Automatic Call Distribution

Optimize Call Efficiency with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Efficiently route calls to the appropriate agents with automatic call distribution (ACD). Maximizing efficiency for reduced wait times and improved customer satisfaction.


  • Automatically route incoming calls to optimize agent workload.
  • Direct calls to qualified agents to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Increase operational efficiency with intelligent call queuing and distribution.

ACD working mechanism

Dynamic Call Routing For Increased FCR Rate

Match customers with the right expertise and increase your FCR (First Contact Resolution) rate. Directing calls to the correct agent lowers the need to transfer calls.

ACD Beyond Traditional Call Distribution

Calilio’s ACD solution enhances operational efficiency through analytics and real-time reporting. Make informed decisions with detailed insights.


  • Distribute calls among available agents to optimize workload and prevent burnout.
  • Allocate or redirect resources based on real-time call volume and agent availability.
  • Gain insights into call patterns, agent performance, and customer satisfaction metrics.

A girl making a call to a boy using acd system

Optimize Call Flow with Smart Routing

The Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) of our ACD system intelligently routes the calls to the appropriate agents based on predefined rules and conditions.


  • Skill-Based Routing: Direct calls to agents based on specific skills for better resolution.
  • Priority Call Handling: Ensure high-priority or VIP calls are answered faster.
  • Queue Management: Manage call queues efficiently to avoid caller frustration.

ACD helps optimizing call flow

Combining ACD with IVR

Combine ACD with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for better call management and improved customer interactions. Allows callers to self-serve and be routed based on their responses.


  • Enable callers to resolve simple inquiries through automated responses.
  • Utilize caller inputs from IVR to direct calls to the right agent or department.
  • Automatie initial caller interactions for reduced call handling times and increased throughput.

acd and avr dashboard
ACD integration with existing tools

Integrating ACD with Your Existing Business Tools

Integrate ACD into your existing business tools for a unified approach to customer communications. Connect ACD data to CRM for a comprehensive overview of customer interactions.

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