Does Star 67 Still Work in 2024? A Guide to Block Caller ID

Does Star 67 Still Work to Hide Your Phone Number in 2024?

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Caller ID is a key part of our phone systems. It lets your recipient know who’s calling before they pick up, leading to more answered calls. But sometimes, you may not want to share your number when calling, whether for privacy or to avoid getting spam calls back. Star 67 has been around for a long time to keep your number hidden to make such calls.


*67, famous for its simplicity and effectiveness, has been a traditional way of ensuring privacy and control over outgoing calls. But with all the new technology and changes in phone systems, it’s common for many to wonder - Does Star 67 still work?

What Does Star 67 Do?

Star 67 is a unique code you can use when making phone calls to hide your Caller ID from the person you're calling. When you usually call someone, your number appears on the recipient’s phone. But when you use the *67 code, your number doesn’t appear on their phone. Instead, the recipient sees “Private Number,” “Unknown Caller,” or “No Caller ID” on their screen.

The Star 67 phone code is a key part of Vertical Service Codes – special numbers that allow users to modify how a call functions. People often turn to *67 to make anonymous calls. It offers a quick and efficient way to keep your phone number out of sight.

How Does Star 67 Hide Your Caller ID?

Star 67 is designed to block your outgoing caller ID. When you dial *67, followed by your number, your phone system sends a signal to your phone carrier, requesting privacy for that specific call. Your carrier then processes this request and separates your number from the data sent along with your call. The recipient's phone receives this modified data, and they won’t see your phone number on their caller ID. The process starts right after you make a call with the Star 67 phone code.

However, be mindful that it’s a temporary change only. Your number will be visible again on your next call unless you use *67 each time you want to hide it.

Is *67 Still Effective Today?

Even with today’s diverse range of communication devices, *67 still works on cell phones and landlines. No matter which device you use, whether an iPhone or Android, the code allows you to hide your phone numbers during calls.


The process of using *67 is uniform across various devices. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use *67:


Step 1: For Cell Phone users, open your phone’s dialer. If you are a landline user, simply lift the handset and wait for the dial tone.

Step 2: Key in *67, followed by the phone number you wish to call. (Note: also include the area code in the phone number)

Step 3: Press the Call button.


The process is straightforward and quick. This simplicity of using *67 in different devices makes it still a popular choice for hiding outgoing caller IDs. 

When Does Star 67 Not Work?

While Star 67 still works to maintain privacy in phone communications, its effectiveness can vary depending on certain circumstances. Understanding when this code may not work helps you make more informed decisions.


  • Dialling Toll-Free Numbers: Toll-free numbers are set up to receive the caller’s information as part of their service. When you call toll-free numbers (like those starting with 800, 888, 877, etc.), *67 doesn’t hide your number.


  • Dialling Emergency Services: Star 67 also doesn’t work when you call emergency numbers like 911. This safety measure ensures emergency responders can access the caller’s phone number. It is crucial for an immediate and effective response.


  • When Your Number is Blocked: Using *67 won’t make a difference if someone has already blocked your number. The call will still be blocked because the recipient has chosen not to receive calls from your number. Instead, it may forward your calls to voicemails.


  • Depends on Your Carrier: The functionality of Star 67 can also depend on your phone service provider. Some carriers may have specific rules or settings that affect how *67 works. It’s always a good idea to check with your carrier for information regarding its functionality on your line.

Star 67 Alternatives

The *67 method works well to block your number when making calls. But it’s not the only option available to make anonymous calls. There are several ways, too. In fact, these alternatives offer a more permanent or versatile solution to maintain your privacy on phone calls.

Use Default Settings on iOS or Android

Both iOS and Android phones have built-in settings to hide your caller ID.

How to hide your number on iPhone?

   1. Open the ‘Settings’ app
   2. Select ‘Phone’
   3. Tap ‘Show My Caller ID’
   4. Toggle off Show My Caller ID

How to Hide your number on Android Devices?
   1. Open the ‘Phone’ app
   2. Open the ‘Menu’
   3. Select ‘Settings’
   4. Click on ‘Call Settings’
   5. Click on ‘Additional Settings’
   6. Click on ‘Caller ID’
   7. Choose ‘Hide Number’

Coordinate with Your Carrier

Many carriers offer services to block your number. You can contact them to set up a line block to hide your number permanently. It is helpful if you want a more consistent solution that doesn’t require dialing a *67 code every time you call. Be mindful that some service providers might charge for this service. So, communicate clearly with your carrier before activating the service. 

VoIP Platforms

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a modern alternative to traditional phone lines. You can utilize a VoIP phone system to manage how your caller ID appears to others. It often allows you to hide your number easily, making calls appear ‘Unknown’ or ‘Private.’ This setting is typically accessible and adjustable within the phone system. A VoIP platform is a great option to facilitate your phone calls with advanced communication features. 


*67 is a simple and well-known way to block your phone number when you call someone. It’s easy to use and works the same on all kinds of phones. Many people still use Star 67 to hide their Caller ID. But remember, *67 is a temporary fix – you must dial it every time you call to hide your number.


Switching to a VoIP platform can be an excellent option for a more permanent solution. It allows you to hide your number and get more control over your caller ID. Calilio allows you to keep your number private or even change the name that appears when you call someone. Sign up now and control how you appear to others when you call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Star 67 still block caller ID?

Dialing *67 before a phone number still works to block your caller ID for that specific call.

Does dialing *67 really work?

Dialing *67 does work to hide your number from the recipient’s caller ID temporarily. It’s effective on both landlines and cell phones.

Why does *67 not work anymore?

*67 should still work, but its effectiveness can vary depending on certain factors, such as the type of phone line, carrier policies, or when calling toll-free and emergency numbers.

Will *67 block my number?

Using *67 before dialing a number will block your number from being seen by the recipient for that call.

What is *67 vs *69?

*67 is used to block your caller ID when making a call, while *69 is used to call back the last number that called you, often without knowing their number.

Can a *67 call be traced back to you?

Even though *67 hides your caller ID, the call can still be traced by the phone service provider or through legal channels if necessary, especially when calls to emergency services or toll-free numbers.

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