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Provide real-time guidance to your team with the call whisper feature on Calilio. Improve communication and customer service effectively.

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What is Call Whisper?

Call whisper is a telephony feature that allows supervisors to discreetly speak to their agents during a live call and provide them guidance or information without the customer hearing. It enhances both training and customer service quality.

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How Does Call Whispering Work?

Call whispering works as a part of the call monitoring feature on Calilio. When an agent is on a call, a supervisor can listen in and offer real-time advice or instructions that only the agent hears. Call whispers can range from providing answers to complex queries to offering tips on handling difficult customers, all while maintaining a seamless customer experience.

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How Call Whispering Can Benefit Your Business?

Call whispering elevates training and customer service, resulting in more effective call handling and satisfied customers.

Enhanced Agent Training

Real-time guidance through call whispering accelerates on-the-job training, equipping agents with immediate feedback and instructions to handle calls more effectively.

Increased First Call Resolution Rates

Resolve Conflicts

Enhanced Customer Experience

Improved Conversion Rate

Functionalities of Call Whisper on Calilio

Call whispering on Calilio comes with a suite of functionalities to enhance communication and management efficiency.

Call Barging

Call barging allows supervisors to join a live call if necessary, providing direct support during critical interactions.

Call Intercept

Call intercept allows managers to seamlessly step into a call when the agent is disconnected from a call. It ensures that high-priority conversations are handled with the utmost care.

Call Takeover

Call takeover lets supervisors take over a call from an agent. It provides immediate assistance in complex or escalated situations.

Multiple Agents

Calilio supports interactions with multiple agents, facilitating collaborative handling of customer calls and queries.

Internal Message

Internal messaging enables discreet communication between supervisors and agents during live calls without customer awareness.

Call Transfer

Efficient call transfer capabilities ensure that calls can be seamlessly redirected to the right agent or department, improving call handling efficiency.

Call Whispering on Calilio

The call whispering feature on Calilio seamlessly integrates into your communication system. It provides real-time coaching and ensures superior call handling.

Streamlined Training and Development

Call whispering on Calilio enables real-time feedback, which makes it more dynamic and efficient to train and develop your team.

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Enhanced Customer Retention

Use call whispering on Calilio to tailor customer interactions on the spot, leading to higher satisfaction and improved customer retention.

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Rapid Response to Complex Queries

Empower your agents to handle complex customer queries swiftly and accurately with immediate guidance.

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Boosted Team Confidence

Calilio’s call whispering boosts agent confidence by providing them with the right information at the right time, enhancing their performance.

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Real-time Performance Assessment

Evaluate and improve your team’s performance in real-time with the call whispering feature on Calilio. Ir leads to continuous improvement in service quality.

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Elevate Your Team’s Performance with Calilio

Unlock the potential of your team with Calilio’s advanced call whisper feature for effective, real-time communication guidance.

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