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How to Get an 1800 Number in Australia? Quick and Easy Steps

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In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, customer satisfaction is key to success. Toll-free numbers are essential for companies looking to establish a stable presence and provide better customer service. They offer customers a free and convenient way to contact businesses, leading to increased calls and sales.

To successfully obtain a virtual number in Australia, companies need to understand the different types available, select the right provider, and navigate the setup process. Many VoIP service providers offer 1800 numbers with features like call recording, call forwarding, and voice-to-email services to help businesses optimize their performance. With a virtual toll-free number from providers like Calilio, you can encourage prospective clients and existing customers to contact you. The best part is that you can forward the calls to any global location.

What are the benefits of getting 1800 numbers in Australia?

1800 numbers are freephone numbers in Australia, where calling costs are paid by the subscriber/owner instead of callers. With several advantages, businesses can enhance their accessibility and productivity.

Enhanced Customer Service and Accessibility

800 number is simple, easy to remember, and available 24/7, making it easier for customers to reach businesses without incurring additional charges. This number has no geographical boundaries and is accessible nationwide, ensuring customers can call from anywhere in Australia. 800 numbers can be integrated with additional features like cloud-based phone systems and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), enhancing customer services and call management.

Improved Business Credibility and Trust

With toll-free numbers, customers can have direct conversations with companies. This helps project a professional image of the businesses that improve business credibility and trustworthiness. Positive perception is established through regular interactions between customers and businesses.

Nationwide Reach and Appeal

The 800 number is not limited by geographical regions and is accessible nationwide, ensuring accessible and consistent customer service across Australia. Its easily recognizable number format helps businesses reach wider audiences in different states and locations, expanding their reach nationwide. 800 numbers facilitate 24/7 service, allowing customers to call their companies anytime, enhancing the reputation of businesses for being reliable and responsible.

Easy Recall and Marketing Advantage

1800 numbers have a straightforward structure, 1800 XXX XXX, making them easy for customers to remember and call. The simple format improves accessibility, helping businesses to leverage marketing advantages with loyal customers. Companies can track and analyze call volumes by using 800 numbers in marketing campaigns to enhance customer engagement and brand recognition.

Established Professional Image

Businesses can provide superior customer service with toll-free numbers that are simple and accessible anywhere in Australia. 800 can be forwarded to any other mobile or telephone number. Businesses can keep the same number even if they move or relocate, ensuring customers won't need to update their records. Businesses can achieve client trust and establish a professional image by providing readily available and constant 800 numbers with these features.

Types of Toll-Free Numbers in Australia

1800 numbers

In Australia, a 10-digit number (1800 XXX XXX) is an original and standard number accessible from both mobile and landlines within the country, providing free call services for the customer without incurring charges. Due to free call services, these numbers in Australia are ideal for generating sales leads and helping businesses expand their market share and call volumes. It offers additional call features like call tracking, call forwarding, call analytics, and auto-attendance, enhancing business productivity.

1300 numbers

1300 numbers are business numbers with 10 digits (1300 XXX XXX), offering single-point contact services that help small to medium businesses attract customers from their local area to create a professional image and appeal. Calling costs are shared between businesses and customers. Providing cost-effective and other calling features such as call handling, IVR services, and voice-to-email services, 1300 numbers help to enhance business coverage and accessibility.

13 inbound numbers

Six digits 13 numbers (13 XX XX) are shorter and easier to remember. With 13 numbers, small and medium businesses can uplift their business profile by providing easily recognizable and short format numbers that enhance customer engagement and loyalty. Callers can call businesses at local rates. The calling costs are split between the customers and owners. Features are similar to other toll-free numbers, but the difference is that it has a short and memorable number structure.

How to choose between 1800, 1300, and 13 inbound numbers?

Choosing the best numbers among 1800, 1300, and 13 for your business depends on your specific needs and objectives. Australian 1800 numbers are familiar, highly recognizable, and offer free call services for customers. It is ideal for businesses expecting high call volumes and aiming to encourage customer interaction through free calls.

1300 numbers are widely available, offer local call rates, and can be set up quickly. It is ideal for businesses looking to establish a national presence with a memorable number. On the other hand, 13 numbers are distinctive, shorter, and highly memorable at the cost of local calls. It is the best option for organizations seeking a unique and easily recognizable number.

General Steps to Get an 1800 Number in Australia

Identify Your Business Needs

Determine the expected call volume and required features for your businesses, then choose an 1800 number and service package that suits your needs and budget.

Choose a Service Provider

Research and compare service providers based on pricing, security, reliability, scalability, and additional functionalities that align with your business objectives.

