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Where Is Area Code 817?

Area code 817 is located in Northern Texas, USA. The 817 area code covers more than 40 cities, including major cities like Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Flower Mound, and North Richland Hills.

Fort Worth is the most popular and crowded city within this area code, with a total population of 741,206 people, representing a diverse demography. In this region, 39% are white people, followed by Hispanic (34.3%) and African American (19.2%). The residents and businesses in Fort Worth follow the Central Time (CT) zone.




Fort Worth741,206


Grand Prairie175,396Dallas/ Tarrant/ Ellis 
Flower Mound64,669Denton
North Richland Hills63,343Tarrant 
Midlothian 18,037Ellis 
White Settlement16,116Tarrant

History of 817 Area Code

The 817 area was introduced in 1953 to serve the region from Abilene to the Texoma border in central Texas. It was created from the 915 area code, which initially covered these parts of Texas.

After its introduction, the 817 area code remained stable for the next 20 years. However, by the late 20th century, Fort Worth experienced rapid population growth, increasing the demand for more phone numbers. In 1997, the 817 area code was split to meet these needs for the new numbers. The northern part of Metroplex was assigned the new 940 area code, while the southern part was given the 254 area code. The 817 area code continued to serve the central part of Metroplex, including Fort Worth.

By 2000, the 817 area code again faced a shortage of numbers. The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) introduced the 682 area code as an overlay to address this issue. Today, both 817 and 682 area codes serve the same region, Fort Worth.

Exploring 817 Area Code: Business Scenario and Outlook

Fort Worth is known for its rich Western heritage with a great business environment. It is the home of startups and businesses in different sectors like technology, healthcare, and mining. Some successful and well-established companies in this area include American Airlines and Lockheed Martin, which highly contribute to the Fort Worth income.

Fort Worth has supportive government policies for the business. This supportive environment attracts more startups and businesses to establish their company in the city.

Another advantage for the startups in the 817 area code is the introduction of innovative programs like Techstars Accelerator. The program primarily focusses on supporting the startups with guidance and funding in Fort Worth. 

817 Area Code Number As A Communication Tool for Business Growth

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Allow multiple employees to use the same phone number to offer consistent connectivity for customers.

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Integrate your number with CRM tools (like Google Contact and Slack ) for efficient communication.

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Smartly route the call to the most suitable agent, providing a better customer experience.

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Auto Reply Strategy

Implement automated responses for off-hours to keep customers engaged 24/7.

Why Does Your Business Need an 817 Area Code Number?

An 817 area code shows that you are part of Fort Worth, which helps the local people to trust your business. It makes it easier to build a strong relationship with the customer and business within the area.

Local Presence


Cost Effective

Marketing Flexibility

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 817?

Getting a virtual Fort Worth area code number through Calilio is simple. Simply sign up for a free account, select your desired number, and complete the payment process to secure your number.

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Customize Settings

After activation, access and customize the features of your new number according to your business requirements.

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