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Get 859 Area Code - Numbers For Local Presence in Lexington

859 area code is a powerful business asset to open doors to Lexington’s dynamic market in Kentucky. A Lexington phone number solidifies your presence and deepens connections within the city.

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Search Virtual Numbers with 859 Area Code

Calilo boasts a diverse range of virtual numbers with area code 859. Choose your desired Lexington area code number to represent your brand image.

What Area Code is 859? Area Code 859 Location

Area code 859 is a telecommunication link that serves Lexington and the surrounding cities in Kentucky. It represents Lexington’s dynamic and culturally rich community. Businesses flaunting area code 859 in their USA phone number can build a local presence and commitment to this unique area. 


It offers an opportunity to engage with a broad customer base across this vibrant Kentucky region. The area code 859 covers popular cities such as Lexington, Richmond, Danville, Covington, Florence, Fort Thomas, and Danville.

History of 859 Area Code

Area code 859 has a deeply rooted history in Kentucky’s telecommunication development. However, it’s not from the original Kentucky area codes. The 859, now a Lexington area code, was created in April 2000 as a split from the 606 area code due to the growth of telephone users within the Kentucky region.


Since its inception, the 859 area code has primarily served Lexington and surrounding counties. It has become an integral part of the region’s identity and connects various communities within its coverage.

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Which Time Zone Does 859 Area Code Fall Under?

The 859 area code in Kentucky aligns with the Eastern Time Zone (ET). It is typically UTC-5 hours. However, it’s crucial to consider that it also observes the Daylight Saving Time, during which the time shifts to UTC-4 hours. Generally, the Daylight Saving Time starts in March and ends in November. During this period, businesses and residents must adjust their clocks an hour forward. This shift is essential for coordinating activities, especially with regions outside the Eastern Time Zone.

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Benefits of an 859 Area Code for Businesses

859 area code number is a strategic choice for businesses looking to grow their presence in Lexington, Kentucky. Beyond local presence, it also enhances overall communication capabilities.

Local Market Connection

Expanded Business Reach

Improved Marketing Strategies

Scalability for Growth

Cost Savings

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number with Area Code 859?

Follow simple steps to get a virtual phone number with area code 859. Calilio presents an effortless process to connect your business with the local audience in Lexington.


Sign Up

Create your account on Calilio. The registration process involves simply providing your basic details and verifying your information.


Choose a Service Plan

Calilio offers diverse communication plans designed to meet unique business needs. Select the plan as per your business requirements.


Pick a Number

Navigate to the “Numbers” section and select the “Purchase Number” option. Choose your preferred 859 area code number.


Proceed Payment

Review your chosen Lexington phone number. Complete the payment process and checkout.


Customize Settings

Your number activates instantly after a successful checkout. Customize its settings according to your business needs.

Already Have a Local Phone Number with 859 Area Code?

Retain your existing 859 area code phone number while upgrading its functionality. You can switch to Calilio without changing your established telephonic identity.

Features of Virtual 859 Area Code Numbers

Adopting a virtual 859 area code number on Calilio equips your business with robust business communication tools. Its advanced features provide you a great control over your communication process.

Bulk Sms icon

Bulk SMS Campaigns

You can utilize your 859 phone numbers on Calilio to target your marketing campaign to Lexington. Reach a wider audience simultaneously; it’s perfect for advertisements and promotions.
voice mail to email icon

Voicemail by Email

Access your voicemail through your email inbox. You’ll never miss an important message for failing to respond to calls.
 Multiple Agents Icon

Multiple Agents

With the Multiple Agents feature, you can share the same Lexington phone number with multiple agents. It ensures a call pickup when a particular agent is busy or unavailable.
call on hold icon

Call-on-Hold Music

Keep your callers engaged and entertained with customizable on-hold music. Instead of keeping your caller waiting in silence, you can choose the music that reflects your brand’s identity.
Business Hours Icon

Active Business Hours

A virtual 859 phone number lets you choose when to set your active business hours. Answer the calls when you’re active or direct the calls to voicemail when you’re inactive.

Set up a Unified Communication Platform with an 859 Area Code Number

Maximize the potential of your 859 area code number. Integrate it into our unified communication platform for seamless communication.

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Business plan plan

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859 Phone Number With Calilio

Experience the highest quality and reliable phone service with 859 area code numbers on Calilio. Boost your efficiency and productivity by leveraging the most advanced technology in business communication.

Network Reliability

Calilio operates on a robust network infrastructure to provide a dependable and consistent calling experience. You’ll rarely encounter any connectivity issues on our business phone system .

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Security Measures

Calilio prioritizes the privacy and protection of your sensitive information. We safeguarded your every call and data implementing advanced security measures.

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User-Friendly Interface

Navigate our user-friendly platform with ease. Our intuitive interface makes it simple to manage your communication tools and settings.

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Dedicated Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support stands by 24/7. Upon facing any issue, your solution is just a call away.

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Integration Capabilities

805 phone numbers on Calilio seamlessly integrate with your existing business tools. It aids in streamlining workflow and enhances productivity.

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