VoIP Call Recording to Analyze Customer Interactions

Capture and review all your business calls effortlessly. Enhance training, ensure compliance, and gain valuable insights with VoIP call recording on Calilio.

  • Automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Securely store recordings in the cloud for easy access.
  • Playback recordings with adjustable speed controls.
  • Transcribe call recordings for detailed analysis and reference.

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Store and Access Recordings Securely

Store your call recordings securely with Calilio. Easily access and review recordings anytime, ensuring data safety and compliance.

Playback and Control Your Call Recordings

Easily playback your call recordings directly from your callbox. You can also adjust the playback speed to review calls more efficiently.

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Analyze Calls for Better Insights

Gain valuable insights from your VoIP call recordings to make informed decisions and improve your business operations.

  • Identify common customer issues and concerns.
  • Track the effectiveness of sales pitches and techniques.

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Integrating Call Recordings with AI for Call Reports

Our VoIP call recordings are integrated with AI to quickly analyze customer interactions for improved business communications. Get your tedious tasks automated with AI-powered call reports.

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Call Transcription

Automatically transcribe recorded calls for detailed analysis.

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Call Summary

AI-generated call summaries to quickly review customer interactions.

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Overall Sentiment

Use sentiment analysis to understand customer emotions.

Ensure Compliance with Industry Standards

Maintain compliance with industry regulations by recording all calls. VoIP call recording helps you meet legal requirements effortlessly.

  • Archive calls for legal and regulatory audits.
  • Document customer consent and disclosures.
  • Protect your business with verifiable call records.
  • Ensure transparency and accountability.

ensure compliance with industry standards

Calilio Made VoIP Call Recordings Easy

Calilio simplifies VoIP call recordings with AI integration and user-friendly features. Record, store, and analyze calls effortlessly.

Explore More Features

Call Transcription

Convert recorded calls into text for easy analysis and reference. Capture every detail of the conversation.

Call Monitoring

Monitor calls live to ensure quality and compliance. Immediate insights into ongoing interactions.

Call Monitoring

AI-powered Call Reports

Generate detailed reports with transcriptions, sentiment analysis, and summaries using AI.

ai powered call reports

Call Sentiment Analysis

Analyze the sentiment of recorded calls to understand customer emotions and improve service quality.

call sentiment analysis

Call Tags/Call Notes

Add tags and notes to recorded calls to categorize and highlight important information for future reference.

call tags and call note

Call Analytics

Analyze call data to identify trends, measure performance, and gain actionable insights from your recorded calls.

Call Analytics

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Help your Business Safeguard Conversation with Calilio Call Recording

Capture every detail of your calls with Calilio and make sure nothing crucial is ever missed.

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