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Make a mark in Adelaide with the local 08 area code. Establish your business in the heart of South Australia with an Adelaide phone number.

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Secure a virtual number for Adelaide with the local 08 phone code. Localize your strategy and find the perfect number for your business.

History of the City of Adelaide and Its Phone Code

The city of Adelaide, founded in 1836 and named in honor of Queen Adelaide, is one of the planned cities in Australia. The city expanded as a center of commerce and culture in the 19th century.

The 1960s marked the date of area code designation in Australia. Adelaide's phone code was assigned 08 in the 1980s, with full implementation completed in 1994. Prior to this, Adelaide had local numbers that were 5 to 6 digits long, such as 12345 or 678901, depending on location.  However, the new format standardized these to (08) XXXX XXXX, with the area code followed by an 8-digit number.

The designation of area codes significantly changed communication across the country, making long-distance calls easier.  Today, area code 08 is crucial to Adelaide’s communication infrastructure for local and regional connectivity.

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