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Modernize Your Staffing Process with VoIP for Recruiters

Rebuild your staffing strategy and improve candidate engagement with VoIP for recruiters. Set up a phone system for a recruitment firm to improve staffing.

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What is VoIP for Recruiters?

VoIP for Recruiters digitizes phone communications, allowing recruiting and staffing organizations to manage calls more easily and efficiently. It provides flexibility, scalability, and a set of features designed to meet the changing needs of the recruitment market.

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How Does the Recruiting Firm Phone System Work?

The recruiting firm's phone system operates on Internet protocol, replacing traditional telephony with a more flexible, cost-effective solution. It allows recruiters to make and receive calls from anywhere, using any internet-connected device, ensuring they never miss a vital connection with candidates or clients.

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Why Do Recruiting and Staffing Agencies Need a Cloud-Based Phone System?

The cloud telephony system assists recruiting firms in adapting to changing technology and elevating their staffing levels.

Remote Availability

A cloud-based system ensures recruiters can work from anywhere, providing the ability to connect with candidates and clients without being tied to an office.

Global Talent Accessibility

Organizes Information

Saves Time and Cost

Enhanced Candidate Engagement

Major Beneficiaries of VoIP for Recruiters

The recruiting firm phone system benefits all stakeholders in the recruitment process by enhancing communication, efficiency, and overall effectiveness.

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Candidates enjoy clearer communication and more accessible interactions. VoIP technology makes the application process smoother and more engaging.
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Hiring Managers

VoIP solutions for staffing agencies assist hiring managers in receiving timely updates of applicants. It provides easy access to candidate information speeding up the hiring process.
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Recruiters benefit from the efficiency of managing calls and data in one place. It improves their ability to connect with the right talent quickly.
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Talent Acquisition Professionals

Professionals responsible for the acquisition of talents leverage the advanced features of VoIP to strategize and execute recruitment campaigns more effectively, enhancing their talent acquisition efforts.

Getting VoIP Phone System for Recruiting Firms and Job Portals

Setting up a VoIP phone system revolutionizes how recruiting firms and job portals connect with talent and clients, enhancing communication efficiency.


Sign up

Start by signing up with Calilio. It's a simple process to commence communication solutions for your recruitment firm.


Choose a Service Plan

Select the perfect VoIP service plan that matches your recruiting firm's size, call volume, and specific needs, with Calilio offering a variety of options.


Purchase/Port Number

Acquire a new virtual number or effortlessly port your existing number to maintain your established communication channels with Calilio.


Assign Numbers

Distribute numbers strategically within your team or departments to streamline call management and enhance the recruitment process's efficiency.


Customize Settings

Tailor your VoIP system's settings to fit the unique requirements of your recruitment activities, optimizing call flows, and improving candidate engagement.

Port Your Existing Number Seamlessly With Calilio

Switch your current phone system to Calilio's cloud-based VoIP seamlessly. Enjoy uninterrupted service and access to powerful recruitment communication tools.

Our VoIP Features That Favor Recruiters and Staffing Agencies

Calilio's VoIP features are specifically developed to meet the changing needs of recruiters and staffing agencies by simplifying workflows.

Calling and SMS

Enable simplified communication with candidates and clients through integrated calling and SMS features, ensuring timely and effective interactions.

Call Reminders

Automate call reminders for interviews and meetings, reducing no-shows and keeping both candidates and recruiters on schedule.

Conference Calls

Facilitate multi-party discussions with ease, allowing team meetings, candidate interviews, and client consultations to happen anywhere, anytime.

Call Recording

Record calls for quality assurance, training, or legal compliance, ensuring you always have a record of important conversations.

Call Routing

Direct incoming calls intelligently to the right recruiter or department, minimizing wait times and improving caller experience.

Web and Mobile App

Access your VoIP features on the go with our web and mobile app, offering recruiters the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Call Notes and Tags

Keep detailed notes and tags on calls to efficiently track interactions, follow-ups, and important candidate information.

Auto-Reply Strategy

Implement auto-reply messages for common inquiries, ensuring candidates receive immediate responses even when recruiters are unavailable.

Queue Call Back

Empower candidates with the option for queue call back during peak times, eliminating long wait periods on the phone

Why Choose Calilio?

Industry-leading recruitment firms chooses Calilio for its innovative approach to recruitment communication, offering solutions that modernize the job portal hiring process.

Unified Communication Solutions

Calilio provides a suite of unified communication solutions, integrating voice, video, SMS, and email into a single platform for seamless recruiter and candidate interactions.

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Easy Set Up

Setting up with Calilio is simple, allowing your recruitment agency to swiftly use and benefit from advanced VoIP features without any technical difficulties.

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Cloud-Based Scalability

Leverage Calilio's cloud infrastructure for scalable VoIP solutions that grow with your recruitment business. Easily adjust plans to accommodate fluctuating call volumes and expanding team sizes

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Comprehensive Compliance Solutions

Recognizing the importance of compliance in the recruitment industry, Calilio is designed to meet international standards and regulations, which are crucial for firms handling sensitive candidate information

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