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Search a Number with an Italian Country Code

Find the perfect Italian mobile phone number for your business with Calilio. Easily search and select mobile numbers with Italy's country code to strengthen your presence in the Italian market.

What is an Italy Virtual Number?

An Italy virtual number is a digital phone number that operates over the internet rather than through traditional phone lines. It allows businesses to have an Italian phone presence without a physical location in Italy. It offers flexibility in communications and local identity to connect with Italian customers, enhancing trust and facilitating smoother business operations within the Italian market.

It's a powerhouse of advanced features like an auto attendant, power dialer, callbox, tags in dialer, ring strategy, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, and many others, streamlining call management efficiently.

Benefits of Using an Italy Phone Number

An Italy phone number offers strategic advantages for businesses looking to penetrate or expand in the Italian market.

Local Market Accessibility

Cost-Effective Communication

Enhanced Professional Image

Seamless Integration

Improves Customer Satisfaction

How to Get an Italy Phone Number Online?

Obtaining an Italy phone number online is a simple and efficient process with Calilio. Follow these straightforward steps to get connected quickly with us.

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Sign Up

Start by signing up on Calilio's website. Create an account by providing essential information to begin your business journey toward acquiring an Italian number.

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Choose a VoIP Plan

Next, select a VoIP plan that suits your business needs. Calilio offers a range of plans, ensuring you find the perfect match for your business.

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Pick a Number

Browse through the available Italian phone numbers. Choose a number that aligns with your business needs, and click the purchase button.

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Once you’ve selected your Italian telephone number, proceed to checkout. Review your choice and complete the purchase with our secure payment process.

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Setup Your Number

After purchasing, set up your new Italy virtual phone number once it has been reviewed and activated. Customize the settings, and start making calls to or from Italy seamlessly.

Already Have a VoIP Italian Number?

If you already possess a VoIP Italian number, Calilio offers an easy transfer service. Seamlessly switch to our platform without losing your existing Italian contact details.

Features of Italy Virtual Phone Numbers

Acquiring a virtual business number from Calilio comes equipped with a suite of features designed to empower your business communication in Italy.

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Unified Callbox

The Unified Callbox feature consolidates all your communication channels into one, making management of your Italian virtual phone number efficient and streamlined.
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Power Dialer

Our Power Dialer tool automates the calling process, enhancing productivity by allowing more calls with your Italian phone number in less time.
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Call Analytics

Gain valuable insights with Calilio’s Call Analytics features, which track and analyze call data for your Italy phone number, aiding in strategic decision-making.
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Interactive Voice Response (IVR System)

An advanced IVR System guides callers through a menu, improving their experience with your Italian telephone number and optimizing call routing.
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Queue Call Back

Queue Call Back reduces wait times by offering callers an option to receive a callback, enhancing customer satisfaction for your Italy virtual phone number users.
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Call Whispering

Call Whispering allows managers to coach team members during live calls discreetly, ensuring quality communication through Italian phone numbers.
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Call Sentiment Analysis

Utilize Call Sentiment Analysis to gauge customer emotions and sentiments during calls, a vital tool for enhancing customer interactions with your Italian virtual number.
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Voicemail by Email

The Voicemail by Email feature revolutionizes message management. Receive voicemails directly in your inbox, enabling prompt and efficient response, ensuring you never miss important communications.

How to dial an Italy Phone Number? The Italian Number Format

Dialing an Italian phone number is straightforward once you understand the format. The sequence of digits not only pinpoints the area but also indicates the type of number. Remember, Italy's various regions come with their distinctive phone number formats.

step one

Exit Code

First, dial the exit code from your country. This code allows you to make international calls. For example, if you're calling from Canada, you would start with 011.

step two

Italian Country Code (+39)

After the exit code, enter Italy's country code, which is +39. This code is crucial for directing your call to Italy, whether it's to a landline or a mobile number.

step three

Area Code

Next, include the area code of the region in Italy you are calling. Italian area codes can vary in length, usually comprising a 2-4 digit prefix preceding the numbers.

step four

6-7 digit Number

Now, dial the 6-7 digit phone number. The length of this number varies depending on the region and whether it's a landline or mobile number.

Italy Phone Number Example

Let's say you're calling Rome, Italy, from Canada, and the local number you need to reach is 123-45XX. Rome's area code is 06.

  • Exit Code: '011' (From Canada)
  • Country Code: '39' (for Italy)
  • Area Code: '06' (for Rome)
  • Local Number: '12345XX'
  • So, you’ll dial: 011-39-06-12345XX.
    And (To mobile phones) omit the area code and include the mobile prefix (which starts with '3') as part of the number. For example, 011-39-31234567XX.

Buy Virtual Italian Phone Number With Calilio

Buy an Italian Virtual number through Calilio, your trusted VoIP service provider. We make it simple for you to establish a solid local presence in Italy, connecting you directly with Italian clients.

Effortless Setup

Setting up your Italian VoIP number with Calilio is hassle-free. Our streamlined process guarantees that you can start communicating with your Italian audience immediately without any technical complexities.

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Customizable Options

Calilio provides superior, customizable ‘+39’ phone numbers, surpassing other VoIP providers. Tailor features to align with your business needs for a personalized and effective communication experience.

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Competitive Pricing

With our affordable plans for Italian phone numbers, businesses of all sizes can effortlessly broaden their reach in Italy, enjoying expansion without incurring any additional expenses.

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Advanced Features

Improve your communication capabilities with a range of advanced features included with your Italian number. From call forwarding to IVR, leverage these cutting-edge tools to improve customer engagement and efficiency.

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All-Time Support

We offer 24/7 service through our dedicated team. Whenever you require assistance, our expert professionals stand ready to provide support, ensuring uninterrupted service for your convenience.

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