855 Area Code: Is It Legit or Scam?

Where is the 855 Area Code? Its Legitimacy and Benefits

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In the modern business world, maintaining consistent and regular communication with customers is vital for success. The key to achieving this lies in providing an easily accessible and convenient point of contact. The 855 area code number offers this ease of reach, offering cost-efficient communication channels for your customers. By adopting this number, business signifies their commitment to customer convenience without imposing additional call charges. This approach not only removes cost-relevant barriers to communication but also positions the business as a customer-centric and economically mindful entity.

What is the 855 Area Code?

The 855 area code is a distinctive toll-free number prefix in the U.S. introduced as part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). It offers businesses and individuals to acquire a number that is free to call. Instead of the caller bearing the cost, the number holder covers the charge for the call.

Where is Area Code 855 Location?

Unlike traditional area codes, the 855 area code location does not correspond to a geographic region. The essence of an 855 number is its universality within the United States and Canada. It is accessible from any location within these countries, offering the same functionality and reachability. This accessibility offers a national presence without aligning your business to a specific city, state, or region within the United States. 

Benefits of an 855 Area Code Phone Number for Business

855 area code phone number offers businesses to provide a cost-free communication channel for customers, which boosts brands' perception. Here are the key benefits of adopting this toll-free number for your business:

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Adopting a toll-free phone number is a direct investment in customer satisfaction. This phone number type eliminates any cost concerns for customers when contacting your business. As such, it encourages your customers for more open and frequent communication. This simplified way of seeking support or information leads to a positive customer experience. Furthermore, this number reflects your commitment to customer convenience, which further fosters trust and loyalty. 

Expand Geographical Reach

An 855 phone number allows businesses to broaden their geographical reach without the limitations of a traditional local number. It represents your business as a nationally accessible entity and appeals to a wider audience across different regions. By eliminating geographical boundaries, this toll-free number effectively enlarges the business's market. It’s a significant tool for expanding your customer base and influence. 

Efficient Marketing Tool

855 area code offers your business a professional-looking contact point. You can strategically use it in advertising and promotional materials. Moreover, the national presence attribute enhances your brand image, reflecting your business as a large, established company. The virtual troll-free numbers also allow you to track your marketing effectiveness by monitoring call volumes. It provides valuable insights into customer engagement and campaign performance.

Create Memorable Phone Number

An area code 855 phone number offers the unique opportunity to create a memorable and distinctive phone number. Businesses can opt for toll-free vanity numbers, which are easier for customers to remember and associate with the brand. For instance, a flower shop might use 855-FLOWERS. This memorability aids in brand recall, making it more likely for customers to contact the business for future needs.


The toll-free 855 number also allows you to route calls to any phone number, be it the central office, remote workspaces, or even on-the-go. Businesses can handle customer inquiries from any desired location. Furthermore, you can integrate these numbers into various telecommunication features like voicemail, call forwarding, and automated attendants, enhancing the efficiency of customer interactions. 

Is 855 Area Code Legit?

855 area code is indeed a legitimate and officially sanctioned part of the North American Numbering Plan. This code is managed under strict regulatory standards, ensuring its proper use in professional and commercial contexts. However, like any phone number, some users may misuse it for fraudulent activities. Customers need to be extra careful when receiving calls from any toll-free number. It’s important to identify who is calling from area code 855 before picking up the call to avoid scams or spam.


Businesses using an 855 number must take proactive steps to assure customers of authenticity. Transparency is key; providing clear information about the company and the purpose of the call can build trust. Additionally, integrating your toll-free number in official communications, such as websites, business cards, and email signatures, can help reinforce legitimacy. You can encourage your customers to verify your identity through these official channels. 

How to Get 855 Area Code?

The VoIP service providers offer to get 855 area code numbers online. Get is on Calilio; it offers the simplest and quickest methods to secure virtual numbers, including an 855 toll-free number. Here’s the simple process to follow:


  • Sign Up: Register your account simply by entering your details and verifying your information.


  • Select Your Plan: Explore a range of VoIP plans and select the one that aligns with your business needs.


  • Choose Your Number: From the “Settings” menu, navigate to “My Numbers”. Tap on the “Purchase Number” option.


  • Pick the Perfect Number: In the “Number Type” dropdown, select “Toll-Free.” Browse and pick your desired 855 area code phone number.


  • Finalize Your Purchase: Follow the online prompts to complete the payment and checkout process.


  • Customize Your Number: Once you successfully checkout, your toll-free number is immediately operational. Customize its settings to meet your business communication needs.


The 855 area code is a strategic tool for businesses aiming to increase customer base throughout the United States. It removes geographical and cost barriers to make a business easily accessible to customers nationwide. Calilio offers a straightforward and hassle-free process to acquire 855 toll-free numbers. Moreover, we offer an extensive collection of toll-free numbers; you get to pick the perfect number to align with your business identity. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the 855 area code from?

The 855 area code is not associated with a specific geographic location. It’s a toll-free number within the North American Numbering Plan, accessible across the United States and Canada.

Who is calling from 855?

Calls from the 855 area code could be from various businesses or organizations that use toll-free numbers for customer service, support lines, or promotional purposes.

Why are 855 numbers calling me?

You might receive calls from 855 numbers for various reasons, including customer service follow-ups, marketing offers, or informational updates from businesses using toll-free numbers.

Which country code is 855?

The 855 country code is for Cambodia. However, within North America, 855 is a toll-free area code and is not linked to a specific country.

Is 855 toll-free in Canada?

855 is a toll-free number in Canada, as well as in the United States, allowing customers to call without incurring charges.

How do I stop 855 calls?

To stop receiving unwanted calls from 855 numbers, you can register your number on the national Do Not Call Registry or use call-blocking features on your phone or through your service provider.

Should I answer 855 numbers?

Whether to answer an 855 number depends on your discretion. If you’re expecting a call from a business or service, it might be important. However, be cautious, as some toll-free numbers may be used for spam or scams.

Is 855 a telemarketer?

Various entities, including telemarketers can use the 855 area code. However, not all 855 calls are from telemarketers; they may also come from legitimate businesses and services.

Who pays for 855 calls?

For 855 toll-free calls, the charges are borne by the party being called – typically the business or organization that owns the toll-free number.

What state is area code 855 located in?

The 855 area code is not specific to any state as it is a toll-free number used throughout the United States and Canada.

What time zone is the 855 area code in?

Since the 855 area code is not tied to a geographic region, it does not have a specific time zone. Calls can be made to 855 numbers from any time zone in North America.

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