Germany Phone Number Format: A Guideline To Calling Code of Germany

Germany Phone Number Format: A Comprehensive Guide

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Germany has a specific dialing format for both landline and phone numbers, each with its own unique components. Understanding the Germany phone number format is important to ensure your calls accurately connect to your desired recipient in the country.

The calling code of Germany includes the country’s code, area code, network prefix, and local numbers. You must dial these elements in the right sequence to ensure the right connection.

Germany Landline Phone Number Format (For Local Calls)

Germany's landline phone number consists of three main components: the area code, local prefix, and local number. Each element plays a crucial role in routing your call to the correct destination.

Germany Area Code: The German dialing code for landline numbers starts with the different area codes within the country. These area codes represent the specific city or location of the country. They are usually two to five digits long.

Here’s a list of popular area codes in Germany:


Area code

















Local Prefix: The local German prefix comes after the area code. These prefixes are also known as the network destination code. It helps to direct the call to a specific telephone network or local exchange.

Local Number: The local number is the final part of the landline phone number in Germany and typically consists of four to eight digits. This number uniquely identifies the individual subscriber within the local exchange.

Germany Phone Number Format (For Local Calls)

German phone numbers consist of special prefixes such as local network prefixes and local numbers.

Mobile Network Prefix: The network prefix is the code that identifies the mobile network operator in Germany. It differs according to the network operator and is very important for routing the call to the correct mobile network. It typically consists of two to four digits.

Local Number: After the mobile network prefix, there is a local mobile number of the subscriber. The local number in Germany generally consists of 5-7 digits.

How to Call Germany From Germany?

To make local landline calls in Germany, you’d only require the specific area code and receiver’s phone number. If you are trying to reach a mobile, you’d require a mobile network prefix and the mobile number of your desired recipient.

 Step 1: To call a landline number, dial the area code of your target destination to make a call. To call mobile, dial a mobile network prefix.
Step 2: Dial the local number of the individual or business you’re trying to reach.

German Landline Phone Number Example: 030 12345678 (Area code + Local Landline Number)

 German Mobile Phone Number Example:  0157 1234567 (Mobile Network Prefix + Local Mobile Number)

How to Call Germany from Abroad? International Format for Germany Phone Number

When calling Germany internationally, dial your country's exit code, then the German country code, and area code, followed by the local phone number.

  • Step 1: Dial the country's exit code. The exit code is different for different countries.  For instance, the exit code for US and Canada is '011'.
  • Step 2: Enter the German country code '49'.
  • Step 3: Enter the area code to call the landline number. If you are calling a mobile number, you don't require an area code. Instead of using the area code, you’ll dial the mobile network prefix.
  • Step 4: Dial the local number of the receiver.

Example of Germany Phone Number When Calling From Abroad

International Dialing Format For Germany Landline Number When Calling From US: 011 49 89 1234567 (US exit code + Germany Country Code + Area Code + Local Number)

International Dialing Format For Germany Mobile Number When Calling From US: 011 49 160 12345678 (US exit code + Germany Country Code + mobile prefix + Local Number)

Emergency Phone Number Formats In Germany

There are two main emergency phone numbers in Germany. They are 110 and 112.

  • 110:  110 is the emergency phone number for calling the police in case of crimes, accidents, or other emergency situations. This number is toll-free and available 24/7.  
  • 112: For emergency medical services and the fire department, you can call 112. This number is for both ambulance services and fire department services.

    (Note: These numbers are dialed without any prefixes and area codes.)

Germany Phone Numbers With Special Prefix

In Germany, special phone number prefixes indicate the particular service that is provided by government entities, non-profit organizations, and other similar agencies. These numbers are typically intended to provide services like emergency services, hotlines, customer support, etc. Some of the examples of special prefixes in Germany include:

  • 0180: Numbers starting with 0180 are service hotline numbers. They are used for shared costs services between caller and receiver. The calling cost for these numbers varies according to the service. 
  • 0800: 0800 in Germany is a toll-free number. Callers within Germany can call these numbers for free whether they are using a landline or mobile number. Instead of the caller, the owner of the number is charged for the call.
  • 0137: They are the premium rate service numbers used for televoting, entertainment, contests, and other special services. The call rates are typically higher and are charged to your telephone bill. 


Germany phone number format consists of special dialing codes like area codes, mobile network prefixes, and local numbers. These calling codes of Germany have their own unique role when connecting your calls to the country.

Besides the phone number format, you must also consider the call cost if you are calling Germany from abroad. The international calls to Germany are typically expensive. However, you can save costs on international calls by using a virtual phone number from Calilio. Our virtual phone numbers not only offer cost-effective solutions for international calls, but they also come with advanced business communication features. Contact Us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many digits is a German phone number?

A typical German phone number consists of 5-11 digits for a landline and 10-11 digits for a mobile number, excluding the country code.

Do German phone numbers start with 0?

Yes, German phone numbers start with zero, but they are omitted when dialing from abroad as zero is part of the area code or prefix code.

Are German phone numbers 12 digits?

No, German phone numbers are not 12 digits. Generally, They are typically 5 to 11 digits long.

Are prefixes required when dialing Germany from the USA?

Yes, you need to use prefixes when calling Germany from the USA. To call Germany from the USA, you need to include the USA exit code(011), German country code(49), area code, and local number of the receiver.

What does +49 mean in front of a phone number?

+49 is the German country code. The +49 in front of a phone number means that the particular phone number is from Germany.

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