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In the modern world, having an alternate phone number has become necessary for personal and professional uses. It helps you manage multiple businesses without revealing your mobile number.

VoIP service providers like Calilio offer you to get an alternate phone number online. You can get multiple alternate numbers based on your business and requirements. 

What is an Alternate Phone Number?

An alternate phone number is a second number you use for different purposes rather than personal calls. It offers a similar purpose to your personal number but has a slightly different use case. These numbers are used where you won’t want to reveal your primary phone number.

For instance, you are surfing the internet and find a site offering exciting services. The website might require a mobile number for registration. In such cases, you can use an alternate phone number to safeguard your primary number.

Types of Alternate Phone Numbers

You can use any type of mobile number as your alternate phone number. It can be your traditional phone, mobile, or VoIP numbers.

Mobile Number

This is the most familiar type of number associated with physical SIM cards and used in cell phones. Your device needs to have the SIM slot to use this number. It allows you to make and receive calls and texts over a cellular network.

Landline Number (Traditional Number)

A landline number, also called a traditional number, is connected through copper wires on fiber optics cable to communicate. This type of number is fixed to a place like an office or home. They are known for their reliable call quality but lack the mobility of devices.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Number

VoIP numbers function over the internet to make calls. It can be used by any of your internet-connected devices like your smartphones, laptops, and desktops. It offers flexibility and is more cost-effective than traditional options. This makes it a great choice for businesses to use it as their alternate numbers.

When to Use an Alternate Phone Number?

There are several scenarios where alternate phone numbers can be used. You can use it for your professional and business use or to make a temporary contact.

  1. Professional Uses
    You can use the alternate phone numbers for your professional or business use. In this way you can keep your primary number separate while also maintaining the professional image for your business or brands.
  2. Online Verification
    Use the dedicated number to verify the online services and software. This way, you can strengthen the security of your account or software.
  3. Temporary Use
    Utilize alternate numbers for temporary use. For instance, you can use an alternate phone number to sell your products or services online.

What are the Benefits of an Alternate Phone Number?

  1. Privacy
    Alternate mobile number providers give you more privacy. It helps you to separate your personal and business life. Also, you can use the alternate phone numbers for internet activities, keeping your primary phone number private.
  2. Increased Control
    An alternate phone number provides you with more control over your communication. You can separate different calls to different numbers. This way, you can prioritize which calls to take and when.
  3. Expand Your Global Reach
    You can use a virtual alternate phone number to expand your business reach in different parts of the world while operating from your home country. It allows you to connect with customers and contacts worldwide.
  4. Additional Features
    Choosing VoIP for your alternate numbers also provides you with different business communication features. Some exceptional features include call transcription, AI call summarizer, and voicemail-to-email service.

How to Get an Alternate Phone Number?

Getting an alternate phone number has become simpler since the introduction of virtual numbers. You can easily get them online through the VoIP service providers. Here’s how to get one:

  1. Select a Reputable Provider
    Research and compare the different providers before selecting one. Select reliable providers that offer a wide range of features at competitive prices.
  2. Pick a Perfect Plan
    Go through the available plans of your selected providers and choose one that perfectly aligns with your business requirements and needs.
  3. Choose Your Preferred Number
    Select your preferred number from the available options. Choose an easy-to-remember number that is relevant to your business location.
  4. Complete the Payment
    Once you have chosen your plans and number, make the payment for the activations of your number.
  5. Test and Verify Functionality
    After activation, test your new alternate numbers’ features, call quality, and functionality.

Pro Tips to Select the Best Alternate Number

  1. Consider Your Needs
    Identify why you actually need an alternate number. Select the types of numbers and providers that match your requirements.
  2. Select the Best Provider
    There are many alternate mobile number providers in the market. Select the best and most reputed providers.
  3. Look for the Area Code
    Before picking an alternate number for business, look for the area code of your number. Choose a phone number with an area code of your business target. 
  4. Check User Interface
    Select the providers that provide with the ease of use. A simple user interface allows you to manage your phone number effectively.

Why Calilio is Best for an Alternate Number?

Calilio is considered the best alternate number provider for its advanced features and affordable pricing structure. It offers advanced business communication features like an AI call summarizer, AI sentiment analysis, call masking, queue-call back, and many more in your alternate number at a reasonable price. Whether you’re a startup or an already established business, Calilio offers different plans and pricing, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. Contact us to get feature-rich alternate phone numbers today. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between primary and alternate phone numbers?

The primary number is your personal point of contact, while the alternate phone numbers can be used for secondary purposes, such as business and online services.

How do I create an alternative phone number?

You can create an alternate phone number by purchasing the virtual phone number from Calilio. The process is simple: just sign up, pick your plan and number, and purchase online. 

Can I get an alternate phone number for free?

Yes, different VoIP service providers may offer an alternate phone number for free. However, they often come with limited features.

Can I use the alternate phone number to verify OTP?

You can easily receive your OTP code on your alternate phone number. This way, you can verify for any online services without revealing your primary number.

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