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Elevate your call management with the call park feature. Call parking on Calilio seamlessly holds and retrieves calls across different devices. Perfect for maintaining business flow.

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What is Call Park

Call Park is a telephony feature that allows users to put a call on hold at one telephone set and continue the conversation from any other set. It’s a critical tool for businesses to manage calls more dynamically, offering a seamless way to handle incoming calls without confining them to a single phone.


How Does the Call Park Feature Work?

Call park temporarily suspends a call that can be resumed on any phone within the system. The process is straightforward yet effective.


1. Park the Call: When on a call, the user can place it in a “parked” status, freeing up their line.

2. Notification: The phone system assigns this parked call a unique extension or number.

3. Retrieve the Call: Any user within the network can dial this extension from another phone set to resume the conversation.

4. Timeout: If not retrieved within a certain period, the call returns to the original user or gets redirected per the configured settings.


How Does Call Parking Benefit Call Handling?

Call parking enhances call handling efficiency and customer service, offering a streamlined communication process.

More Efficient than Call Holds

Call parking is more efficient than traditional call holds, as it frees up lines for other calls while retrieving the original call.

Reduced Wait Times

Minimal Voicemail Dead Ends

Enhanced Flexibility

Improved Customer Service

Features Favoring Call Parking on Calilio

A range of unique features enhances call parking on Calilio, ensuring smooth call management and superior customer handling.

Advanced Call Routing

Advanced call routing on Calilio intelligently directs parked calls to the most suitable agents, enhancing response efficiency.

VIP Parking Space

Calilio offers a VIP parking space feature, ensuring priority calls are given immediate attention and quickly handled by top-tier agents.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Integrate Do Not Disturb Mode to prevent certain parked calls from interrupting important tasks, allowing for better time management.

Call Filters

Call filters allow prioritization and organization of parked calls and ensure critical calls are attended to first.

Call History for Parked Calls

Access detailed call history for parked calls, offering insights into call patterns and durations for better management strategies.

Queue Callbacks

Queue callbacks in call parking notify customers of their queue status. It reduces wait times and improves the overall call experience.

Choosing Calilio for Call Parking

Choose Calilio for seamless call parking solutions. Our office phone system is designed to enhance communication and workflow efficiency in any business setting.

User-friendly Interface

Calilio’s interface is intuitively designed, making call parks and call management straightforward and user-friendly for all levels of technical skill.

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Compatible with Diverse Business Industry

The versatile system ensures compatibility across various industries, making Calilio a universal choice for diverse business call parking needs.

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Secure Call Parking Solutions

Calilio prioritizes security in its call parking solutions. We safeguard confidential conversations and maintain high standards of data protection.

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Advanced Call Management Features

Alongside call parks, Calilio provides various advanced call management features designed to streamline your telecommunication processes.

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Dedicated Support and Customization

Calilio offers dedicated support and customization options, ensuring your call parking setup is tailored perfectly to meet your business needs.

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