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Manage your calls smartly on Calilio. Our call screening feature ensures every call you receive is relevant and valuable to your business.

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What is Call Screening?

Call screening is a telecommunication feature that allows you to see who is calling before answering. It helps you filter important calls, identify unknown numbers, and decide how to handle each call based on the caller’s identity.

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How Does Call Screening Work?

Call screening in a business phone system identifies and manages incoming calls using a series of steps to ensure only relevant calls reach you. 
1. Receive the Call: The process starts when you receive a call. The call screening system instantly kicks in, working to identify the caller.

2. Identify the Caller’s Name: The system then uses stored contact information or caller ID services to identify the caller’s name (CNAM) from the incoming number.

3. Prompt for the Caller’s Name: If the caller isn’t identified, the system can prompt them to state their name, providing clarity on who is trying to reach you.

4. Identify Spam Status: Call screening assesses if the incoming call is potentially spam. It helps you avoid unwanted or nuisance calls.

5. Automated Action: Based on the caller’s information and potential spam status, the system can take automated actions like blocking the call or sending it to voicemail.

6. Forward Call to a Live Agent: If the call is important, but you’re unavailable, the system can forward it to a live agent or another designated number.

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Benefits of Call Screening

Call screening streamlines communication, filtering calls for relevance and urgency, enhancing productivity and focus.

No Need for Caller-identification Apps

With built-in call screening, external caller ID apps become redundant, It simplifies your communication setup in one integrated system.

Accept or Reject Calls Immediately

Avoid Spam Calls or Robocalls

Improves Customer Service

Security and Privacy

Features That Come Along With Call Screening

A range of features complements call screening on Calilio, optimizing call management for enhanced user experience.

Call Routing

Call routing allows seamless redirection of calls based on pre-set rules. It ensures the appropriate person or department always handles the calls.

Call Forwarding

Effortlessly forward calls to another number or device, ensuring no important call is missed, even when you’re away from your primary phone.


The VIP (Very Important Person) feature lets you prioritize calls from designated important contacts. It ensures immediate attention to key clients or contacts.

Call Blocking

Easily block unwanted numbers with the call-blocking feature and keep your line clear for relevant and important communications.

Call History

Access detailed call history logs to review past calls and provide insights into your call patterns and frequent contacts.

Do Not Disturb

Activate ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to silence calls during meetings or important tasks, allowing you to focus without interruptions.

Choose Calilio For Call Screening

Choosing Calilio for call screening is an efficient approach to managing your business calls, ensuring every conversation counts.

Advanced Filtering Techniques

Our call screening uses advanced filtering techniques to distinguish between crucial business calls and potential spam, optimizing your call management strategy.


Customizable Settings

Tailor your call screening preferences with Calilio, setting specific criteria to suit your unique business needs and ensuring maximum efficiency.


Seamless Integration

Integrate Calilio with your existing business systems and utilize its call screening for a smooth and uninterrupted communication flow.


Real-time Management

Manage your calls in real-time with Calilio, providing immediate responses to critical calls while filtering out less urgent ones effectively.


Comprehensive Analytics

Call screening on Calilio comes with comprehensive analytics, offering insights into call patterns. It helps you make informed decisions about customer engagement and time management.


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Enhance Business Communication with Calilio’s Call Screening

Discover the efficiency of call screening on Calilio - your solution for smarter call management and enhanced productivity.

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