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Maintain an organized messaging experience with Calilio's SMS filter, designed to manage your daily messaging experience. Ensure your inbox is clutter-free and efficient.

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What is SMS Filter?

Calilio's SMS filtering feature categorizes incoming and outgoing messages, distinguishing between those sent and received by users. The categorization aids in identifying the origin of messages, facilitating efficient message management and organization.

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How does the VoIP SMS Filter Work?

Calilio's SMS filter segregates incoming and outgoing messages, providing clarity on message origins. Incoming messages are those received from external contacts, while outgoing messages are those sent by users. The filter helps users focus on relevant communications by categorising messages, avoiding distractions and improving response times.

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Why do Businesses Need an SMS Filter In a Business Phone System?

Businesses require message filtering to efficiently manage messages, respond promptly to important messages and uphold their business reputation.

Organize Messages

An SMS filter helps businesses organize incoming messages. Filter ensures that important communications are prioritized and easily accessible when needed.

Avoid Scam and Spam

Instant Message Response

Productivity Improvement

Reputation Management

Different VoIP Features on Calilio That Empower SMS Filter

Calilio enhances the filtering of messages with different functionalities designed for comprehensive message management. It tailors your communication flow with precision and ease.

Text Blocking

Text blocking allows you to prevent unwanted messages, keeping your inbox clutter-free. A must-have for maintaining focus and security.

Call Blocking

Call Blocking allows businesses to avoid interruptions from unwanted callers. An essential tool for protecting your time and privacy.

Advanced Filtering

Calilio supports advanced filtering that goes beyond basics, enabling intricate rules for message managemen. Advanced filtering is perfect for keeping relevant communications at the forefront.

Call Screening

Call screening enhances SMS Filtering by adding a layer of verification for incoming calls. It guarantees that your communication channels remain focused and relevant.

Pin Message

Pin message aids in SMS Filtering by allowing important messages to be highlighted and easily accessible. Pinning message saves critical information from the message box.

Notes and Tags

Notes and tags favour filtering of SMS by enabling detailed organization and categorization of messages. It streamlines the search and retrieval process.

Choosing Calilio for Filtering SMS in VoIP Phone System

Consider Calilio to automate SMS administration. It offers a robust VoIP solution with smooth SMS filtering integration. Get business conversations with outstanding clarity.

Available on All Plans

Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, Calilio ensures SMS Filtering is available across all plans. It allows easy access to filtering SMS for every business size.

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Cost-Effective Plans

Calilio’s cost-effective plans ensure that you get qualitative services without stretching your budget. Business gets affordable communication solutions that don't compromise on quality.

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Regulations and Security

Calilio prioritizes your safety with stringent regulations and security measures. SMS and voicemails complies with legal standards while protecting your data.

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Support and Maintenance

Calilio excels when it comes to supporting and maintenance, ensuring your service needs are met with prompt service. The quick support and maintenance address all your issues while implementing advanced functionalities.

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Activate SMS Filter In Your Business Phone System With Calilio

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