What is Call Pop & How Does It Work?

What is call pop and how does it work

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While businesses nowadays emphasize providing excellent customer service to their core customers, they are constantly seeking new ways to improve their customer support and service quality.

Khoros stated, "During the 2023 survey, 83% of customers agree that they feel more loyal to brands that respond and resolve their complaints."

Customer service representatives at large firms often need help managing every incoming call, and it is impractical to remember the details of every past client, including their names and issues, based solely on their phone numbers.

A function called Call Pop assists in solving nearly every issue that arises in the customer service sector. It is an interactive element that helps customer service go more smoothly and efficiently.

What is Call Pop?

Call pop, also known as screen pop or call popping, is an advanced VoIP feature that displays the caller's information on the agent's screen.

Call pop displays the callers' names, personal information, company names, account statuses, overdue dates, previous interactions, etc.

Customers nowadays expect to get their issues resolved quickly and effectively. Also, they are not ready to compromise on their services, which may lead to decreased customer retention. 

A call pop feature allows agents to become familiar with the caller's background information before engaging in conversation. This saves agents time and improves customer service.

Why Do Companies Need Call Pop?

For a business to gradually develop, companies must provide more than just quality core services. Customer service, communication, and consulting play an equal role in the upliftment of business by offering reviews, tackling errors, and resolving other issues.

TCN Consumer Survey reveals that 73% of Americans are likely to abandon a brand after just one poor customer service experience. A call pop can help businesses avoid such situations since the company can determine the essential information before accepting your call.

Furthermore, call pop helps you maintain healthy relationships with clients and increase customer satisfaction by quickly solving the customer's issues.

How Does Call Pop Work?

The call pop operating mechanism initially obtains the caller's information from the database or CRM system to identify customers.

An agent's screen displays the caller's personal information after the caller has been identified. All the major operating factors of call pop are explained below.

Incoming caller identification

When a client calls a company, the system identifies the caller by tracking the phone numbers. It analyses the information the user provides to the IVR system.

Data retrieval from CRM

The system retrieves customer information from the CRM or database, including the caller's name, contact details, past interactions, and overdue dates.

Automatic call pop display

When the caller's information is retrieved, the system automatically displays it. This enables the representative to quickly understand their client's needs and provide tailored solutions.

How to enable Call Pop in your Business phone number?

Adding Call Pop to your business phone number lets you personalize and streamline every call, thus improving customer service. 

Select a Telephony System

Select a business phone service provider or telephony system that offers advanced features like call routing, call pop, call whispering, etc.

Check Integration Options

Ensure your chosen service providers integrate with your CRM platforms and customer databases.

Integrate your systems

Once you have chosen your business phone provider, you must integrate it with your CRM system. Your telephony system and CRM integration are configured this way to exchange data.

Enable the Call Pop feature

After integrating the systems, enable call pop features in your telephony system's settings.

Customize Call Pop settings

Configure the call pop settings according to your business requirements. Customize calls and other features by determining what information you may need from your client's side.

Test Functionality

Once the call pop feature is enabled and configured, check whether the features are working correctly or not. Conduct test calls to your business phone number and see if the call pop features display accurate real-time information.

Train Your Team

After performing the test, train your team members to use the call pop features effectively. Educate them on how to interpret the call information in the system and ensure they have proper knowledge of the information displayed on the screen.

Benefits of Call Popping

Call-pop enhances customer experiences by providing real-time customer information. It is a time-effective, reliable feature for call-handling businesses. Some of the other benefits of call popping are explained below.

1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Call popping enables agents to access the caller's information instantly, allowing them to provide more tailored assistance by personalizing the interaction.

2. Increased Efficiency

Call popping is a time-efficient approach for agents as all the customer's essential information is already displayed on the real-time screen. Call pop reduces call handling time and boosts operational efficiency.

3. Improved Productivity

Call popping helps boost agents' products and enables them to handle more calls effectively within the same timeframe. The agent shouldn't have to authenticate the client's identity manually; they can directly focus on the issue and tackle the problems accordingly.

4. Better Call Routing

Call Pop improves call routing by quickly providing key caller details, allowing agents to efficiently direct calls to the right department, enhancing customer satisfaction, and reducing wait times.

5. Real-time Data Access

Call Pop displays real-time customer data like past interactions and purchase history when a call is received, enabling agents to make informed decisions and improve response effectiveness quickly.

6. Seamless Integration with CRM Systems

Call popping seamlessly integrates with existing CRM systems or databases. This feature helps to keep clients' real-time information, simplify data management, and ensure consistency across customer interactions.


In conclusion, call popping is crucial in enhancing customer service efficiency. This feature, offered by VoIP providers, allows agents to access caller details instantly, leading to reduced handling time and improved operational efficiency. 

The benefits extend beyond smoother operations; call popping strengthens customer relationships, boosts productivity, and simplifies data management. Ultimately, it is an indispensable tool for businesses striving to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the information in Call POP?

Call Pop provides all the personal and genuine information supplied by the caller. Other than that, the service provider determines the information that should be displayed. So, all the information present in Call Pop is accurate.

What if a user has more than one phone number?

As long as the phone number is tied to their account, it doesn't matter if a user has more than one phone number.

What is a screen pop?

Screen pop is a VoIP call feature that pops up and displays the caller's essential information on the screen before taking a call.

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