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Get an Arizona Phone Number - AZ Area Code

Acquire an Arizona phone number on Calilio and tap into the thriving Arizona market. Virtual phone numbers with AZ area codes build local presence and foster trust among Arizonan’s clients.

Get an Arizona phone number - AZ area code

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Unlock limitless possibilities for setting up local businesses in Arizona. Choose your desired Arizona number with an area code that aligns with your business goals.

What is an Arizona Phone Number?

An Arizona phone number is a telephone number associated with the state of Arizona. USA phone numbers with AZ area code allow you to connect with residents and entities within Arizona state effortlessly.

For business, an AZ phone number gives businesses an authentic presence in the state’s vibrant market and fosters trust among the locals. It can also enhance targeted marketing campaigns within Arizona’s diverse communities, thereby maximizing potential business prospects.


Benefits of an Arizona Phone Number

Regional companionship is a need in today’s competitive business landscape. Arizona phone numbers solidify it in the region.



Target Marketing

IVR Integration

Local Presence

Buy Arizona Phone Number Instantly

Arizona phone number is your express ticket to immediately connecting with Arizona’s local clientele and fostering authentic relationships.

Phoenix area code

Phoenix, Arizona’s capital, boasts area codes 602, 480, and 623. Phoenix phone numbers positions your business right in the vibrant city popular as the hub of entrepreneurial energy.

  • Phoenix

  • Tucson

  • Scottsdale

  • Yuma

Get Various Arizona Virtual Phone Numbers

Shape your business virtual identity with the type of Arizona virtual phone number that mirrors your brand's ambitions and characteristics.

Arizona local number for local presence

Local Number

For businesses looking to root themselves deeply within specific Arizona locales, AZ local numbers can aid in embracing the local sentiment.

Arizona toll-free number for better customer outreach

Toll-free Number

Exquisite for enterprises aspiring for expansive outreach. Provide your customers an avenue to contact you without digging into their pockets.

Arizona vanity number to reflect your brand name

Vanity Number

Employ vanity numbers and make memorable impressions. Vanity number offers to craft a unique number that reflects your brand.

How to Get an Arizona Phone Number?

Securing an Arizona phone number requires just a few steps on Calilio. Follow the steps below to get an AZ phone number swiftly.


Sign Up

Sign up on Calilio. Simply register, provide the necessary details, and verify your email to get started.


Choose a VoIP plan

Log in and access our plans page. Select the VoIP plan that aligns with your business aspirations and growth targets.


Pick a Number

Navigate to the ‘Numbers’ section. Click ‘Purchase Number’ and pick numbers with Arizona area codes that best suit your targeted business region.



Click on ‘Buy Now’ to confirm. Follow the onscreen instructions to finalize your payment to checkout.


Set up your number

Upon successful checkout, your number activates instantly. Dive into the settings and tailor it to your preferences.

Already have Arizona Phone Number?

Calilio empowers you to port your Arizona phone number to tap into cutting-edge VoIP features without changing your established phone identity.

Voip Features in Arizona Phone Number

An Arizona phone number goes beyond traditional communication. Its exceptional feature makes it a powerful tool to elevate your communication dynamics.

Auto Attendant
Make a lasting first impression. Our auto-attendant feature ensures swift and professional client interactions by greeting and directing callers to the appropriate departments.
Call Recording
Never miss a beat or detail. Recording calls means you aren’t required to memorize all the details in the call manually.
Call Metrics
Measure, analyze, and refine. Tap into comprehensive call statistics and gain insights into call patterns to shape informed strategies.
Voicemail Transcription
Transform voicemails into readable formats. Calilio’s Arizona phone number allows you to access your messages without listening to them. It facilitates swift responses.
Call Distribution
Distribute incoming calls efficiently. Direct calls to the right team or individual to boost optimal productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.

How to Make a Call to Arizona?

Dialing an Arizona phone number requires adhering to the correct sequence, including various codes and prefixes.


Exit Code (+ or 00)

Dial the exit code of the country you are dialing from. Different countries have different codes. For instance, the UK uses ‘00’ whereas Canada uses ‘011.’ You can use the ‘+’ sign to replace the exit code upon dialing from mobile phones.


USA Country Code (1)

Next, dial the country code for the United States i.e. ‘1.’ It designates the US as your intended call destination.


Arizona Area Code

You then key in the specific Arizona area code to target your call to a particular region or city within Arizona.


7-digit Number

Lastly, enter the unique 7-digit local number of the targeted recipient. Soon, you will be talking with the desired individual or business.


Arizona Phone Number Example

Let’s say you’re calling a phone number in Phoenix, whose local number is 123-4567. Phoenix area code is 602.

Arizona Phone Number Example

Let’s say you’re calling a phone number in Phoenix, whose local number is 123-4567. Phoenix area code is 602.

    Exit Code: ‘00’ or ‘+’ (for the UK)
    Country Code: ‘1’ (for the US)
    Area Code: ‘602’ (for Phoenix)
    Local Number: ‘123-4567’
    So, you’ll dial: 00-1-602-123-4567 or +1-602-123-4567

Why Choose Calilio?

AZ Area Code With Calilio

Calilio presents a cloud-based business phone system where you can relish premium service without breaking the bank. Our commitment to excellence ensures your business a strategic edge in the Arizona market.

Tailored VoIP Solutions

With Calilio, craft VoIP plans to align your business needs. You get to experience a perfect blend of flexibility and functionality in our offerings.

Calilio's web view and mobile call dialing interface

Hassle-free Migration

Relish a seamless migration process when switching to VoIP. We ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruptions and maximum efficiency.

Arizona map with three landmark

Real-time Problem Resolution

Encounter an issue? Our dedicated support team is always on standby. With real-time problem resolution guaranteed, expect uninterrupted communication throughout.

Women with headphone resolving real time problem

Consistent System Upgrades

Calilio continuously innovates to ensure consistent system upgrades, offering you the latest VoIP features. It allows you to stay ahead of the communication curve.

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Disaster Recovery Protocols

Unexpected events are unavoidable, but data loss isn’t. Our robust disaster recovery protocols safeguard your data and ensure quick recovery.

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