How To Call The UK From The US | The Ultimate Guide

How to call UK from US dialing codes & tips text with background of two different country

Calling the UK from the US is common these days. People do it every day for work, to talk to family, or to catch up with friends. Even though it’s a regular thing, many might not know how to call the UK from the US.

To successfully connect to the United Kingdom, you must ensure an accurate combination of several codes and prefixes unique to UK phone numbers. Even a slight slip in the dialling like missing a digit or mixing up the order - can lead to a frustrating “wrong number.”

Steps-by-step guide on Calling The UK from The US

Before dialling the UK from the US, first consider - Whether you are calling a UK landline or a UK mobile number. This is because there are slight differences between dialling a mobile number and a landline.

How to Call the UK Landline from the US?

When dialling the UK landline from the US, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Enter the US Exit Code

Dial ‘011’, the US exit code. If you are making a call from a mobile phone, you can replace this code with a ‘+’ sign.

Step 2. Dial the Country Code of the UK

After the exit code, enter the UK's country code, 44. Dialling this code directs your call towards the United Kingdom.

Step 3. Add the Area Code

Next, dial the specific area code of the region you’re trying to reach within the UK. The different regions have distinct area codes. For instance, London's area code is 20, while it’s 161 for Manchester. Make sure you enter the right area code for the landline you're trying to reach.

Step 4: Insert the UK Landline Number

Finally, dial the local landline number of an individual or business you’re calling. Soon, you’ll be conversing with your desired recipient.

How to Call The UK Cell Phone From The United States?

When calling the UK cell phones from the United States, follow these steps:

Step 1: Enter the Exit Code

As for dialling the landline number, your call to the UK cell phone also starts with keying in the US exit code, ‘011’. You can replace it with a ‘+’ sign when dialling from the mobile phone.

Step 2: Enter the Country Code of the UK

Next, dial the UK country code ‘44’ to direct your call towards the United Kingdom from the United States.

Step 3: Enter the Mobile Code '7'

After the UK country code, dial the UK mobile code ‘7’. This specific code replaces the area code that you’d use when dialling the UK landline number.

Step 4: Input the UK Mobile Number

Finally, key in the unique mobile number of the person or business in the United Kingdom. A UK mobile number typically consists of 10 digits, including the initial '7'.

The List of Area Codes of The United Kingdom

Getting the area code right is crucial when calling the United Kingdom from the United States. It pinpoints the exact geographical location in the UK where your call is headed. Here are some popular UK area codes:


Area Codes

Cities Covered

Area Codes

Cities Covered
























































Milton Keynes





What is The Cost of Dialing The UK from The USA?

The cost of dialling the UK from the USA depends on your telephone carrier. With most service providers, the cost can be pretty expensive. According to data from the Federal Communications Commission, phone services such as AT&T might charge you over $220 per hour for calls to the UK. It’s a significant expense, especially if you need to make frequent calls. Luckily, there’s a budget-friendly option to call the UK from the US - switching to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services.

VoIP is a cost-effective way to make international calls compared to traditional phone lines. It uses an internet connection to make calls, which results in lower charges. However, it’s important to note that the prices can vary even among the VoIP providers. Here’s how the calls from the USA to the UK compare with different VoIP service providers:

VoIP Service Provider

Monthly Starting Price Per User



Ring Central




Zoom Phone







GoTo Connect


Various Ways to Call UK from the US for free

While VoIP service providers reduce your calls, you also have the option to call the UK from the US for free. Several apps allow you to make international calls without any charge. All you need to ensure is that you’re connected to the internet and that your receiving party uses the same app you have. These apps include Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.

How to Call the UK from the USA Considering Different Time Zones?

Besides cost, consider time zones before calling the UK from the USA. After all, you don’t want to disturb the receiver calling them at incovieient hours. The United Kingdom follows a single time zone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in winter. On the contrary, the USA follows multiple time zones. Understand how different US time zones compare with the UK to ensure you call the receiving party at the appropriate time.

