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Search for a Virtual Number with a Mauritius Country Code

Find the perfect Mauritius virtual number with ease on Calilio. Select from various virtual mobile numbers featuring the Mauritius country code to connect with your Mauritian audience seamlessly.

What is a Mauritius Virtual Number?

A Mauritius virtual number is a cloud-based telephone number that allows you to manage calls over the Internet without needing a traditional phone line in Mauritius. This technology bridges geographical gaps, making it ideal for businesses looking to expand into the Mauritian market or for individuals wanting to maintain contacts with Mauritius contacts. With a virtual number, you can operate globally while appearing entirely local to the Mauritian audience.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Phone Number for the Mauritius

Embrace a Mauritius virtual phone number to transform your communication strategy and foster stronger connections within the island nation.

Cost Savings

Local Market Presence

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Valuable Insights

Improves Productivity

How to Get a Mauritius Virtual Phone Number Online?

Acquiring a Mauritius virtual phone number online is streamlined and user-friendly with Calilio. Start connecting with the Mauritian market through a few simple steps.

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Sign Up

Register on Calilio's platform by providing the required information. Verifying your email ensures a secure start to acquiring your Mauritius virtual number.

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Choose a VoIP Plan

Explore a variety of VoIP plans offered by Calilio to find the one that best suits your business needs. Each plan is designed to offer value and scalability for your Mauritius phone number.

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Pick a Number

Navigate to the 'Number' section in the dashboard and choose your preferred Mauritius virtual mobile number from the extensive list. Calilio offers options tailored to align with your business strategy.

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Review your selection, submit the necessary documents, and securely confirm your purchase. Our streamlined checkout process ensures that your Mauritius number is just a few clicks away.

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Setup Your Number

Finalize your new Mauritius virtual phone number setup through Calilio's user-friendly platform. Customize your settings to start making and receiving calls quickly.

Already Have a Mauritius Phone Number?

Seamlessly transfer your existing Mauritius phone number to Calilio. Enjoy enhanced VoIP phone services without changing your current number, keeping your connections intact.

Features of Mauritius Virtual Phone Numbers

Calilio's Mauritius virtual phone numbers offer advanced features to embark on your business communications and efficiency. Experience unparalleled flexibility and control over your inbound and outbound call volume.

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Call Forwarding

Ensure you never miss a call with Call Forwarding. Redirect calls from your Mauritius number to any global number, allowing seamless communication regardless of location.
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Call Filters

Calilio's Call Filters streamline message management by sorting calls and messages as 'Open' or 'Closed', enabling prioritization of urgent communications within the conversation dashboard for efficient handling.
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Never miss important information with customizable Voicemail. Callers can leave messages when you're unavailable, which you can access anytime, anywhere.
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Do Not Disturb Mode

Activate Do Not Disturb Mode when you need to focus without interruptions. Calls will be directed to voicemail or specified alternative numbers.
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Call Whispering

Call Whispering offers real-time coaching opportunities, allowing a supervisor to guide an agent during a call without the customer hearing, enhancing call quality and agent performance.
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Phone Trees (IVR)

Simplify caller navigation with Phone Trees (IVR). Automated voice menus guide callers to the appropriate department or answer, improving the caller experience and operational efficiency.
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Notes in Callbox

Keep detailed call notes directly in your Callbox with the Notes feature. It ensures important call details are captured and accessible for future reference, improving follow-ups and customer service.
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Greeting Voice Messages

Create a welcoming first impression with Greeting Voice Messages. Personalize your greeting for your Mauritius number to warmly welcome callers and inform them about your business or operating hours.

How do you dial a Mauritius Virtual phone number?

Dialing a Mauritius mobile number requires following a specific format to ensure your call connects successfully, regardless of location. Mauritius has unique dialing conventions without varied area codes for different regions. Here's a straightforward guide to help you dial a Mauritius mobile number.

step one

Exit Code

Begin with your country's Exit Code, which is necessary for international calls. For example, it's ‘011’ in Canada and ‘00’ in the UK. You can replace the exit code with a "+" symbol using a mobile phone.

step two

Mauritius Country Code (+230)

Next, enter Mauritius's Country Code, ‘+230’. This code is essential for directing your call to Mauritius from any foreign location.

step three

Local Phone Numbers

After the country code, dial the mobile Phone Number, which typically consists of 7 digits. Mauritius mobile phone numbers usually begin with the prefixes 5, 7, 8, or 9, indicating the mobile carrier and ensuring you’re dialing the correct type of number.

Mauritius Mobile Number Example

Suppose you're contacting a business in Mauritius from Canada with the mobile number ‘5XXXXXX’.

  • Exit Code: ‘011’ or ‘+’ (From Canada)
  • Country Code: ‘230’ (For Mauritius)
  • Area Code: N/A
  • Local Number: ‘5XXXXXX'
  • So, you’ll dial: 011-230-5XXXXXX or +230-5XXXXXX.

Buy a Mauritius Virtual Number on Calilio

Buy a Mauritius virtual phone number through Calilio to seamlessly connect with the Mauritian market. As a trusted VoIP service provider, we ensure a hassle-free setup, empowering your business communication in Mauritius.

Easy Setup

Ensure easy setup of your Mauritius virtual phone number with Calilio. Our streamlined process guarantees your business is quickly connected, simplifying communication with the Mauritian market.

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Global Phone Numbers

Expand your reach beyond Mauritius with access to global phone numbers across multiple countries, facilitating easy international connections.

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Reliable VoIP Service

Experience reliable VoIP phone service with Calilio for your Mauritius virtual phone number. We offer consistent, high-quality call performance, ensuring your communication in Mauritius is always clear and uninterrupted.

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All-time Support

Rely on Calilio's 24/7 support for your virtual phone number for Mauritius, ensuring assistance is always available whenever you need it for uninterrupted service.

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