Select Your Number

Select an available number from your provider. Consider selecting memorable numbers that spell out a word related to your business.

Plan Your Features

As per your business requirements, configure additional features such as call forwarding, call recording, call analytics, and voicemail-to-email. Ensure your service provider can meet all your needs. 

Sign Up and Activate

Sign up for your number and activate it. Activation time can vary, so consult with your service provider. After activation, test your number to ensure everything works as expected.


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Breaking Down the Cost of Australia Toll-Free Numbers

The cost of an Australia toll-free number varies depending on the service provider and the chosen plan, like per month plans, minutes per month cost, and per minute rate. Here’s a general idea of the costs:

Basic plans: Monthly rates start at around $10 per month.

Advanced plans: Can cost up to $500 per month and have additional features.

Minute-per-month plans: Examples include 250 minutes for $25 or 2000 minutes for $170 per month. 

Additional minutes: Charged at a per-minute rate, typically around $0.06 for landline and mobile phone services.

Key Considerations for Managing and Maintaining an Australian Toll-Free Number

Consider the following major aspects while maintaining and managing an Australian toll–free number.

Regularly Monitor Call Quality and Performance

Develop comprehensive monitoring software to access various call features such as call recording, call handling, and call analytics. This enhances call quality and volume, improving customer engagement and business performance. The monitoring process should be robust, providing effective feedback, addressing issues, and maintaining records of the monitoring results. Reward the best agents for effective feedback and positive performance to enhance customer engagement.

Customer Support and Technical Assistance

Effective customer support and technical assistance are needed to enhance business performance. This involves defining quality customer interactions, creating a call monitoring form, and involving agents in quality monitoring. Utilize advanced tools and technologies to record, assess, and report on calls, providing detailed information about customer interaction and helping smooth monitoring processes. Additionally, offer technical support to help customers achieve their goals and improve their experience with your products.

Maintain Up-to-date IVR Systems

Maintaining IVR systems is crucial for business number management. Regular updates and testing are essential to ensure IVR systems operate at high performance. To stay relevant, IVR systems should adopt modern technology with features like cloud-based hosting, AI-based speech recognition, visual IVR configuration, and end-to-end self-services. Effective IVR systems help businesses achieve their goals and meet their needs.

Review Service Plans and Costs

Service plans and cost structures are different depending on the service provider. Review all call plans and costs before activating toll-free numbers, including monthly costs, minute per month, and per-minute calling rates. Also, check prices for additional features and hidden fees. Be alert about other users' reviews to understand the company’s services and select the best one.

Seek Customer Feedback

Seeking customer feedback is essential for managing and maintaining Australian toll-free numbers. To effectively gather and utilize customer feedback, businesses should engage with the customer proactively through several channels such as surveys, social media, news, email, and phone calls to ensure that customers can provide feedback in a way that is comfortable for them. Analyzing feedback helps identify recurring issues and informs corrective actions to improve products and services.

Wrapping Up

Toll-free numbers in Australia, such as 1800, 1300, and 13, offer several benefits for businesses aiming to enhance customer reach and professionalism. These numbers provide cost-effective solutions for improving customer service, establishing a nationwide presence, and boosting marketing efforts.


Companies can easily get virtual numbers by understanding the available options and selecting the best business phone service providers and service packages that align with their business needs. By implementing key considerations like regular monitoring, enhanced customer support, and up-to-date IVR systems, businesses can optimize toll-free numbers, increase customer engagement, and succeed in a competitive industry in the Australian landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my toll-free number for personal use?

Toll-free numbers in Australia are generally used for business purposes to provide free call services to customers. They are not intended for personal use; regular phone numbers are more suitable for personal communications.

How long does it take to set up a call-free number?

Depending on the service provider and the call-free number type, setup usually takes 1 to 3 business days.

Are toll-free and free call numbers the same in Australia?

Toll-free and free call numbers are the same in Australia. They provide free call facilities to the customers. The subscribers pay for incoming calls instead of the callers.

What are the differences between 1800 and 1300 numbers?

1800 numbers are toll-free for callers in Australia. Businesses cover all calling costs. It is suitable for customer service and inquiries. On the other hand, 1300 numbers are local rate numbers in Australia, where call charges are divided between customers and companies. It is suitable for small to medium businesses.

Are 1800 numbers free in Australia?

1800 numbers are free for callers in Australia. Businesses use it as an easy and cost-free way for customers to reach them. The numbers are popular and memorable, helping customers to recall their businesses.

Can I call Australia Toll-Free Number from overseas?

You cannot call Australia toll-free numbers from overseas for free. International calling costs apply, and you must pay these charges to your service provider when calling an Australian number from abroad.

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