How to Call Australia from US?

How to Call Australia From US | 4 Simple Steps

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Australia is undeniably a popular country today. It is a well-liked destination for travel, study, or business for the US community. As such, phone calls to Australia from the US have become an essential mode of communication to bridge the geographical gap between the two nations.

Though international phone calls connecting Australia and the US are widely popular, many people still encounter several obstacles while making the calls. Issues mostly arise due to improper dialing procedures. Therefore, it is crucial to understand international calling procedures, including the right number format, before starting to call Australia from the US. So, in this article, we will cover all the required information with hassle-free steps on how to call Australia from US with exit code, area codes, & country codes.

Step-by-Step Guide on Calling Australia from USA

When you decide to reach out to a recipient in Australia, you'll typically encounter two types of numbers. They include landline numbers and mobile numbers. Though both are essentially Australian telephone codes, the dialing process varies.

Calling an Australian Landline From the USA

Calling an Australian landline from the US requires you to follow a specific sequence to ensure a successful connection. You’ll punch in more than the local number of the person you want to connect to. You must enter the US exit code, the country code of Australia, the local area code, and the target landline number in a sequence.


  • Dial the U.S. exit code (011) 

    Begin by entering 011. The U.S. exit code signals that you're making an international call.

  • Enter Australia's country code (61) 

    Next, key in 61. It is the Australian country code. Dialing this code indicates Australia as your call destination.

  • Dial the area code (omitting the leading ‘0’) 

    After the country code, dial the specific area code for the particular Australian region. Many area codes in Australia start with “0,” which is used for domestic calls. You must omit the leading “0” and only dial the remaining digits of the area code to make an international call.

  • Complete with the local phone number 

    Finally, dial the individual’s local landline number and connect with the desired recipient.

Calling an Australian Mobile From USA

You may find calling an Australian mobile from the US simpler than dialing a landline number. To your joy, you don’t need to hunt down or memorize specific area codes. You’ll replace any area codes with a consistent prefix - 4 for all mobile numbers. It simplifies the overall process.


  • Dial the U.S. exit code (011) 

    You will kick off the call with the same step as for the landline numbers by keying in the U.S. exit code - 011.

  • Enter Australia's country code (61) 

    Follow up by pressing 61. Once again, this specific country code leads your call system to Australia as a destination.

  • Enter the mobile phone prefix (4) 

    Continue by adding the number 4. This uniform prefix replaces regional area codes for all Australian mobile numbers.

  • Finish with the mobile number 

    Now, dial the unique mobile number of the recipient. Soon, you will talk to your desired person on their mobile phones.

Understanding Australia's Area Codes

While you are only required to use a standard prefix for mobile numbers in Australia, it's a different story when you aim to call Australia from the US on a landline. Be mindful that every state and territory in Australia has distinct area codes. You must enter the correct area code of the target region to ensure you connect to whom you are actually looking for. Misunderstanding or incorrectly inputting these codes might mean your call ends up on the other side of Australia.

Here is the compiled list of Australia’s area codes for the major cities:


Area Code

























Gold Coast






Area Code



Hervey Bay




















Port Macquarie








Area Code







Sunshine Coast










Tweed Heads










Cost of Calling Australia from the U.S.

Whether it's a landline or you're calling Australian mobile from USA, the cost is not the same all the time. The call charges largely vary from one service provider to another. The other aspects, including the time of the calls, subscribed call plan, or any ongoing promotion, can also impact the cost. The telecom service provider typically offers a cost ranging from $0.01 to $4.00 per minute to make a direct call to Australia from the US.

Alternative Methods to Dial Australia from the US

Though you can make a direct call from the US to Australia using the telecom service, their rates are generally higher. Thankfully, numerous alternative methods are available to communicate across the Pacific without breaking the bank.

Using platforms like Google Voice or Skype

Google Voice and Skype are popular digital platforms that harness the power of the internet to facilitate calls, thereby sidestepping traditional telecom routes. Beyond cost-saving, they offer video calling, instant messaging, and the convenience of sharing files.

International calling cards

It may sound surprising, but the fact is international calling cards still hold relevance today. These physical or electronic cards are preloaded with a set value for making international calls. Its inexpensive per-minute rates make it superior to regular telecom providers.

Virtual phone numbers

Virtual numbers are just as popular as cloud-based numbers. These numbers are reshaping our perception of international calling, allowing users to mimic local numbers from another country. For example, they enable calling Australia from the US using a virtual Australian phone number.

Why Virtual phone number is the best alternative method?