Eastern Time (EDT)

In Eastern Time, the UK is 5 hours ahead of you. For instance, if it's 1 PM in New York, it's 6 PM in London.

Central Time (CDT)

For those in Central Time, the UK is 6 hours ahead of you. So, a call at noon in Chicago would reach the UK at 6 PM.

Mountain Time (MDT)

In Mountain Time, the UK is 7 hours ahead of you. For example, an 11 AM call from Denver translates to a 6 PM call in the UK.

Pacific Time (PDT)

In Pacific Time, the UK is 8 hours ahead of you. A call at 10 AM from Los Angeles would be at 6 PM in the UK.

Alaska Time (AKDT)

In Alaska Time, the UK is 9 hours ahead of you. If you call at 9 AM, it reaches the UK at 6 PM.

Hawaii Time (HST)

In Hawaii Time, the UK is 10 hours ahead of you. For instance, a call at noon from Honolulu would be at 10 PM UK time.

(Note: The above time differences may vary during the Daylight Saving Time that both the UK and US time zones observe)

Choose the right time to call the UK

With significant time differences, the convenient time for you in the USA may not be so convenient for your receiver in the UK. Here’s a handy table to give you an idea of the most suitable times to call the UK from the US, considering different time zones.

US Time Zone

Best Time to Call the UK

Eastern Time (EDT)

8 AM - 12 PM (EDT)

Central Time (CDT)

7 AM - 11 AM (CDT)

Mountain Time (MDT)

6 AM - 10 AM (MDT)

Pacific Time (PDT)

5 AM - 9 AM (PDT)

Alaska Time (AKDT)

4 AM - 8 AM (AKDT)

Hawaii Time (HST)

2 AM - 6 AM (HST)

(Note: The time consideration in the above table lands your call in the general window of late morning to early evening in the UK, which is typically considered a convenient time for phone calls.)


Why Call The UK From The US with Calilio?

Calilio’s VoIP phone system allows you to set your own business hours. This flexibility ensures you can align your communication needs with your schedule and UK contacts while respecting time zone differences. It’s perfect for managing calls without disrupting your routine and the receiver's time.

Calilio offers more than just convenience. Its services are available at a more reasonable price compared to others. You can significantly save costs when making calls from the US to the UK. Furthermore, Calilio offers many VoIP features to enhance your communication experience. Contact Us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is calling the UK from the US expensive?

Calling the UK from the US can be expensive using traditional phone services, as they often charge high international rates. However, you can reduce costs significantly by switching to a VoIP service provider like Calilio.

Can I call the UK for free from the US?

You can call the UK from the US for free using web-based services like WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber. These apps use your internet connection to make calls.

How do I get a UK business phone number from the USA?

You can get a UK business phone number from the USA from Calilio. It allows you to select your desired UK number to match your business identity and requirements.

What is the format for UK phone numbers?

The format for UK phone numbers typically includes the country code (+44), the area code and the local number. For example, a London number looks like: +44 20 1234 56XX.

What is the country code for the UK?

The country code for the UK is +44. Use this code at the beginning of a UK phone number when calling from outside the UK.

Can I get a UK number online?

You can get a UK number online through various VoIP service providers. Consider Calilio for the straightforward process to get a virtual UK phone number .

Do I need to include the leading zero when dialling a UK number from the US?

You do not include the leading zero of the UK area code when dialling from the US. Start with the US exit code (011), the UK country code (44), and the area code without the first zero.

How do you call a +44 number from the US?

To call a +44 number from the US, dial the US exit code (011), the UK country code (44), and the UK phone number.

What is the extension to call the UK from the US?

The extension to call the UK from the US is the UK's country code, 44. When calling the UK, dial it after the US exit code (011).

How to call the UK from a US iPhone?

To call the UK from a US iPhone, enter the US exit code (011), the UK country code (44), the specific area code, and the unique local phone number.