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Customer service is crucial for any business to succeed in the modern business landscape. A key part of providing excellent customer service is ensuring easy and seamless communication. 844 area code offers customers a simple and hassle-free way to get in touch.

It signifies accessibility to invite clients from various locations to connect without worrying about the call charges.

The 844 phone code makes communication much easier, benefiting clients and businesses. It removes geographical limitations, allowing companies to expand their reach and serve a broader audience without hassle. Let's take a look at how this number works and how it can make a significant impact on businesses of any size.

What is the 844 Area Code?

The 844 area code is a toll-free number used across North America as part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). It allows callers in the USA, Canada, and many other countries to dial these numbers without incurring charges. Instead, the business or organization that owns the number pays for the call, making it a popular choice for customer service and support lines.

Any company looking to provide a free-of-cost calling facility can utilize this number. Moreover, 844 code is mainly used by departments involving direct customer interaction, such as customer service, support hotlines, and sales inquiries. It encourages frequent customer interaction and engagement.

Understanding the 844 Area Code Location

The 844 area code serves as a toll-free number for businesses and customers across North America. It enhances nationwide accessibility without being tied to any specific location or time zone.

Below are the list of countries and territories the NANP covers, facilitating toll-free calls to prefixed numbers:




Cayman Islands

Antigua and Barbuda





Saint Kitts and Nevis
BermudaSaint Lucia

British Virgin Islands

Sint Maarten
Cayman IslandsSaint Vincent and the Grenadines

Dominican Republic

Turks and Caicos Islands
DominicaTrinidad and Tobago

Who Utilizes 844 Toll-Free Numbers?

Businesses of all sizes, including industries like marketing, education, sales and customer support, and government, use 844 code to offer toll-free customer service. Whether it's a small startup or a big company, these numbers make it simple for customers to reach out without worrying about call charges.

For example, imagine a tech company that offers software solutions. They could use an 844 number so customers can easily connect with their tech support team for help with troubleshooting. This ensures customers enjoy a smooth experience without worrying about call charges.

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Area Code 844: Is It Safe to Use?

Area code 844 is generally safe to use for toll-free customer service. However, as with any phone number, it's essential to be aware of potential scams or fraudulent activity. Always verify the legitimacy of the caller or company before sharing any personal or financial information over the phone.

844 Area Code vs. Other Toll-Free Area Codes

Alongside the 844 area code, USA has 7 other toll-free numbers. They include 800, 855, 833, 877, 866, and 888. All these area codes share the same primary purpose - to provide cost-free calling for features.  However, the significant differences lie in their availability. The USA toll-free number, like 800, is the most popular and recognized toll-free code. So, securing a specific 800 number can be challenging as they are highly demanded. On the contrary, the 844 phone code is relatively newer and offers a broader selection of available numbers.

Why Choose 844 Number for Your Business?

The 844 US area code provides customers with a free calling route and builds a positive brand perception. Here are the key reasons for your business to go with this toll-free number:

Enhance Customer Trust

Trust is a key factor in customer loyalty and business growth. A toll-free 844 number can enhance your customer trust. It shows you're invested in customer service and willing to bear the cost of calls. This builds trust and shows that you value customer convenience and are committed to being easily accessible. 

Improve Customer Engagement

Customers often hesitate to call you because they worry about incurring costs. The toll-free number eliminates this hesitation. With this number, the customers are more likely to get in touch, ask questions, and give feedback. For your business, these frequent interactions mean a better understanding of customer needs, faster problem-solving, and a stronger relationship with your customers.

Build Professional Brand Image

An 844 area code phone number instantly makes your business look more professional and established. Customers associate toll-free numbers with reliability, trustworthiness, and professionalism. It signifies that you prioritize the customer’s convenience. It's a professional way to show customers that you value their input and are always available to listen.

Make Your Business More Accessible

With an US 844 area code, your business becomes easily reachable across the country. It serves as the strategic asset for your business to expand reach beyond local areas. Customers from any part of the country can contact you without incurring long-distance charges. It makes your business more approachable and easily accessible.

Better Advertising

Featuring 1-844  number in your advertisements and promotions gives your business a distinct edge over competitors. It's a toll-free number, so it grabs attention and shows you care about making things easy for customers. This sets you apart from competitors who use regular numbers.

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How to Get 844 Area Code?

The different VoIP service providers offer you an 844 prefix online from the comfort of your home. Calilio, the modern VoIP phone system provider, offers a range of virtual numbers for your business, including toll-free numbers like 844. The process is quick and simple too. Here’s how to get your virtual toll-free number on Calilio.


Step 1: Sign up to register your account on Calilio.


Step 2: Calilio offers a variety of VoIP plans to suit different business sizes and requirements. Select the plan that best fits your business's communication needs.


Step 3: Navigate to “Settings” and then select “My Numbers”. Tap on “Purchase Number”


Step 4: In the “Number Type” section, select “Toll-Free” to view available 844 numbers. Browse through the options to find the number that you prefer.


Step 5: Follow the simple online prompts to complete your payment and finalize the checkout process.


After checkout, your number activates instantly. You can adjust its settings subsequently.

Transform Your Business Reach: Get an 844 Area Code Now!


Employing an 844 area code for your business clearly indicates that you prioritize and invest in your customers' needs. By covering the call costs on their behalf, you not only benefit your customers but also elevate your business. This approach positions you as a legitimate and customer-centric entity. It leads to fostering trust and expanding your customer base. Calilio offers you the 844 virtual number following an easy process. Its advanced call management features make it not only a free line of contact but a comprehensive communication solution.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is calling from 844 area code?

Calls from an 844 area code can originate from any business or organization that has chosen this toll-free number. It is widely used for customer service, support hotlines, or sales inquiries in both the United States and Canada.

What time zone is the 844 area code in?

Since the 844 area code is not tied to a specific geographic area, it does not correspond to a particular time zone. Businesses across multiple time zones in North America use it.

Can you text an 844 number?

Whether you can text an 844 number depends on the business or service’s setup. Some 844 numbers are enabled to receive text messages, offering an additional communication channel for customers.

How do I know if an 844 number is legitimate?

To verify the legitimacy of an 844 number, start by researching the company or organization associated with it. Look for official contact information on their website or reputable directories. Additionally, you can search for reviews or complaints about the number online to see if others have reported any suspicious activity.

Can I get an 844 number for free?

While getting an 844 number may be free, there may be associated costs depending on the telecommunications provider or service you choose to obtain the number from. Some providers may offer 844 numbers as part of a package or service plan, while others may charge a fee for setup or usage.

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