Among the many alternatives available for international communication, virtual phone numbers rise to the top. Not only do they bring all the exceptional features of other alternatives in a single platform, but they also include many added business communication features.

In addition to cost-effectiveness, the virtual number with an Australian calling code offers a local presence in Australia, though you are not there physically. This feature is especially beneficial for business enterprises. It allows them to gain the customer’s trust within the Australian market landscape.

The emergence of virtual phone numbers has certainly revolutionized how we can call Australia from the US. Today, numerous VoIP service providers offer the ability to use these virtual numbers. However, one critical aspect where these providers differ significantly is in their pricing structures. Let’s look at how the prices vary among these service providers for calls to Australia.

Service Provider

Mobile (Per Minute)

Landline (Per Minute)

Boost Mobile$0.25$0.25




Vergin Mobile


Up to $5.00




Credo Mobile



Page Plus




Factor to Consider in time zone differences when calling from the US to Australia

Australia is half a continent away from the U.S. Of course, you want to make sure that you call Australia from the US at the appropriate time for your recipient and maximize the chances of your call being picked up.

Talking about the time zone in Australia, firstly, it is essential to learn about Daylight Saving Time (DST). DST is a practice where clocks are set forward by one hour from standard time during Australia's warmer parts of the year. However, not every area observes DST. Regions like New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory adjust their clocks.

Keeping an eye on DST, familiarize yourself with Australia's three primary time zones here.

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

Cities like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne follow this timeline. Eastern Standard Time (U.S.) is usually 14 hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time. But this can vary with DST adjustments.

CST (Australian Central Standard Time)

Cities like Adelaide and Darwin follow this timeline. Eastern Daylight Time (U.S.) is typically 13.5 hours behind Australian Central Standard Time. Again, remember, this can change slightly with DST.

Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)

Perth is the key city in this zone. Eastern Standard Time (U.S.) is 12 hours behind Australian Western Standard Time.

Why Choose Calilio for Calling From the US to Australia Using a Virtual Number?

While time zone differences can pose a challenge in international calls, Calilio can help you overcome this challenge. It offers features that ensure communication remains seamless and effective, even when dealing with time zone variances. Plus, Calilio provides a range of customizable business communication features to fit your specific needs. This makes calling from the US to Australia not just easier but also more personalized. To add, all these perks come at an affordable price; really a great choice to make a call from the US to Australia using a virtual number.


Making a smooth call to Australia from the US isn't as daunting as it might initially seem. All you need to do is adhere to the correct procedure using the right dialing format. You can use the same dialing format for traditional and virtual phone numbers.

Many individuals or businesses today prefer virtual phone numbers to traditional ones. And why not? Virtual numbers dramatically cut down on your international calling costs. With a VoIP service provider like Calilio, you can not only save costs but enhance your overall communication experience. Contact Us today for more affordable, efficient, and effective calls to Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I call specific cities like Sydney from the US?

When calling the landline, firstly dial the U.S. exit code (011), then Australia's country code (61), followed by the area code for the city (for Sydney, it's 02, but remember to omit the leading '0'), and finally the local phone number. To call an Australian mobile phone, replace the area code with the standard prefix - ‘4’.

What are the benefits of using VoIP for calling Australia?

VoIP offers cost-effective rates, high-quality voice transmissions, and flexibility regarding devices you can call from. It also includes features like call recording, routing, and conferencing. These features are not available with traditional phone services.

What app can I use to call Australia from the USA?

Numerous apps are available, such as Skype, WhatsApp, Google Voice, Viber, and more, for calling Australia from the US. The cost and call quality can vary, so choosing one that fits your needs is essential.

Is it free to call Australia from the US?

Typically, calling Australia from the US isn't free using physical sims or telecom networks. However, the different internet-based communication platforms may offer you to make a free call to Australia from the US.

What is the cheapest way to call Australia from the USA?

Virtual phone numbers are typically a cost-effective solution to calling Australian phone numbers from the USA. Platforms like Calilio offer virtual numbers, including US and Australian phone numbers, that provide affordable rates and additional features.

Do I need to dial 011 to call Australia?

011 is the exit code of the USA. You must use this exit code when calling Australia from the US using a traditional phone.

How do I dial +61 from a landline?

When calling Australia from a landline, you don't need to dial the ‘+’ symbol. Instead, you will use the exit code - ‘011’ followed by 61, Australia's country code.

How to Call Australia from the US in Reasonable Price?

You can call Australia from the US in reasonable price using a virtual number or VoIP phone system. These systems typically offer lower international call rates compared to traditional phone services. Plus, they come packed with many exceptional VoIP features.

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