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With advancements in technology, the way businesses communicate and promote their brands has also evolved. Traditionally, businesses depend on advertisement for conversion, but today, cold calling is preferred for higher conversion rates. Statistics show that the conversion for a meeting through a phone call is 82%, whereas the CTR of Google ads is only 6.11%.

However, using your personal phone number for your business isn’t ideal as it mixes up your personal and business life. This is where the second phone number comes into play. It helps you manage your business while increasing leads and sales.

Why Should You Get a Second Phone Number?

You should get a second phone number to maintain privacy by using a separate phone number for personal and business life.

  1. Separate Personal and Business Life
    The second phone number for your business separates your personal and business life. You can avoid getting business calls off working hours by redirecting the call to another person or using automated voicemail with a second phone number.
  2. Manage Multiple Business
    You can manage multiple businesses by getting separate phone numbers for each company. And, with a virtual phone number as your secondary number, you can manage multiple numbers from a single device.
  3. Protect Your Privacy
    You don’t want to provide your personal phone numbers to everyone. You can use the second phone number to keep your personal phone number private.
  4. Build Trust with Customers
    The separate phone number provides a professional look for your business. It ultimately builds trust and encourages quick and effective responses from the customers. 

Step by step guide to get the second phone number

You can get a second phone number for business from the VoIP services provider or the traditional phone number providers.

Traditional Phone Number Providers

Traditional phone number providers are telecommunication companies providing landline or mobile phone services.

You can get a second number from traditional phone number providers following these steps:

  1. Choose a traditional phone number provider.
  2. Contact the provider or visit their website.
  3. Select a plan that suits your needs.
  4. Provide the personal details and complete the required paperwork.
  5. Once approved, the provider will assign you a traditional phone number.
  6. Follow the instructions to set up the phone line or use a traditional phone number.

Prepaid Phones

Prepaid phones are a type of phone that is paid for at the beginning of months before using the devices.

Here’s how to get a new phone number from the prepaid phone services:

  1. Visit a retail store such as an electronic store or Walmart.
  2. Buy a prepaid phone.
  3. Purchase the prepaid card.
  4. Go to their website or call their customer care.
  5. Fill in the details like zip code, sim card number, and phone’s serial number.
  6. Your device will be activated within a few minutes.

VoIP Service Provider

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service providers provide a virtual phone number through which you can make and receive a phone call over the Internet.

Here’s how to get a secondary number from a VoIP service provider in general:

  1. Select a VoIP services provider.
  2. Choose the required plan.
  3. Select your preferred VoIP number
  4. Make the payment
  5. Deploy the software

Benefits of Using Virtual Phone Number As A Secondary Phone Number

With a virtual phone number, you get extensive business communication features that are not available on the traditional phone number.

  1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    IVR is an automated voice response technology that responds to users’ general queries without contacting the real person. You can enter the different keypads (like 1, 2, 3) accordingly to get responses to different queries like pricing or plans. You can get specific information by pressing the right key.
  2. Customizable Voicemail
    Businesses can set the customizable voicemail like a robot attending the call on off-business time or redirecting the calls to a different person (shift-wise) to run the company for 24 hours.
  3. Multi-Device Accessibility
    By utilizing a virtual number as your second phone number, you get the ability to access your second phone number with any internet-connected device like your laptop, mobile, or desktop. This means you don’t necessarily have to use a SIM slot device to use your business phone number.
  4. Third-Party Integration
    The virtual phone number allows you to integrate your phone number with a third party like Shopify (e-commerce platform), Mailchimp (email marketing platform), ZendDesk (customer service platform), and Google Calendar. It enables you to get more detailed information and makes it easy to respond to users.
  5. Comprehensive Reports and Analytics
    The second phone number provides comprehensive reports about your business, showing how many users have become customers and where you fell to meet their requirements. It helps your company improve its features and services to attract more customers.

Wrapping Up

The second phone number allows you to manage all your business communication without exposing your personal number. Additionally, you can have multiple secondary phone numbers, which means you efficiently handle multiple businesses with a separate phone number.

Utilizing a virtual number as a second number is a smart way to get additional business communication features on your business phone system. You can buy a virtual secondary phone number for your business from Calilio. Contact us today for a feature-rich business phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a second phone number for my business?

You should get a second phone number for your business to manage your business communication efficiently while separating your personal and business life.

How do I get a second business phone number?

You can get the second business phone number from Calilio. You just need to register your account and select your phone number by choosing the plan.

How can I get a different phone number for my business?

You can get a different phone number for your business by purchasing the secondary phone number. By purchasing a virtual phone number as your second phone number, you get additional features that help you manage your business more efficiently.

Can you have 2 cell phones with the same number for business?

You can use the same phone number on different phones for your business if you use virtual phone numbers. 

Can I use 2 numbers in 1 phone?

You can use 2 numbers in 1 phone using a virtual phone number. You don’t need extra sim slots on your device, as you can access virtual numbers through software/apps. 

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