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Where is the 01904 Area Code?

The 01904 area code is located in York City, North Yorkshire, at 53.9614° N, 1.0739° W. It also serves its surrounding areas, including popular cities like Acomb, Haxby, Wigginton, and Huntington.

York is the home of more than 198,051, with a growth rate of 9.34% from the previous census. It includes citizens from different races, with 94.3% white followed by Asian (3.4%), Mixed (1.2%), and Black (0.6%).

01904 region observes the British Dayling Time (BST) during the summer, which is one hour ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time(GMT). In winter, the time zone switches to GMT to match the standard time of the UK.

History of Area Code 01904?

The 01904 phone number was introduced on 16 April 1995 during phONEday, replacing the existing 0904 number prefix. This change was necessary to accommodate the growing number demand in York, North Yorkshire.

Since its introduction, the 01904 code has effectively served the York region. There is no plan to introduce any new overlay code in the near future.

Why Does Your Business Need a 01904 Phone Number?

Your business needs the 01904 telephone area code to connect your brand with York's rich historical and cultural heritage and attract local audiences. With our virtual phone system, you can effortlessly increase local engagement, enhance customer service, and expand your market reach, among other benefits.

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How to Get a 01904 Phone Number?

Simply create your account on Cailio and pick your 01904 phone code. Once you complete the payment, your purchase will be completed.

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Firstly, go to app.calilio.com and create your account.

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After that, visit and select your preferred plan from the available options.

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Then go to Settings>>Numbers>>Purchase Numbers, search for the 01904 area code, and pick a number.

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Complete the payment using the available option to own your selected number.

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After activation, customize your York VoIP number to match your preferences and requirements.

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Port your number to Calilio and change your already-have York number to the advanced VoIP number. Enjoy our AI features without losing the identity of your already established business.

01904 Area Code Number As A Communication Tool for Business Growth

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Conference Calling

Easily communicate with your multiple team members on a single call using your virtual number.
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Call Recording

Record all your customers' calls and review them for training and improvement.
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Detailed Analytics

Get valuable data and information like the duration and trends of the call to improve future communication.
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Voicemail Transcription

Calilio's 01904 telephone area code allows you to receive a voice call transcription, making your task faster and more efficient.
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AI Sentiment Analysis

Analyze the real-time customer sentiment during calls, whether they are satisfied or not, to make communication more effective.

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Why Businesses Choose Calilio For 01904 Number?

Calilio stands out as a preferred choice for acquiring 01904 area code numbers. We provide a flexible and efficient communication system at a competitive price that scales with your business growth.


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Our easy-to-use dashboard is for everyone, so anyone can easily manage their York area code phone number without requiring advanced technical skills.


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Calilio offers customizable plans suitable for every type of business. You can choose the features you need and only pay for what you use.


Crystal Clear Call Quality

Our dedicated customer support team is available around the clock to help you with any needs related to the 01904 area code number.


Maximum Uptime

System uptime is our top priority to guarantee smooth communication to the business. Our strong infrastructure and technology minimize downtime, so you will always take advantage of every critical call.


Scalable Solution

Calilio allows you to add or remove users to your business numbers easily. So, you don't need to reinstall the communication system upon expanding.

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