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Acquire a Mississippi phone number on Calilio and establish a business in the state that offers easy access to major markets across the USA. Virtual phone numbers with MS area codes signal your business as a part of the Mississippi community.

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Personalize your connection with local clients. Choose a Mississippi number with the MS area codes of your business target region.

Benefits of a Mississippi Phone Number

A Mississippi phone number aids the modern business landscape with flexibility and accessibility in business communication solutions.



CRM Integration

Synced Communication

Improved Responsiveness

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A Mississippi phone number with a local area code implants your business seamlessly within the state’s local market.


Mississippi area code 228 places your business in Gulfport, a city known for its vibrant tourism and robust gaming industry. Adopting the Gulfport area code in your phone number allows you to rank your business in flourishing hospitality and entertainment sectors within the state.

  • Gulfport

  • Southaven

  • Jackson

How to Get a Mississippi Phone Number?

You can get a Mississippi phone number on Calilio with ease. Our process is quick and straightforward.

Step one

Sign Up

Register to sign up on Calilio. Provide the necessary details and verify your email. It’s that simple to get started.

Step two

Choose a VoIP Plan

Log in, and you will access our pricing plan page. Explore our range of VoIP plans and choose the one that best suits your business ambitions.

Step three

Pick a Number

Visit the “Numbers” section, click “Purchase Number,” and pick virtual numbers with your desired Mississippi area codes targeting your business interests directly.

Step four


Review your selected phone number. If good to go, hit the “Buy Now” button to begin the checkout process. Follow the prompt instructions to complete the purchase.

Step five

Set up your numbers

Your Mississippi phone number activates instantly. Access the settings and customize as you prefer.

Already Have a Mississippi Phone Number?

Don’t part ways with your already-established Mississippi phone number. Calilio offers a number porting service to supercharge your existing number with advanced VoIP solutions.

VoIP Features of Virtual Mississippi Phone Number

Virtual phone numbers with Mississippi area codes go beyond facilitating phone calls. Calilio has phenomenal features to reinforce your overall operational communication.

Live Call Monitoring Icon

Live Call Monitoring

Stay in the loop with real-time call insights. With live call monitoring, gain real-time insights and ensure top-notch communication in every client interaction.
Bulk SMS Campaigns Icon

Bulk SMS Campaigns

Expand your outreach in a snap. A bulk SMS campaign allows sending messages to a vast audience while keeping the message personal and relevant.
Voicemail By Email Icon

Voicemail by Email

Never miss a beat, even when you miss a call. Get voicemails in your inbox, access, and respond at your convenience.
Pause/Resume Call Recording Icon

Pause/Resume Call Recording

Control your call records. With our Pause/Resume feature, retain the vital conversation details while ensuring sensitive information stays confidential.
Call Blocking Icon

Call Blocking

Maintain the quality of your communication channels. Call blocking allows you to filter out unwanted or disruptive calls. Keep your lines always open for meaningful interaction.

Mississippi Phone Numbers with Calilio

Calilio offers Mississippi phone numbers with a commitment to top-tier VoIP service. Our business phone system ensures excellent quality at an affordable price.

Easy Configuration

Setting up a business phone system with virtual phone numbers on Calilio is easy. Enter your desired city with various Mississippi area codes and enhance efficiency without the hassle.

Easy Configuration of Mississippi Phone Number with Calilio.

Quality Assurance

With Calilio, disruptions are a thing of the past. Expect unparalleled call clarity and uptime throughout our service.

Quality Assurance through  unparalleled call clarity and uptime..

Expert Support

Calilio’s dedicated support team stands by 24/7 for your assistance. Give us a call at any time; we are here to assist you.

Expert Support from Calilio with 24/7 Assistance.

Competitive Pricing

We believe in delivering value at a reasonable price. Enjoy exceptional service quality combined with pricing that respects your budget.

Exceptional Service Quality with Competitive Pricing.

Regular Updates

Calilio is constantly evolving. We regularly update our system to ensure you are always equipped with the best and latest communication technology.

Regular Update and Maintenance of System.

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