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Easily gather valuable agent feedback through Calilio's member rating feature. Get insight into your agent's ratings to improve team performance and service improvement.

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What is the VoIP Member Rating Feature?

The VoIP Member Rating feature in Calilio allows customers to rate their interaction with service agents. It collects immediate feedback post-call, helping businesses gauge the quality of customer service. Member rating transforms subjective experiences into actionable data, enhancing service delivery.

customer support rated 5 stars despite with the huge number difference of calls

How does the Member Rating Feature in VoIP work?

In Calilio's VoIP system, the agent rating feature prompts customers to rate their call experience using a simple scale immediately after the conversation ends. Ratings are then automatically logged and made accessible to supervisors and management for review. It provides real-time insights into agent performance, facilitating quick adjustments and recognition of exemplary service.

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Why does a Business need an Agent Rating Function in VoIP?

An Agent Rating function in VoIP pinpoints areas for improvement and celebrates success, directly impacting customer satisfaction and agent development.

Quality Assurance

Member rating ensures quality assurance by identifying service inconsistencies. It acts as a benchmark, maintaining high standards in customer interactions.

Service Improvement

Agent Performance Evaluation

Resource Allocation

Training Agents

VoIP Features in Calilio that Favors Member Rating

Calilio's VoIP system is built with features that guarantee thorough feedback and possibilities for improvement, supporting the member rating function's efficacy.

live call monitoring icon

Live Call Monitoring

Call monitoring allows supervisors to listen in on live calls, providing context for member ratings and identifying coaching opportunities to enhance agent performance.
performance dashboard icon

Performance Dashboards

Performance dashboards visually display agent ratings, enabling real-time tracking of agent success and areas for improvement.
call recording icon

Call Recording

Call Recording captures every interaction, allowing managers to review calls. It offers a clear picture of agent performance and customer satisfaction.
CRM integration icon

Integration with CRM Systems

Integrate VoIP with CRM systems to gather additional context about interactions. Users can rate calls based on factors such as the helpfulness of the agent or the resolution of their issue.

Why do Leading Businesses Choose Calilio?

Leading businesses choose Calilio for its extensive and intuitive VoIP solutions that provide critical insights into service quality and agent performance.

Integration Capabilities

Calilio easily connects with current business systems and applications to improve processes and efficiency. It ensures a unified communication ecosystem.

easily integrate with various tools and devices

Innovative Technology

Calilio stays ahead of the curve with the latest in VoIP technology, offering features that keep businesses at the forefront of communication trends.

latest voip approach and time to time upgrades and innovation

Data Security

Calilio prioritizes data security with end-to-end encryption and compliance with global data protection regulations. It ensures customer information is safe and secure.

robust security and safe communication system

Comprehensive Feedback System

Calilio's comprehensive feedback system includes a rating of agents. It empowers businesses to gather actionable insights, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty through continuous improvement.

customer satisfied with features and shaking hands, also providing feedback to be more better in future

Data-Driven Decisions

Calilio empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions with detailed analytics and reporting tools, turning communication data into actionable insights.

data driven and considering various factors before making decision

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