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Structure your team's schedule and enhance customer interactions with Calilio's VoIP business hours. Set your standard working hours to manage calls efficiently and maintain professionalism.

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What is Business Hours?

Business Hours is a feature within Calilio that allows businesses to define their operational hours for call handling. It enables the business to set active working hours and simplifies customer contact based on the specified active and inactive periods. Moreover, business hour functionality ensures calls are managed effectively according to the business schedule.

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How does VoIP Business Hour Work?

Business hours defined in the VoIP phone system allow businesses to schedule their phone systems to be active for direct calls and when calls should be diverted to voicemail or alternative numbers. Administrators can easily adjust these settings to reflect changes in business hours, holidays, or special events. The flexible setup optimizes call management, ensuring customer inquiries are addressed promptly.

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Major Advantages of Setting Active Business Hours in Your Phone System

Implementing active work hours enhances efficiency and supports work-life balance for staff. It aligns communication strategies to optimize both customer satisfaction and team well-being.

Business Reputation and Professionalism

Setting clear office hours elevates your company's reputation, showing professionalism. It guarantees that clients will feel valued and that their questions will be answered during active working hours.

Manage Work Schedules

Control Call Flows

Boosts Productivity

Resource Management

Features Enhancing Business Hour Feature in Calilio

Calilio enriches the work hour feature with advanced functionalities. Our service ensures calls are managed per your schedule, enhancing customer experience and team efficiency.

Call Routing

Calilio's call routing directs incoming calls based on your business hours, ensuring customers reach the right department or agent during operational times. It enhances service responsiveness.


Outside of business hours, calls are routed to voicemail, allowing customers to leave messages that can be addressed the next business day. It ensures no inquiry is missed.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail messages are conveniently converted to email with Calilio, providing a written record that your team can easily access and action, ensuring timely follow-ups.

Call Forwarding

Calls received after hours can be routed to certain numbers using Calilio's call-forwarding feature. The ability to forward calls enables timely response to important calls.

Customizable IVR Menus

Calilio offers personalized caller experiences even when your business is closed. It guides them through options for information or emergency contacts.


The auto-attendant feature ensures that all calls are greeted professionally and routed correctly, according to work-hours settings. It maintains a high level of customer service.

What Makes Calilio an Ideal Choice for VoIP Communication?

Calilio distinguishes itself as the best option for VoIP communication by providing superior reliability and modern capabilities that meet the demands of every industry, business and service.

Enhances Call Organization

Calilio significantly enhances call organization, streamlining the management of inbound and outbound communications with intuitive features that improve call-handling efficiency.

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Instant Accessibility

Offering instant accessibility, Calilio ensures that your business communication system is always within reach. There is instant accessibility from any device, facilitating seamless interaction with customers and team members

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Latency Reduction

With advanced technology, Calilio minimizes latency in VoIP communications, providing clearer, more reliable call quality that enhances conversation clarity and customer satisfaction.

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Future-Proof Communication

Calilio's platform is designed to be future-proof and regularly updated with the latest features and integrations to keep your business ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Simplified Integration

Ease of integration with existing business systems makes Calilio a hassle-free choice, enhancing your communication capabilities without the need for extensive IT overhauls.

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