Unified Call Box

Bring All Your Communication Channels Together

Centralizing all your conversations with a unified callbox: calls, SMS, and voicemails in one place.

  • Switch between calls, voicemails, and messages instantly.
  • Reduce communication management time for improved productivity.

All unified box components in one screen

Tracking Every Customer Interaction

Note customer details directly within call logs and use tags to categorize contacts for improved management and personalization.

Playback Call Recording for Future Analysis

Record your conversations and access them anytime in your chat history. Capture every detail of your discussions for thorough analysis and future reference.

Playback of the incoming call recording

Quick Access to Specific Messages

Easy access to critical information. Pin important messages and quickly refer back to them without scrolling through extensive conversation histories.

Two message pinned for quick access

Make Informed Decisions with AI-Powered Call Summary

Get clear insights and actionable information from every call with AI-powered call summaries.

step one

Reason for Call

Understand the client’s purpose and needs immediately.

step two

Call Transcript

Review the call transcription to easily follow critical points.

step three

Overall Sentiment

Find out if the call was positive, negative or neutral.

Internal Messaging Among Team Members

Send and receive internal messages directly within the unified callbox. Keeping all team communications centralized and easily accessible.

  • Quickly share information and make decisions without leaving the interface.
  • Group messages by project or department for easy navigation.
  • Include important documents and resources directly in your conversations.

send and receive message interface

Open Conversations, and Close When You Make or Couldn’t Make a Deal

Mark conversations as closed or open to efficiently manage your communication flow. Maintain clarity and control over ongoing discussions.

open message interface

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Explore More Features

Advanced Call Routing

Direct incoming calls to the right department or individual efficiently. Reduces wait times and improved customer satisfaction.

Advanced Call Routing interface

Auto Attendant

Set up an automated virtual receptionist to greet callers and guide them through self-service options.

Auto Attendant interface

Call Recording and Playback

Record calls for training and quality purposes, and replay them anytime to capture important details or insights.

Call Recording and Playbackb icon

SMS Filtering

Filter out spam or irrelevant messages and prioritize critical ones for timely responses.

SMS Filtering interface

Voicemail to Email

Receive voicemails directly in your email inbox so you can listen and respond quickly.

Voicemail to Email interface

Real-Time Analytics

Monitor communication metrics live to make data-driven adjustments and build your customer interaction strategies.

Real-Time Analytics interface

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