Masking Your Phone Number with a Temporary Number

A call masking feature designed to protect your privacy and enhance security. Mask your actual number with a random phone number you want to display on the recipient’s phone.

  • Use temporary numbers that can be changed or deactivated anytime.
  • Meet legal standards and secure data against breaches.

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Enhance Privacy with Call Masking

Keep personal phone numbers private during business interactions. Call masking protects customer data and maintains confidentiality.

Enhancing Customer Trust and Compliance

Call masking complies with stringent data protection regulations and builds lasting trust.

  • Adhere to privacy laws and regulations that require protecting personal information.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to your customers’ personal phone numbers.

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Real-Time Management of Masked Calls

Calilio provides robust tools and dashboards that allow businesses to monitor and manage masked calls in real-time. Easily adjust masking settings or reroute calls to improve responsiveness and customer service.

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Getting Started with Call Masking

Simply sign up with Calilio and set up your numbers for call masking. We ensure your call masking is optimized for your business needs.

Masking Your Phone Number is Straightforward with Calilio

Calilio masks your phone number in three simple steps.

step one

Number Allocation

Calilio assigns a temporary number that masks your contact details.

step two

Call Process

Calls go through the temporary numbers, hiding your number.

step three

Number Deactivation

The temporary number is either safely deactivated or reassigned.

Maintain Professionalism with Business Number Masking

Mask your personal number with your business number when making calls. It protects your personal information and enhances the professionalism of your interactions.

  • Keep your number private while ensuring all business communications display your professional business number.
  • Present a unified business identity on all outbound calls, reinforcing brand recognition and trust.
  • Using a business number for all external communications builds the professional image of your organization.

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Customizing Your Call Masking Experience

Choosing specific conditions under which numbers are masked or how long temporary numbers remain active.

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