What is FCR? Tips to Improve First Call Resolution

What is FCR?

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First-call resolution (FCR) is key to making customers happy and making your work more efficient. It’s about solving a customer’s problem during their first call and preventing them from calling back. Improving FCR rates boosts customer satisfaction and saves time and resources for successful customer service.

What is FCR?

FCR, or First Call Resolution, is a crucial customer service metric that measures how effectively a company’s customer service agents address a customer's needs during their initial contact. 


It ensures customers do not have to make repeated calls to resolve the same issue, enhancing customer satisfaction. FCR is a key part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and is essential for efficient call center operations.

Purpose of FCR

FCR aims to resolve customer issues or inquiries during their initial contact, ensuring swift and efficient problem resolution.

It aims to solve a customer’s problem right when they first contact a company, like in one phone call or chat, leading to increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Why is First Call Resolution Important?

First-call resolution is important because it affects a customer’s perception of a company’s efficiency in addressing their needs. If the customer is satisfied with the customer service, they will stay loyal to the brand.

Customer Satisfaction

First-call resolution significantly impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty. Addressing problems promptly and effectively makes customers satisfied with the service received and loyal to the company.

According to the 2018 State of Global Customer Service Report survey, 95% of people consider customer service crucial when deciding which brand to choose and stay loyal to. Surprisingly, 61% of those surveyed changed brands because of unsatisfactory customer service.

Time Saving

Resolving issues on the first call saves time for both customers and agents. Customers do not have to make repeated calls or follow-ups, and agents can focus on helping more customers rather than dealing with callbacks.

Improved Operational Efficiency

First-call resolution reduces costs associated with multiple interactions, enhancing operational efficiency. Demonstrating efficiency, responsiveness, and a customer-centric approach also helps you build a brand image.

How to Measure First Call Resolution? FCR Formula

To measure first call resolution, divide the number of issues resolved by the total number of inquiries or issues received. Multiply the total by 100 to get the FCR rate.

FCR = (Number of Cases Resolved on First Call ÷ Total Number of Cases Handled) × 100.

The calculation provides a percentage representing the proportion of cases resolved without the need for follow-up contacts. Additionally, customer surveys or feedback can supplement quantitative data to gauge their perception of FCR effectiveness.

What is the Industry Standard for First Call Resolution?

The FCR rate shows how often customers need to call a company again for the same issue. If 30% of customers have to make another call, the FCR rate is low. If a call center’s FCR rate is below 70%, it should work on improving it.

Benchmark examples show that different industries have varying FCR rates, with retail leading at 78% and tech support having one of the lowest rates at 65%.

The main challenges in achieving a good FCR rate involve technology issues like complex IVR menus, long hold times, insufficient information, high agent turnover, and lack of agent authority.

Tips and Best Practices to Improve First Call Resolution

The best practice to improve First Call Resolution involves empowering agents with the right tools and information and encouraging active listening to understand customer needs. These contribute to cost savings, increased efficiency, and better overall customer service.


1. Understand Customers Issue

Understand the importance of FCR as an important metric for customer service effectiveness and cost reduction. Then understand their issue to seek clarification to ensure you grasp the problem accurately.


2. Empower Your Agents

Provide your agents with thorough product knowledge and guide them to self-service options. Ensure they understand effective communication skills during interactions, which is crucial for boosting FCR rates. It allows agents the autonomy to make decisions that resolve issues promptly.


3. Implement Efficient Processes 

Implementing strategies like tracking repeat call reasons, developing action plans based on data analysis, and focusing on high-frequency repeat contact reasons can improve material. It provides agents with a centralized knowledge base for quick access to solutions.


4. Monitor and Improve 

Giving agents the authority to solve more issues independently can quickly improve their ability to resolve customer concerns on the first call. Track FCR rates and analyze reasons for unsuccessful resolutions using performance metrics. You should also gather feedback from customers to identify areas for improvement.


5. Continuous Improvement 

One way to improve FCR is to conduct regular training sessions to update agents on new products or services. It can be used for customers’ feedback to clarify processes and enhance service quality.


First Call Resolution (FCR) enhances customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Resolving issues on the first contact builds stronger customer relationships and promotes loyalty. As businesses grow and customers expect more, getting FCR right becomes more important.


Continuous learning and feedback allow businesses to address customer needs more effectively right from the first interaction, ultimately improving the FCR rate. Calilio provides robust features facilitating FCR, including detailed call analytics and advanced call routing. Our call center software empowers you to deliver exceptional customer service on the first call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are FCR services calling me?

FCR services may call you to address your needs to resolve your concerns efficiently. This improves customer experience, operational efficiency, and overall service quality across various communication channels.

What does the first call resolution measure?

FCR measures a business's ability to solve a customer's issue, question, or need during their initial contact without requiring follow-up. It gauges how efficiently customer service agents address concerns on the first call.

What impacts first call resolution?

Agent training, staffing levels, call routing efficiency, response time, active listening, appropriate responses, and the use of knowledge bases are factors that impact first call resolution.

Why is it important to resolve customer issues within first contact?

Resolving customer issues within the first contact reduces the need for follow-up calls, saves time for both customers and agents, and positively reflects on the company's efficiency and service quality.

What causes low FCR?

Various factors can cause low FCR, such as lack of agent training, ineffective call routing systems, poor communication, high agent turnover, and insufficient management commitment.

How to increase the FCR rate?

To increase the FCR rate, businesses can focus on key strategies like enhancing agent training, empowering agents with resources and autonomy, improving internal communication, optimizing content accessibility, and monitoring performance to consistently and effectively address customer needs on the first call.

What does FCR stand for in a call center?

FCR in a call center stands for First Call Resolution or First Contact Resolution. It measures the ability of customer service agents to resolve customer issues, questions, or needs without requiring follow-up, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

What is the difference between first level resolution and first call resolution?

First-level resolution (FLR) measures a service desk's ability to resolve tickets at the initial level of support, regardless of the number of contacts needed. In contrast, First Call Resolution (FCR) focuses on resolving customer issues during the first interaction.

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