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A French phone number allows you to connect with local customers seamlessly, giving them the confidence to reach out to a familiar, local number. Buy a French virtual phone number on Calilio and satisfy your potential clients today!

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What is France Phone Number?

A France phone number is a local telephone number associated with a specific geographic area in France. French numbers are structured to align with its telephony standards, ensuring streamlined local and international connections.

A virtual phone number in France easily forwards calls to different devices worldwide, giving your business the flexibility to grow internationally. It fosters trust, expands market reach, and provides convenience without the need for a physical presence.

Benefits of Using French Phone Number

French phone numbers offer unmatched benefits, enhancing your presence and credibility in the French market. It saves costs and lets you connect easily, breaking down geographical barriers.

Global Reach

Cost-Effective Communication

Enhanced Professional Image

Easy Market Expansion

Streamlined Business Operations

How to Get a France Phone Number Online?

Getting a virtual phone number with Calilio is a straightforward process designed for convenience and efficiency.

step one

Sign Up

Get started with Calilio by signing up and registering. Input the required information and complete your registration by verifying your email.

step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

Next, after landing on the pricing page, select a VoIP plan that aligns with your business needs and preferences.

step three

Pick a Number

Navigate to the 'Numbers' section on the navigation bar, click on 'Purchase Number,' and choose the French phone number that aligns with your business.

step four


Proceed to checkout with your chosen number and plan, then click the "Buy Now" button. Complete the payment by following the instructions.

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Setup Your Number

Finally, your France virtual number will be activated within 2 days after the Calilio team reviews your documents. Then, customize the settings of advanced features to fit your business operations.

Already Have a France Phone Number?

If you already own a French phone number, smoothly switch it with Calilio and elevate your existing number to new heights of efficiency and connectivity.

Features of Our Virtual Phone Number France

Calilio's virtual phone number France service empowers your business communication with advanced features, making it more dynamic and user-friendly.

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Call Forwarding

Experience ideal communication with our advanced call forwarding, directing your calls to the right place. Ensure your business stays connected, enhancing efficiency for optimal performance.
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Call Recording

Ensure a comprehensive record of important discussions with our phone number, which features advanced capabilities, including call recording for enhanced communication and accountability.
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Voicemail to email

Stay organized with voicemail to email. Receive voicemails in your inbox, ensuring you never miss details and stay on top of your messages efficiently.
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Custom Greeting

Customize greetings on Calilio, set the tone for calls, and enhance the overall caller experience. It fosters positive connections, leaving a great impression on your clients for lasting relationships.
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Interactive Voice Response System

Enhance caller guidance by adding an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Boost customer service and streamline call management for an improved and efficient experience.
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Power your business decisions with data. Dive into call patterns, discover busy hours, and extract in-depth analytics for informed decision-making, fostering sustainable success.
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Recording Playback Fast Forward

Our Recording Playback Fast Forward feature saves time. Quickly skim through call recordings to find the information you need, enhancing efficiency.
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Notes in Callbox and Dialer

With Calilio’s advanced feature, Stay organized with the ability to add Notes in both Callbox and Dialer. Keep track of key call details, action items, and follow-ups all in one place.

How to Dial France Phone Number?

Understanding the unique format of a French phone number is essential when dialing. The format not only identifies the location and type of the Number but also varies with the specific region within the country.

step one

Exit Code

When making international calls, countries have distinct exit codes. For instance, the UK uses ‘00,’ and the USA opts for ‘011.’ On mobile phones, you can swap the exit code with ‘+.’

step two

France Country Code (+33)

The country code for France is 33. Always start with this code when calling a French phone number from another country. It's the gateway to connect with France.

step three

Area Code

The area codes for France phone numbers are typically 2 digits. It's important to note that if an area code begins with a 0, then omit it. Just dial the remaining digits to connect to your French phone number.

step four

8-digit Number

After entering the area code, dial the specific eight to nine digit Number of the person or business you intend to contact in France. Once you've dialed the Number, press the 'call' button to initiate the call and connect with your intended recipient.

France Phone Number Example

Let's assume you are contacting a business in Paris with the local number '23 45 67 89'. The Paris area code is 01.

  • Exit Code: ‘011’ or ‘+’ ( From the USA)
  • Country Code: '+33’ (For France)
  • Area Code: ‘01' (For Paris)
  • Local Number: ‘23-45-67-89’
  • So, you’ll dial: 011-33-1-23-45-67-89 or +33-1-23-45-67-89 (For landline) or 011-33-6-23-45-67-89 or +33-6-23-45-67-89 (For Mobile).

Buy France Virtual Phone Number With Calilio

Choose Calilio to buy your France virtual phone number and unlock a world of efficiency and connectivity. Our VoIP phone service is designed to meet the diverse desires of modern businesses.

Quick and Easy Setup

With Calilio, setting up your France virtual number is quick and hassle-free. Get connected in no time and start communicating effectively.

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Flexible Plans

We offer a flexible range of VoIP plans to validate a perfect fit for businesses of every size and type, empowering them to enhance productivity and connectivity.

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Seamless Integration

Easily integrate your France virtual phone number with existing systems. Calilio, make sure that your transition to a new number is smooth and hassle-free.

 France virtual phone number with calilio seamless integration

Security & Compliance

We prioritize your security with robust measures, ensuring that your phone number is protected against unauthorized access and data breaches. Experience peace of mind with Calilio's features.

france virtual phone number with calilio security and compliance

Advanced Features

With France virtual numbers from Calilio, you can access a variety of advanced capabilities. Enhance your communication strategy with cutting-edge technologies, including call analytics and IVR.

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