Call Queue

Enhance your customer service efficiency with Calilio. Our call queue system streamlines call management and reduces wait times for a better customer experience.

reduced call wait time with call queue features

What is a Call Queue?

A call queue is an advanced telephony feature that organizes incoming calls in a line, waiting for the next available agent to answer. It is designed to manage high call volumes efficiently, ensuring each caller is attended to systematically.

people on call queue

How Does a Call Queue Work?

A call queue lines up incoming calls in a predetermined order, waiting for the next agent to become available. It streamlines call handling, especially during peak hours. Steps in call queuing involve:

1. Incoming Call: The caller dials and enters the queue.

2. Queue Order: Callers are ordered based on the queue configuration (e.g., first-come-first-serve).

3. Hold Experience: Pre-recorded messages or music play while callers wait.

4. Status Updates: The system periodically updates callers on their queue status.

5. Call Allocation: Calls are directed to available agents based on queue logic.

6. Alternative Options: If no agent is available, callers may be given the option to leave a voicemail or callback request.

working of call queue

How Call Queuing Benefits Businesses?

Implementing call queuing in businesses enhances operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, streamlining the call handling process.

Reduces Customer Waiting Times

Call queuing efficiently manages call flow, significantly reducing the time customers spend waiting on the line, leading to a smoother experience.

Lower Agent Burnout

Caller Prioritization

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Lowers Abandonment Rates

Features for Call Queuing on Calilio

Various communication features complement call queuing on Calilio, enhancing caller experience and call management.

Queue Callbacks

Queue Callbacks on Calilio allow customers to request a callback instead of waiting on hold, improving their experience and reducing wait times.

Custom Queue Greeting

Personalize the waiting experience with custom queue greetings. It offers information or reassurance to callers as they wait.

Create VIP Queues

Create VIP Queues to prioritize important calls and ensure high-priority customers receive prompt attention.

Call Blocking

Easily block unwanted numbers with the call-blocking feature and keep your line clear for relevant and important communications.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Integrate IVR to provide callers with self-service options while in the queue, improving efficiency and call distribution.

Do Not Disturb

Activate ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to silence calls during meetings or important tasks, allowing you to focus without interruptions.