose a VoIP Plan

Find the diverse range of VoIP plans on Calilio. Review the plans and select the one that suits your business.

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Head towards “My Numbers” from “Settings.” Tap on “Purchase Number.” Pick your desired virtual phone number with area code 214.

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Secure your selection following our safe payment process. Follow the prompt instructions to complete the transaction.

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Customize Settings

After purchase, personalize your new Dallas area code number settings to align with your business operations.

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Leverage Calilio’s number porting service to switch your existing 214 area code number to VoIP. Upgrade without losing your established identity.

Features of Virtual 214 Area Code Numbers

Access a suite of advanced call features on Calilio’s 214 area code numbers. These features are designed to streamline your internal workflows and enhance overall customer experience.

auto attendant icon


An auto-attendant acts as your business’s first point of contact. Gracefully guide callers to the right destination with efficiency.
call analytics icon

Call Analytics

With call analytics, you gain insights into the call data. It helps you to improve your communication strategy to connect more deeply with your customers.
multiple agent icon

Multiple Agents

You can share the same 214 area code number with multiple agents. It’s a great tool to distribute workload while ensuring to promptly answer every call.
custom greeting icon

Custom Greetings

Set the stage for memorable interactions. Custom greetings allow you to welcome every call with a touch of your brand’s personality.
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Voicemail to Email

Calilio’s Dallas virtual numbers deliver voicemail directly to your email. This way, you’ll never miss any important messages.

Set up a Unified Communication Platform with a 214 Area Code Number

A 214 area code number consolidates your communication tools - calls, messaging, video conferencing - into one system. It simplifies management, reduces response times, and enables smoother collaboration across your Dallas team.

Monthly pricing Annual pricing (save 20%)


Per user/per month

Basic plan

Billed annually
Ideal for solopreneurs, startups and small businesses venturing into affordable VoIP service.
  • User Limit: 10
  • Free 1 Local or Toll-free Number
    US, Canada or UK
  • Call Box Features
  • Call Recordings and Storage
  • Basic Realtime Dashboard


Per user/per month

Business plan

Billed annually
Leverage growing businesses and call centers with cost-effective VoIP solutions.
  • All Basic Plan Features
  • Unlimited Users
  • Advance Reporting
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  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Detailed Realtime Dashboard


Enterprise plan

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Comprehensive VoIP plan for unmatched communication solutions for large businesses and enterprises.
  • All Business Plan Features
  • Queue Call Back
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  • All Call Strategy Features
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Phone and WhatsApp Support

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Experience the superior call quality on Calilio’s 214 phone number. We ensure your Dallas connections are always clear, consistent, and reliable.

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Calilio simplifies your communication setup with an intuitive dashboard. It's easy to manage your Dallas business calls from anywhere, anytime.

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With Calilio, your Dallas virtual number activates swiftly after setup. We ensure you connect with your Dallas customers without any delay.

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Calilio’s support team is available 24/7. We stand by round the clock to ensure your Dallas business thrives without interruption.

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Calilio offers competitive pricing for Dallas area code numbers. Enjoy the premium quality and features without premium cost.

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Regular Updates

Calilio is always evolving. We regularly update and upgrade our features to always equip you with the latest VoIP technology.

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